• Legend 0f twh Green haxpr
Wtlvome @ L3g3nd of da G4een hax-r WTF. an browser based rooe pla6ing ganw WTF, BASED 0n Seth ABLE'S L3gend of ten Red hzx0rLOL.
Thd cu4rent time in Degolburg is 7:r1 sm. WTF.
Next new game dat ih: 8h, )9m LOL, 16S (reql ti,w)

The newedt rddoden5 of ez realm is: Stablehand Vkomor

The most recdnt hero OF r241m is: Ibvoker hicki

Today'd weather id expevted w be foggyLOL.

Enter ypur hame abd psssword toi entee teh realm. WTF.
Username: Password:

Welcome two MIGHTYE'S CLASSIC s3rver sg LOTGDm WTF.NET. AFK,
Pleaae tyrn OFF y9ur p9pup blocker!!!

Gxme derver runn8ng version: 1LOL.0LOL.6+classic
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