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Warriors of the realm (Page 2: 51-100 of 236)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
No 12 Cavalier BigJonn Glukmoore Troll Male 5640 days
Yes 12 Caroller Mortia Qexelcrag Troll Female 3914 days
No 12 Legionnaire Ninjak Glorfindal Elf Male 6048 days
No 12 Trader Legathor The Boar's Head Inn Felyne Male 5333 days
Yes 12 Hot Wing Socat Qexelcrag Elf Female 4546 days
Yes 12 Traveler Zorba The Boar's Head Inn Human Male 15 days
No 12 Farmboy skycarcass Qexelcrag Dwarf Male 23 days
Yes 11 Mayor Jenni Romar Human Male Today
Yes 11 Witch Synthe The Boar's Head Inn Elf Female 4 days
No 11 Sorcerer Hazard The Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Male 5146 days
Yes 11 Knight of Ni Piffle The Boar's Head Inn Troll Male 25 days
Yes 11 Stewardess miel Qexelcrag Dwarf Female 26 days
Yes 11 Mother Of All Living EveTheFirst Degolburg Dwarf Female 8 days
No 11 Curvaceous Teadrinker Degolburg Human Female 5531 days
No 11 Cavalier Kruelend The Boar's Head Inn Elf Male 4018 days
No 11 Cavalier Myshnra Romar Troll Male 6025 days
Yes 11 Legionness Raxacoricofallapatorius The Boar's Head Inn Elf Female 7 days
Yes 11 Legionnaire Sergei The Boar's Head Inn Storm Giant Male 1 day
Yes 11 Druid Priest Lorre Qexelcrag Elf Female 3917 days
Yes 11 Squire Glad Qexelcrag Dwarf Male 1 day
Yes 11 Squire Sypkens Degolburg Elf Male Today
Yes 11 Trader cruncher Degolburg Human Male 2 days
No 11 Farmgirl NewName Qexelcrag Dwarf Female Today
No 10 Capelthwaites Choirboy Krenn Degolburg Storm Giant Male 29 days
Yes 10 Master of Code SlothTheDreaded Degolburg Storm Giant Male 1 day
No 10 God of Air Varchild The Boar's Head Inn Storm Giant Male 424 days
Yes 10 @Broken JackZackson Degolburg Troll Male 45 days
No 10 @Admin Dekion Degolburg Dwarf Male 4152 days
Yes 10 Jedi Priest DruneSilentarrow Degolburg Felyne Male 3958 days
No 10 Christmas Tree Nigelia Romar Felyne Female 5210 days
Yes 10 Traveler blag Glukmoore Dwarf Male Today
No 10 Gnomish AutumnRose Romar Human Female 4680 days
No 9 @Scary PW the Jester The Boar's Head Inn Felyne Male 1574 days
Yes 9 Apprentice Andy The Boar's Head Inn Felyne Male Today
Yes 9 Conqueror Frogger Romar Felyne Male 1 day
No 9 Trader Melissa Glorfindal Felyne Female 24 days
No 8 Dragon Imperator Arathorn Glorfindal Elf Male Today
No 8 Dragon Enchanter Aegwyn Qexelcrag Storm Giant Male 6 days
No 8 Riskbreaker Kwing Romar Felyne Male 1 day
Yes 8 God of Crystal Hendronicus Romar Human Male 6 days
Yes 8 Marquis Gildron Glorfindal Elf Male 1 day
Yes 8 Mysterious BRX Romar Troll Male 3102 days
No 8 Knight of the Fang Khalwat Qexelcrag Horrible Gelatinous Blob Male 19 days
No 8 @Helper MiniMungo Glorfindal Felyne Male 6056 days
Yes 8 Soldier Titanius Romar Human Male Today
Yes 8 Villager Athena Glorfindal Elf Female 5 days
Yes 8 Villager Skornvik Romar Felyne Male 1 day
Yes 8 Villager Will Glorfindal Felyne Male 1 day
No 8 Farmboy Andrzejek Glorfindal Elf Male 3 days
Yes 8 Farmgirl fodder Isle of Wen Elf Female 5580 days
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