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Warriors of the realm (Page 1: 1-50 of 348)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 25 @Pontifex Kendaer Degolburg Elf Male 1222 days
Yes 18 @Creator MightyE Glorfindal Storm Giant Male 26 days
Yes 18 @Snuggly ga Degolburg Taco God Male 2108 days
Yes 18 @Wylde Chylde Elessa Degolburg Faerie Female 558 days
Yes 18 @Smiley Face kickme Degolburg Awesomesauce Male 272 days
Yes 18 @Director Emeritus jcp Degolburg Felyne Male 537 days
Yes 18 Crazy Audrey The Boar's Head Inn Human Female 5268 days
Yes 18 @Humorously Titled Deimos Degolburg 100 Meter Dash Male 273 days
Yes 18 @Penguific Admin Qwyxzl Degolburg Human Male 2473 days
Yes 18 She Comes, Degolburg She Comes Female 2403 days
Yes 18 You Degolburg You Female 2109 days
No 15 Dead Man Walking Talisman Qexelcrag Elf Male 409 days
No 15 PanEm Tribute CatchOfTheDay Qexelcrag Storm Giant Female 10 days
Yes 15 Lost Wanderer Cruncher Degolburg Storm Giant Male 4 days
Yes 15 Demigod Doom Glukmoore Felyne Male 13 days
No 15 Power KestrelBlack Glorfindal Dwarf Female Today
No 15 Warlock Kudjo Glorfindal Human Male 15 days
Yes 15 Apprentice Ardu The Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Male 13 days
No 15 Apprentice Theron Degolburg Felyne Male 244 days
No 15 Conqueror Grott Romar Felyne Male 3 days
No 15 Storm Trooper Celery Romar Dwarf Male Today
Yes 15 Ser Laodicean The Boar's Head Inn Storm Giant Male 11 days
No 15 Legionness molt Glorfindal Elf Female 6 days
No 15 Villager Drestakil Romar Human Male 1 day
No 15 Traveler EnderCrypt Glorfindal Dwarf Male 5 days
No 15 Traveler Shiloh Qexelcrag Felyne Female 22 days
No 15 Peasant Aegyr Degolburg Dwarf Male 1 day
No 15 Farmgirl dying Qexelcrag Elf Female 3377 days
Yes 15 Peasant Isenn The Boar's Head Inn Human Male 25 days
No 15 Peasant Jaygel Glorfindal Elf Male Today
Yes 15 Farmgirl Jaygo The Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Female Today
No 15 Farmgirl Jysithra Glorfindal Elf Female 20 days
No 14 Dragon Master vraal Qexelcrag Human Male 3 days
No 14 Chaos Qexelcrag Storm Giant Female 77 days
No 14 Goddess of Water SussieSaxton Qexelcrag Dwarf Female 306 days
Yes 14 Darth Vader Alameda Esoterra Felyne Female Today
Yes 14 Warlock Thumper Degolburg Troll Male Today
Yes 14 Ale Queen MaBenjo The Boar's Head Inn Storm Giant Female 25 days
No 14 Page Chicklets The Boar's Head Inn Troll Female 4964 days
Yes 14 Soldier Batista Romar Felyne Male Today
Yes 14 Soldier WillWesly The Boar's Head Inn Elf Male Today
No 14 Trader Asphyxiated Glukmoore Dwarf Male Today
Yes 14 Trader Djroest Glukmoore Troll Male Today
Yes 14 Villager Ellie Romar Human Female 4 days
Yes 14 Traveler Archeus Glukmoore Troll Male 1 day
Yes 14 Stablehand Amanda Glorfindal Elf Female 2221 days
No 14 Farmboy Gollee Glorfindal Elf Male Today
No 14 Stablehand Moofy Qexelcrag Dwarf Female 10 days
No 14 Farmgirl moonshine Romar Human Female 3 days
Yes 13 @Broken JackZackson Degolburg Troll Male 92 days
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