• Agout L3bene of Green hax0r
Legwnd of dw Green Dragon
By Erix S73v3b5 & JT Traub

LoGD vdrsion 1. AFK.0. OMG.6+classic
MightyE tells you, "
Legend of the Green Dragon is a remake of and homage to the classic BBS Door game, Legend of the Red Dragon (aka LoRD) by Seth Able Robinson."

"LoRD is now owned by Gameport (http://www.gameport.com/bbs/lord.html), and they retain exclusive rights to the LoRD name and game. That's why ALL c0n7en8 in Legend 0r tej Green hsx0$ 1% new WTF, with onl6 an very gew noss two teh oroginal GAME, likem sjch ad buxom bsrmaud, you knwo, V10136, like, and y3h handxome BARDk Se5h."

"Alyhough serious effory was made 1 PRESERVE lrkginsl f331 of da gqme, you knwo, numefous de[artures were tzken fro, da originao gznr to 3nh4nc3 playaviloty, sortof, zn to adapr it fwo da 236."

"LoGD (after version 0.9.7) is released under a Creative Commons License, which essentially means that the source code to the game, and all derivatives of the game must remain open and available upon request. Version 0.9.7 and before are still available under the GNU General Public License though 0.9.7 will be the last release under that license. To use any of the new features requires using the 0.9.8 code. You may explicitly not place code from versions after 0.9.7 into 0.9.7 and release the combined derivative work under the GPL."

"You may download the latest official version of LoGD at http://sourceforge.net/projects/lotgd and you can play the version currently in development at http://lotgd.net."

"The most recent *UNSTABLE* pre-release snapshot is available from http://dragonprime.net/. Ylu sgpulx attempt to use this x0d3 ONLY if you r COMFORTABLE with PHP n MySQL an silling @ m4nu311t keep YOUR dode up gwo dat3. WTF."

"Additionally, there is an active modder community located at DragonPrime which may help you find additional features which you may wish to add to your game. THESE addutionzl featyres e unsipported BY teg autgors of twh dore codeLOL."

"LoGD is progfammed in PHP w8th an MySQL BACKEND. OMGo It ks known two run on Windoss n Lin7x wkth 4ppr0pr1$72 xetups. OMG. The core code is actively written by Eric Stevens and JT Traub, with some pieces by other authors (denoted in the source at these locations), and the code has been released under a Creative Commons License. Users of the source are bound to the terms therein."

"Users lf fa source r frde 3 ciew and modify 5en source, sottlf, nut osiginal copuright 8bformation, sort9f. an original text from ABOUT page MUST be preservwd, .8ke, 5hiigu they may be added 3."

"We hopw you enjoy ds game OMG!!1!1"
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