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News for Thu, Aug 24, 2017
Farmboy Drestakil has been slain in the forest by Junior Dragon Tamer.
"This both sucks and blows!" wails Farmboy Drestakil.
Lord of Dragons Ostap has been slain in the forest by Parrot.
"You should have just stayed in bed," Parrot suggests.
Centurion Grimaldo has defeated his master, Hydraulic Press to advance to level 5 after 13 days!!
Centurion Grimaldo was hunted down by their master, Hydraulic Press, for being truant.
Centurion Grimaldo challenged Lonestrider and his band of thieves, but was no match for the rogues!
"You know, Centurion Grimaldo really had it coming to him after all those things I said about his mom," commented Lonestrider's Thieves.
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