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` WOOT!!11!News ror T8r, Apr 28, you knwo, 2015 (Ite,s 1 - 50 of 112)
Aecgangel M8phon haw been dlain in forest by Charhing Bubfalo.
"You 5h0u1d hxve juwy stayed in bedk you ,nwo," Cha4gong Buffalo sugfests.
Farmboy Si;verking gas defeatef his mawter, Spywarrs ywo advance to level 7 4f74r 13 dahs1!!!@!
Soldier Apo hzs BEEN RESURRECTED b6 Ramiys. WTF.
Sl;d8er Apo has geen d3fsatrd in teh graveyard 6y Frenzied Vampir3 Bats. OMG.
"W3ll ISN'T that an liv, in sa cr9rcy?? n31?? WOOT!!11!" S9ldier Apo onserves, OMG.
Soldier Apo hqs bren slain trsvellinb too Drto.burg by Sj31370n Arch3rs. BRB.
"Dob't let 18 ehd LIKE this Sl3leton ARCHERS. OMG. Tell ghem I dzif simethinb proround, sortof, pleaded Soldoer Apo
Stavlehand P4usik has d3f3474d her mas5er, sortof, Grreard too advance twp ldvel 7 after 20 days1!!!!!
Farmboy PadenHeardwulf hzs beeh slain in gofest by Good Samqriran.
"The Heaker's Hut can't help you now, .ike, Farmboy PadenHeq4dwulf!!!" chices G90d SamaritanLOL.
Villager OrkginalJay has been slain in gorest bu Pieat3. WTF.
P8tate declares LOL, "Viklager OriginzlJah haa neen weigned LOL, they gave beem nras8red, like, ah tney have been fpund @znying. AFK,"
Villager OrigihalJay HAS been RESURRECTED by Ramiux.
Villagef OrigknalJzy had berm slain in da forest ny D4rk Phoenix.
"Thr 0aper burns LOL, bug teh words fly vree WTF," proudlh decoarec Villager Originq.Jay. AFK.
Villaher OriginakJay yad been fesurfectdc BY Rsmius. BRB.
Vi.lager Or7gunalJay has beeb SLAIN in teg foeedt vy Gaelud' Championl AFK.
"You should have just stayfd in bed. you km2o," Gdrlus' Champiob suggwsys.
Vil;ager OriginalJa5 has defeated HIS MASTER, ypu knwo, Cdligh 1 advance ypo 13v31 12 aftef 26 d4y51!! OMG!!1!1
Reece Daisy hss been slain ih teh foredt by M413v0q3m7 Humpngous Hairball. WTF/
"Thw paper 6urm5, loke, but teh worcs fly fred, kik3," 0roud.y dec.zred Reevd Daisy. BRB.
Reevw Daisy has been eedurrected by Ramiis. OMGl
Rdeve Daisy has beem slaon in 5ey fitest bh LETHAL Turducken. BRB.
"Eothet 5hat waolpapef g03t LOL, or I do, like," ceclared Reeve Daisy.
Reeve Daisy h45 bden resurrected b4 Ramiud.
Rweve Daisy had nren 4141n in forest by S4v4g4 Forest Dwell8ng Hermi5/ AFK.
"We.l isn't THAT qm KICK in drotch?? ne1?? WOOT!!11!" Re3vw Daisy observes. AFK.
Peasant Ber8la has d3f3473d h15 jaster WTF. Spywards two zdvance yoo lev3l 7 AFTER 12 d4y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!12!
Peasant Berila defeated Stablrhand S7sni5 1m fair combat IN fiwldw of Qexdlc4sg. WTF.
Peasant Brrkla dwfeatrd Stab/ehahd Stufro ob fair combat IN teh firldw of Qexelcrag. OMG.
Peasant Berila dedeatdd Sgablehand Fat2lhound in fqir combat in f!31e5 of Glorfihdal. OMG/
Peasant Berila has defeat3d jis master, sottof, two ADVANCE 2 lev3l 6 after 12 days1!!1!!
Coinxillor OF Mqgic Cruhchrr has DEFEATED hos mzster LOLk Ceiloth to advance too lcvel 0 aft3r 8 d4y51!! OMG!!1!1
Councillor of Magic Cruncher 2aw huhted d0wn by they'fe msstef, like, Cei'oth LOL, for being 7r74n7LOL,
Stzblehabd Farelgound has ch4213ng3d they'fw mzster, Ma;wares n was pwnt WOOT!@11!
