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Warriors o' th' realm (Page 2: 51-100 o' 363)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 13 @MostlyAbsent Caitlin Degolburg Storm Giant Female 65 days
No 13 @Professor X-Kal Qexelcrag Elf Male 242 days
Yes 13 @Amaterasu Admin Valancy Qexelcrag Storm Giant Female 62 days
No 13 Councillor o' War Locke Th' Boar's Head Inn Elf Male 4622 days
No 13 Archmagus Emaleth Glorfindal Felyne Female 214 days
Yes 13 Archmagus xiljin Th' Boar's Head Inn Elf Male Today
Yes 13 Invoker Ramen Qexelcrag Human Male Today
Yes 13 Bento SpamMusubi Th' Boar's Head Inn Storm Giant Male 1 day
No 13 OBake LittleBenjo Romar Felyne Female 1 day
Yes 13 Princess Leia Afton Glorfindal Elf Male 314 days
No 13 Centurioness angeleyezz Th' Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Female 4859 days
Yes 13 Cavalier Gregor Th' Boar's Head Inn Elf Male Today
No 13 Legionnaire Driff Romar Felyne Male 4740 days
No 13 Legionnaire Malkuth Romar Human Male 5 days
Yes 13 Page MaiqtheLiar Romar Felyne Male 2 days
Yes 13 Villager Ellie Romar Human Female 1 day
No 13 Villager Ptoley Romar Human Male 12 days
Yes 13 Traveler Keesyy Th' Boar's Head Inn Human Female Today
No 13 Traveler Reganon Romar Human Male 3 days
No 13 Peasant Hangyeol Romar Human Male 4 days
No 13 R2-D2 HauntsUponATheme Th' Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Female 16 days
No 13 Stablehand HoneyFlames Glorfindal Dwarf Female 15 days
Yes 13 Stablehand Jamil Qexelcrag Dwarf Male Today
Yes 12 Dragon Enchanter Csabo Romar Felyne Male 2 days
Yes 12 Divinity Crabbok Romar (Online) Felyne Male Today
No 12 Duke eussefus Romar Human Male Today
No 12 @Stargazer Lilypix Th' Boar's Head Inn Human Female 2228 days
Yes 12 Invoker Cygnia Degolburg Dwarf Female Today
No 12 Centurion Holymont Romar Felyne Male 1 day
No 12 Cavalier BigJonn Glukmoore Troll Male 4265 days
Yes 12 Caroller Mortia Qexelcrag Troll Female 2539 days
No 12 Legionnaire Ninjak Glorfindal Elf Male 4673 days
No 12 Trader Djroest Glukmoore Troll Male 21 days
No 12 Trader Legathor Th' Boar's Head Inn Felyne Male 3958 days
Yes 12 Traveler Saereth Degolburg Elf Male 2 days
Yes 12 Hot Wing Socat Qexelcrag Elf Female 3170 days
No 12 Farmboy gomorycut Qexelcrag Elf Male 4 days
Yes 12 Stablehand Grishord Th' Boar's Head Inn Human Male 1 day
Yes 12 Farmgirl Jysithra Th' Boar's Head Inn Elf Female Today
Yes 12 Stablehand Moofy Th' Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Female 1 day
No 12 Farmgirl moonshine Glorfindal Human Female 7 days
Yes 11 Goddess o' Water Kalisiin Glorfindal Elf Female 1 day
No 11 Sorcerer Hazard Th' Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Male 3771 days
No 11 Curvaceous Teadrinker Degolburg Human Female 4155 days
No 11 Cavalier Kruelend Th' Boar's Head Inn Elf Male 2643 days
No 11 Cavalier Myshnra Romar Troll Male 4650 days
Yes 11 Druid Priest Lorre Qexelcrag Elf Female 2542 days
No 11 Squire Keafer Qexelcrag Dwarf Male 1 day
No 11 Page Joe Romar Felyne Male 20 days
Yes 11 Villager WillWesly Th' Boar's Head Inn Elf Male 1 day
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