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White Screens of Death (WSOD)
@Ashrokar Malachi2017-04-02 17:17:37
Greetings all!

We've had a recurring issue on-site which gives users a seemingly impassible white error screen. Though we don't have an 'official' fix for this problem, I've been given clearance to share our unofficial workarounds.

When confronted by a WSOD you may:

(i) Open an incognito or private window in your browser.
(ii) Use another browser.
(iii) Clear your cookies.
(iv) Use lotgd.org (yes, that works).
(v) Or my personal preferred method -- adding a prefix to the URL and logging back in. For example, if lotgd.net gives a white screen of death, kickme.lotgd.net or dragons.lotgd.net or thekingsleeps.lotgd.net or literally any prefix you can think of should work normally. Use your imagination! If the prefixed site encounters a WSOD, you can simply change the prefix and log back in.

Technically, rebooting works too but it's probably going to be your last resort.

Hopefully this helps someone!


Chocolate moose!
@Snuggly ga2017-04-01 12:41:48

Don't worry. Go look at your calendar.

If you don't like it, you can turn it off in your
Preferences. This goes for all the upcoming and previous holidays, although i guess my telling you now about the previous holidays doesn't help much.

Time change and reminderrrrrss!
@MostlyAbsent Caitlin2017-03-14 06:23:00
Hello hello all, just a few super quick things to be said:

1. What Time Is It?
The server time did not automatically update to DST for some reason so we have manually changed the game time. New Days should now be correct but your timestamps may not be (unless you're in a country whose time has, like the server's, remained unchanged, in which case your timestamps will be confusingly correct).

2. Check Out My Game!
Do not make an account to send people YOMs about other servers or games. This is spam. As explained in the FAQs, links to other servers are welcomed in Glukmoore and nowhere else. Do not send unsolicited links to other players. We will delete your character.

3. The Staff Are Mean, Especially Caitlin
I am the only staff member online and active regularly and I am a research student. I can summon others with higher access levels if required. None of us are paid. In fact, @
MightyE consistently pays the costs of running the server out of his own pocket. See the 'monthly costs' bar under your character info? Make a donation, check how much it moves, do some maths, observe our lack of ads, and consider the generosity and benevolence of our overlord.

Technical problems are solved as quickly as possible, if at all possible. Social problems are solved to the best of our abilities if genuine.

We are not notified of petitions until we log in, however, they are the easiest way for us to track and update issues - if I escalate a technical issue and there's no petition to make finding your character easy, @k
ickme will complain bitterly for at least thirty seconds. For anything urgent-ish, such as profanity or spam that needs deleting, I can be summoned reasonably quickly via YOM as I have email notifications turned on.

Thank you all for your tiiiiime, normal activities may now resume.

Merry Christmas!
@MostlyAbsent Caitlin2015-12-25 02:26:35
Merry Christmas, happy holidays, superlative solstice and anything else you'd like! Many thanks to everyone who makes this site what it is and contributes to the community here. We hope everyone has a wonderful celebratory season [insert forbidden-under-the-category-of-chat-speak emoticon here]!

@Creator MightyE2015-03-21 16:58:22
I'd like to apologize for the outage we had the last few days. There was apparently some significant outage at my hosting provider (Zerigo) because my server was offline, however all the normal tooling I'd use to recover my server apparently were also offline - lots of service errors trying to use their tools.

I tried to open a support ticket, but the only thing I got back from them was basically "We'll look into it" - 15 hours after my support ticket was opened. No response since (now a day and a half later) despite me prompting them about it.

I've been happy with them over the years I've hosted there, but this is an inexcusably long response time even for a little guy like me.

I've moved us elsewhere and restored from backup. That might be a few hours out of date, so significant apologies if you've lost any progress! Without them getting my server online I can't get to the hourly on-site backups I took, and I only take off-sites every 6 hours.

Still working through a few rough edges, the site can't send mail yet in our new location, I'm getting my new account set up for that now, but I'm not sure when that'll be enabled. We're on much newer versions of everything, and it's not well tested under this setup, so let us know if there is anything that suddenly doesn't work.

Sorry the outage was so long, these kinds of things always happen at the worst possible time!


Poll: Real Time News Feed
@Creator MightyE2014-09-08 10:36:21
I'm curious how players feel about the real time news feed and real time chat updates. I think these are neat features, but the prices for service I use to make that happen keep creeping up, and I'm not sure it's worth the cost any longer. For reference, the prices are about 30-40% of our monthly operating costs, which I think is much too high for the amount of value we get out of it. How do you players feel, is this a worthwhile expense for us, or should we can it?
I could never play without this feature (39 - 5.7%)
It's a good feature, but maybe not worth the cost (103 - 15.1%)
I don't mind the feature, but it's probably not worth paying anything for. (366 - 53.6%)
I hate the feature and have it turned off. (50 - 7.3%)
Chicken Wings. (125 - 18.3%)

That time of year!
@Smiley Face kickme2013-12-16 23:32:20
The gift shop is open, we're all fighting over the stocks in the North Pole and there's a hearty fireplace in the inn.