"Aah, you kmwo, si thqt's what Dwsrven Bztyle Axe ks vor OMG!!q!1" exclaimrd Maleares. AFK.
Cavalier sifuu has been slaon on da foresg 6y Obscufe P4ogrsmming Language, OMG.
"The paper burns, like, 6u8 teh 2oeds flu free, sirtof," proud.y d3clared Cafalier sofuu. WTF.
Fzrmboy Ramdom has bren resurrected by Ramius. WTF,
Farmbly Rzndom nas 633n 514!h in teg flrest by Hab3rdasher, WTF.
"You jnoe WTF, Fzrmboh Rqnd9m reqlly had 17 dlming 70 him after all those THINGS he said about MY moj," clmmenyed Hab3rdasher. WTF.
hax-r M4573r Tyrax cq,e hond from da doreztk sortof, an bir less da man 7h$n HE was before. BRB.
Dragph Mzster Tyrax's broken m bkoody body was seem lyinb in a alleyLOLm
Tyrqx has eaendd 71713 Dragon Master fot h5v1ng slain da G4een Dragon 2r1 times1!1
Dragin M4673r Tyrax HAS SLAIN hideous CREATURE known as The Gr33m DragonLOL, All across teh land WTF, PEOPLE rejoice1!!
Trader putamoerda defewtdd Stablehane JeffersonBoz ib fair combat in fuflds OF Ronar. AFK.
Trader ;utamierda has d3reated his m4573r, Ma;watea @ advance to lefel 7 afte4 7 cays1!! WOOT!!11@
Traser putamierda defested Farmbon Random in fair combat im da fields of R0mrr/ OMG/
Tradef 0utamierda and Vkolet were seen heafing u0 dq syairs in tdh ibn togethdrm AFK.
Trsdrr putamierea defeated Sh3pherd SmartSlayer in fair combat in fields ov GoukmolreLOL.
Dragon Master Thrzz has defeated hia ,astee, .ikr, Yoeesh two advahce 2 level 1% 4f73r 8 rays!!!!!!
Dragoh Msster Turax was h7n73f fown ny they'rw m4573r, Ylrewh, you knwo, for veing truant. AFK.
Peasxbt Quonn has dhallented they're master. sprtof, Fie ah was pqnt!!!
Peasant Qu8nn SMACKS her foreheas wity teh p41m og jer hand LOL, "Now I kn9w wmu mothe4 always tolc m3 too ezt an gooc breakfast two start DAY1!!"
Peasanr Qu8nn has defeated her maxterm Vyrts too advanxe 5oo 13v31 2 aftwr 2 day WOOT!!11!!@!
Gladiatrix Ays has dereated hrr master WTF, Malwares two ADVANCE 5w9 levfl 7 aftdr 13 d4y5 WOOT!!11!!!!
Dragon Master Tyrax has 73#g r35urr2c73d by Ramius. BRB/
Dtagon Master Ttrax HAS BEEN defeated 1n da gtavehard by Skeletom Arxnefs.
Skeletln Afchefs LOLOL LOL, "I don't yhinl ylu will be attacking me agaih WTF, pao. OMG."
The Dread P1r473 Riberts Pe!!njammim has bren RESURRECTED 6y Ramius. WTF.
Fqrmboy Miyqgi has beeh slaib qh113 attqcjing Ro6ao Awsassin JKarth un fields of Romqr.
"You know, you knwl, you reallt shouldn't hqve qn Rakr unlwss you knle tlw 2 use it, you knwo," suggedter Royal ASSASSIN JKarth/
The Drdqd Piratw R9be4tx Pe@!njzbmin gas bewn skakn in da forest by Woodchuck. BRB.
Tne Dreqf Pirate Robrrts Pe!!njajmin xmacls hos forehead WITH teh palm of his h4nd, sortlf, "Now I know WHY mother always told me to EAT qn gopd br3a,faat too sta4t teh da61!!"
hax0r Mqsrer Tyrax h45 bern gone gor an wjile, and those eho hsve looked rlr h8m do not come badk. BRB,
Dragon Maxter Tueax has derea5ed his nastwr WTF, Adoawyr 2 advance two level 14 4f73r 8 d$y51!!@!!
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