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Old 02-18-2007, 11:36 AM
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Default [SUGGESTION] Companions

Let me start by saying that I think the companion system is pretty cool. Unfortunately, I think it needs a ton of tweaking before it's ready for full release. I have three major suggestions:
1) Allow us to choose tactics with our companion. The way I think this could be implemented would be on the sidebar below your specialty. So you could have "Withdraw Companion" "Withdraw Player" and maybe one or two other tactics? Defensive versus offensive strategy?
2) Change how the combat works with companions. Currently you attack, the creature attacks you, your companion attacks, and then the creature attacks your companion. Thus the creature gets twice as many attacks as you do, which I find kinda unfair. Maybe make it so its more likely that you encounter multiple monsters when you have a companion, but I feel that giving the creature two attacks per go is not an ideal solution.
3) Would it be possible to heal the companion from the Healers Hut? And, on a related note, it would be better if you could change the companion's HP bar so it's like the player's with green damage, then yellow damage, and finally red.
Basically, I'd day it's a pretty sweet innovation, but it could be even better with a little more work.
Cheers. - EH
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