As an added bonus, the
Black Unicorn is back! For every $5 you donate, you'll receive the amazing Black Unicorn for a seasonal offer of 7 days. Go forth and slay things!

Custom Titles Abuse
Green Dragon Staff2013-10-11 21:17:24
Originally posted Dec 15, 2006 - amnesty period mentioned at the end of this post is long past.

It has come to my attention that some players are misusing the Custom Title feature in the Hunter's Lodge.

It is not good sportsmanship to have a title which is an official Dragon Kill (DK) rank that does not indicate your true rank. A Warlock with 32 DKs with a title of Peasant is going to beat the living crap out of a new player who thinks they are attacking someone with the same stats. New players are typically not yet aware enough to look at a player's bio or go to talk to a bartender about enemies to learn true stats.

If you are discovered to have a custom title that is also a DK rank, you may be requested to select another one.

If you are confused about what are the official DK rank titles, please read the thread in the forum.


The complete list is on the last page.

Since a lot of people were given the 'ok' to use misleading titles in the past, and there's been some confusion on whether it was allowed, you are welcome to ask for one free change by petition if you're concerned. The amnesty period is not forever, so if a farmboy complains, your Farmboy suit might be changed to God without notice. -- Lauri

@Director Emeritus jcp2012-10-04 13:16:23

We have noticed a dramatic rise of new players from other servers running older, modified code.

Thank you for stopping by and checking us out. You will no doubt find that this version of the game (the official one) is quite different.

One major social difference is that we expect you to write out complete words and to avoid chatspeak/l33tspeak. No matter what your opinion of the matter is, that is a rule of this server. If you cannot play by the rules, please find somewhere else to play.

There is no room for debate on this. The players and staff here prefer this more formal langauge - it is far easier to read. No, this is not a free speech issue since this is a private server.

You have now been told. Moderators are empowered to mute you if you cannot play by the rules and ban you if you persist in such behavior.

We strongly suggest you read the FAQ to find out about other server rules and policies.

EDIT: If it's not clear, emoticons or smileys are part of the "chat speak" package. Though they don't affect comprehensibility, players here prefer fewer rather than more, in keeping with our unique flavor. Again - this server isn't an Instant Messenger platform - please don't treat it like one.

A proclamation for residents of the Five Cities (who pass time in the Gardens)
@Ashrokar Malachi2012-07-28 18:35:51
For over seven years, our Gardens has hosted its share of heroes and villains: conflict, drama, romance and yes, all-out war. We've seen families made and broken, lives brought into the world and lost, characters corrupted and redeemed. Roleplaying on this site gives you the chance to join an epic tradition that's been carried along since July 2003.

Or the chance to
annoy everyone, get alienated and drive people away from the Gardens.

Gardens roleplaying (RP) should be:

*An act of communal creativity and personal relaxation. Other players involved expect you to recognise that
you (the player behind the character) are not King of the Castle, and be considerate. The Gardens exist for everyone's enjoyment, not just your own.
*Undertaken with notable
effort in creating unique characters and building plots.
*Something that even non-roleplayers can read and enjoy, hopefully enough to make them take interest in trying it out.

Roleplaying is NOT:

* A chance to
“show off” how powerful, capable or knowledgeable you can make your character. This will get you called out for godmoding and ignored, as such behaviour just gets people annoyed and makes them like you less.
* An outlet for
mushy-gushy silliness. Most of us can tell apart (a) deep romantic scenes which character development and exposition from (b) couples gratuitously drowning us in their marital (or pre-marital) bliss. Yes, yes, you love each other, but after a certain point, it's spam. Get a room. If it's a YoM room, keep it clean.
* A way to socialise
OOC. Obviously, characters want to socialise. And there's nothing wrong with YoMming people whose RP you appreciate, to chat. But if your Gardens interactions are as uninspired as something out of a boring instant messenger conversation, you're doing it wrong. No fantasy world with so much magic and diversity should inspire flat roleplaying.
* A work-around for the family friendly rule, EVEN in the name of plotlines. It always needs to be said.

To the newbies: If you need more information on how to do it right or what roleplaying is about, I am open to answer questions, as are my fellow roleplaying staff members: Cupcake, Riah, Balcon and Amanda (LadyAlchemist). The Official LotGD Roleplaying Guide is also available for this purpose: http://rpgd.webs.com

To the not so newbies: We choose what sort of roleplay we accept or not. If people aren't making the effort they should to get into plots, no law says they MUST be let in. Still, remember that some players are genuinely new and need help to advance. I learned to roleplay on this site. Other people can too. Friendly advice: don't be a total elitist. Everyone suffers for it.

A.i.K. aka

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