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Warriors of the realm (Page 2: 51-100 of 327)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 13 Stablehand Beorn The Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Male 20 days
Yes 13 Stablehand Nekroun Glorfindal Elf Male Today
No 13 Stablehand RandomName Glukmoore Elf Male 3 days
No 12 PanEm Tribute CatchOfTheDay Degolburg Storm Giant Female 4 days
No 12 @Stargazer Lilypix The Boar's Head Inn Human Female 2716 days
Yes 12 Invoker Cygnia Degolburg Dwarf Female Today
No 12 Apprentice Moofy Romar Felyne Female Today
No 12 Cavalier BigJonn Glukmoore Troll Male 4752 days
Yes 12 Caroller Mortia Qexelcrag Troll Female 3027 days
No 12 Legionnaire Ninjak Glorfindal Elf Male 5161 days
Yes 12 Soldier MaillardReaction Qexelcrag Dwarf Male 2 days
No 12 Trader Legathor The Boar's Head Inn Felyne Male 4446 days
Yes 12 Traveler OedipaMaas The Boar's Head Inn Human Female 11 days
Yes 12 Hot Wing Socat Qexelcrag Elf Female 3658 days
No 11 Archmagus Problem Romar Felyne Male 11 days
No 11 Sorcerer Hazard The Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Male 4259 days
Yes 11 Knight of the Boar Ebru Qexelcrag Storm Giant Male 6 days
No 11 Curvaceous Teadrinker Degolburg Human Female 4643 days
No 11 Cavalier Kruelend The Boar's Head Inn Elf Male 3131 days
No 11 Cavalier Myshnra Romar Troll Male 5138 days
Yes 11 Druid Priest Lorre Qexelcrag Elf Female 3030 days
No 11 Villager Alcarindel Glukmoore Dwarf Male 24 days
No 11 Traveler Snarloth Glorfindal Human Male 10 days
Yes 11 Traveler Vurpa Romar Human Male 1 day
Yes 11 Darth Vader EmperorsNewClothes The Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Male 21 days
No 11 Farmgirl NewName Qexelcrag Dwarf Female 1 day
Yes 10 Dragon Imperatrix Chirona Glorfindal Elf Female 22 days
No 10 Cherub Joshua Qexelcrag Storm Giant Male 39 days
Yes 10 Dominion Mayhem The Boar's Head Inn Felyne Male 2 days
Yes 10 Principality prendrefeu Romar Human Male Today
No 10 @Admin Dekion Degolburg Dwarf Male 3265 days
Yes 10 Jedi Priest DruneSilentarrow Degolburg Felyne Male 3071 days
No 10 Sorcerer Rsphish Glorfindal Elf Male 1 day
Yes 10 Invoker chompy Degolburg Felyne Male 2 days
Yes 10 Ser NotGerald The Boar's Head Inn Elf Male Today
No 10 Cavalier AbdominalBroman Degolburg Elf Male 4 days
Yes 10 Cavalier Contalion The Boar's Head Inn Elf Male 27 days
No 10 Trader Gmack Romar Felyne Male 15 days
No 10 Christmas Tree Nigelia Romar Felyne Female 4323 days
No 10 Trader Terrterr Degolburg Felyne Female 4 days
No 10 Shepherd Archdemon Romar Human Male 14 days
No 10 Gnomish AutumnRose Romar Human Female 3793 days
No 10 Shepherd DrFunkenstein Qexelcrag Dwarf Male Today
Yes 9 Lost Wanderer Cruncher The Boar's Head Inn Storm Giant Male 7 days
No 9 @Scary PW the Jester The Boar's Head Inn Felyne Male 686 days
Yes 9 Warlock Eshan Degolburg Troll Male 1 day
Yes 9 Enchanter WillWesly The Boar's Head Inn Elf Male 17 days
Yes 9 Legionnaire Daimon The Boar's Head Inn Human Male Today
Yes 9 Squire Pelman The Boar's Head Inn Elf Male 3 days
No 9 Page eXcite Qexelcrag Dwarf Male 8 days
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