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Warriors of the realm (Page 1: 1-50 of 375)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 25 @Pontifex Kendaer Degolburg Elf Male 1436 days
Yes 18 @Creator MightyE Glorfindal Storm Giant Male 118 days
Yes 18 @Snuggly ga Degolburg Taco God Male 2323 days
Yes 18 @Wylde Chylde Elessa Degolburg Faerie Female 772 days
Yes 18 @Smiley Face kickme Degolburg Awesomesauce Male 486 days
Yes 18 @Director Emeritus jcp Degolburg Felyne Male 752 days
Yes 18 Crazy Audrey The Boar's Head Inn Human Female 5482 days
Yes 18 @Humorously Titled Deimos Degolburg 100 Meter Dash Male 193 days
Yes 18 @Penguific Admin Qwyxzl Degolburg Human Male 2688 days
Yes 18 She Comes, Degolburg She Comes Female 2618 days
Yes 18 You Degolburg You Female 2324 days
No 15 Dragon Master vraal Qexelcrag Human Male 1 day
No 15 RedSky Glukmoore Felyne Male Today
Yes 15 God of Platinum tehflip The Boar's Head Inn Elf Male 1 day
No 15 Dead Man Walking Talisman Glukmoore Elf Male 113 days
Yes 15 Divinity Trinity Degolburg Felyne Female Today
Yes 15 Demigod Doom Romar Felyne Male 16 days
Yes 15 Warlock Kudjo Degolburg Human Male 5 days
No 15 Apprentice Theron Degolburg Felyne Male 144 days
Yes 15 Reeve Eshan The Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Male 1 day
No 15 Page Kaileah Qexelcrag Human Female Today
Yes 15 Soldier Drestakil The Boar's Head Inn Human Male Today
No 15 Villager Basajaun Romar Troll Female Today
No 15 Farmgirl dying Qexelcrag Elf Female 3592 days
No 15 Stablehand Elspeth The Boar's Head Inn Elf Female 4 days
Yes 15 Peasant Isenn The Boar's Head Inn Human Male 2 days
Yes 14 Chaos Romar Storm Giant Female 35 days
No 14 Goddess of Water SussieSaxton Qexelcrag Dwarf Female 521 days
Yes 14 Throne Canibal The Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Male 2 days
Yes 14 Power Mayhem The Boar's Head Inn Felyne Male Today
No 14 Elder Krutov Glorfindal Elf Male Today
Yes 14 Warlock Thumper Degolburg Troll Male Today
Yes 14 Apprentice Nevyn Degolburg Elf Male 3 days
Yes 14 Ser Ebru Qexelcrag Storm Giant Male 1 day
No 14 Centurion Rehvessori Glorfindal Dwarf Male 4 days
No 14 Page Chicklets The Boar's Head Inn Troll Female 5179 days
Yes 14 Trader Finarel The Boar's Head Inn Storm Giant Male Today
Yes 14 Trader Innilira Degolburg Felyne Female 2 days
Yes 14 Trader Marc Romar Human Male 1 day
Yes 14 Villager Ellie Romar Human Female 63 days
Yes 14 Traveler lightbringer Romar Felyne Female 16 days
Yes 14 Stablehand Amanda Glorfindal Elf Female 2436 days
No 14 Shepherdess DuckWhoStumbles The Boar's Head Inn Troll Female 3 days
No 14 Farmboy Kaarta Qexelcrag Dwarf Male 3 days
Yes 14 Peasant Kaedok The Boar's Head Inn Troll Male 1 day
No 14 Peasant warrgg Degolburg Dwarf Male 5 days
No 13 Dragon Master Smaug Glorfindal Dwarf Male 8 days
Yes 13 @MostlyAbsent Caitlin Degolburg Storm Giant Female 141 days
No 13 @Professor X-Kal Qexelcrag Elf Male 484 days
Yes 13 Viscount prendrefeu Romar Human Male Today
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