• About Legend o' th' Green Dragon
MightyE tells ye, "We're goin' t' take a few moments t' try an' explain this new license an' th' reasons behind it in plain English. The legalese for the license can be found online at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/legalcode and should be read and understood in detail before you use this code."

"This new license was chosen because o' a failin' with th' GPL. It only covered distribution o' source if an' only if binaries were distributed."

"In a web environment, specifically an interpreted web environment such as PHP, merely installin' a game does not constitute distribution, an' therefere people were takin' our work, makin' modifications t' it an' not releasin' th' source code t' their modifications so that th' entire community could benefit. They worked with th' letter but not th' spirit o' th' law."

"Investigation on th' part o' th' authors however, led t' th' fact that th' right o' public perfermance was one o' th' rights normally restricted t' copyright holders, AND that computer programs, specifically video games an' interactive ones such as Legend o' th' Green Dragon were considered t' be publically perfermed if run from a public server."

"Th' new license restricts public perfermance o' th' work unless th' source code o' th' modified work be made available on demand."

"In plain English, this means that if ye put this game on a web server an' allow people 'outside o' a normal circle o' family an' its social acquaintances' t' play there, then ye are publically perfermin' this work an' MUST either a) make any an' ALL changes which ye make t' th' game available on request (note this doesn't have t' be available via th' online source display link, but they must be able t' ask ye fer th' code AND receive a complete copy), b) make arrangements privately with th' authors wherein they grant ye a special license, or c) remove th' code entirely from th' machine."

"We do recognize that people want t' have areas o' their game which are theirs an' theirs alone. To that end we will make th' followin' exception t' th' normal requirements fer source code distribution -- any module file which be not modified or derived from a module file included in th' base distribution AND which does not require any other modules AND which does not require any modifications t' th' core code (code distributed with th' base release) may be withheld at th' authors discretion."

"We also want t' make very clear that version 0.9.7 (also known as version 0.9.7+jt) was th' final version released under th' GPL. All versions, startin' with th' 0.9.8-prerelease code are only licensed under th' Creative Commons license. We EXPLICITLY deny th' right t' import any code from a 0.9.8-prerelease or later release into a 0.9.7 an' earlier release. Allowin' this would cause that imported code t' be released under th' GPL an' that be not somethin' we wish t' allow. Authors o' modifications t' 0.9.7 will need t' re-release their modifications as derivatives/modifications t' 0.9.8 code an' place them under th' same Creative Commons license. It must be done by th' original author since only th' original author has th' right t' change th' copyright or license upon their work. [Additionally, reworkin' th' modifications will be a good idea anyway as th' mechanism fer makin' modifications be substantially cleaner/clearer startin' with th' 0.9.8-prerelease code.]"
Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.
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