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Warriors of the realm (Page 4: 151-200 of 264)
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
No 3 Cavalier Luna Glorfindal Felyne Female Today
No 3 @Helper HypatiaII Glorfindal Storm Giant Female 5244 days
Yes 3 Punch Bowl Lyree Degolburg Dwarf Female 3966 days
Yes 3 Trader Ellie Qexelcrag Human Female 450 days
Yes 3 Villager Zorba The Boar's Head Inn Troll Male Today
Yes 3 Farmboy Ezmund Isle of Wen Elf Male 10 days
Yes 3 Shepherd Genesis Isle of Wen Human Male Today
No 3 Farmgirl GhostOfCentralPast Romar Human Female 1 day
Yes 3 Shepherdess RoseTheDragonWolf Isle of Wen Human Female 1 day
No 3 Shepherdess SausageSlicer Degolburg Dwarf Female 10 days
Yes 3 Stablehand Slayvictus Isle of Wen Elf Male 1 day
Yes 3 Farmboy Troyerdes Romar Human Male 2 days
Yes 3 Farmboy Zayev Glorfindal Elf Male 6225 days
No 2 Dragon Master tehflip Glorfindal Elf Male 10 days
No 2 @Quixotic Admin Qwyxzl Romar Felyne Male 3901 days
No 2 DarkMaster Atrus Qexelcrag Storm Giant Male 1317 days
Yes 2 God THANOS The Boar's Head Inn Felyne Male Today
Yes 2 Marquis Dharkan Romar Felyne Male Today
Yes 2 Mayor Drestakil The Boar's Head Inn Human Male Today
No 2 Steward fraser Glorfindal Felyne Male 4873 days
Yes 2 Madam Evangeline The Boar's Head Inn Elf Female Today
Yes 2 Centurion Sergei The Boar's Head Inn Storm Giant Male Today
No 2 Squire Najnin Romar Felyne Female 4174 days
No 2 Mylde Chylde Elessaii Glorfindal Elf Female 6153 days
No 2 Traveler Firewench The Boar's Head Inn Troll Female 6663 days
No 2 Traveler Resedimaard Romar Human Female 5962 days
Yes 2 Shepherdess Bango Isle of Wen Elf Female 29 days
Yes 2 Stablehand Curious Isle of Wen Elf Female 5663 days
Yes 2 Peasant hckr Isle of Wen Elf Female 29 days
Yes 2 Stablehand migueli Isle of Wen Elf Male 7 days
Yes 2 CraZy Audrey Isle of Wen Human Female 6212 days
Yes 2 Farmboy Palatrylas Glorfindal Elf Male 22 days
Yes 2 Peasant Scar Romar Elf Male 5 days
No 1 Dragon Imperator Arathorn Glorfindal Elf Male Today
No 1 Shiny Lady MeRel Qexelcrag Felyne Female Today
No 1 Good Witch Mongo Qexelcrag Dwarf Female Today
No 1 VibraImperator KrsnaAvatara Degolburg Dwarf Male 12 days
No 1 Riskbreaker Kwing Romar Felyne Male 2 days
No 1 Lord of Dragons CELLryuu Romar Felyne Male 45 days
No 1 @Ashrokar Malachi Glorfindal Elf Male 229 days
Yes 1 @Absurdly Surly Shiqra Degolburg Storm Giant Female 3176 days
No 1 @Admin TacoGod JRMinga Qexelcrag Storm Giant Male 3504 days
No 1 Dragon Master FargleBargle Qexelcrag Storm Giant Male 630 days
No 1 Dragon Master Intrepid Qexelcrag Dwarf Male 76 days
Yes 1 Master of Code SlothTheDreaded Degolburg Storm Giant Male 22 days
No 1 @Dame Cupcake Degolburg Storm Giant Female 916 days
No 1 Dead Man Walking Talisman Glorfindal Elf Male 331 days
No 1 Drunken God blarg The Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Male 3125 days
Yes 1 Goddess of the Flames KestrelBlack The Boar's Head Inn Dwarf Female 5 days
No 1 God of Wind Bad Qexelcrag Storm Giant Male 5223 days
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