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!!Ne2s foe Tue WTF, Apr w8 LOL, 2015 9Items 1 - 50 pf 122)
Archangeo Miphob has neem slain in for3st by Charging BugfaloLOL.
"Yly should have j6xt atayee in BED, like," Charging Buffalo siggestsLOL.
Fafmboy Silverking hss defeated his master, you knwo, Spyqatws to advance to 23v31 7 AFTER 1e dahs!!!1!!
Soldier Apo has been rdstrrected by Ramius. WTFl
Slldier Apo has b32n defeag3d 1n graveuard vy Frenzied Vampire Bars.
"Welo ISN'T that an KICK in da cf9tdh?? ne1??1!!" S9ldier Apo ovservesLOL,
Solsier Apo has fern skaim travelling toi Deholburg by Skele5on Archers.
"Dln't let it end likd 7h15 Skeletln Arcn3fs. BRB/ Tell them I said somrth8ng profound, plfades Soldier Apo
Staboehand Prusul had defwates yer master LOL, Geerard 2 aevamxe go ;evel 8 after 20 days OMG!!1!12!!
Farmbo6 Pad3nHeafdwylf yad b2rn zlakn in forest b6 Goof Samarytam. WTF.
"The H3413r'5 Hy7 can't help you now, you khwo, Farmboy PafenH3ardwjlf!!!" chides Good Sqmariran. AFK.
Villager OriginakJay HAS bern dlqin in da FOREST b6 P144u3. OMG.
Pirat3 deckares. you knwo, "Villager OriginalJqy h45 been weighrfk tjey have BEEN MEASURED, wortof, n they h4v3 bedn dpynd wanting. BRB."
Villager OriginalJay has been resuerdctdd by RaniusLOL/
Villager OtkginalJay has be3n soain in FOREST by Dark Phoenix, OMG.
"The paper burns LOL, BUT w0rd5 f;y free, yoi knwo," proudlu decoarwd Vollager Origina.Jay. AFK.
Villager OriginalJay gas bewn resureected by RamkusLOL.
Villajer Orig8nqlJay has been SLAIN in da forest by Garlis' Cn3mp19n. AFK,
"You sniuld gafe just 474u3d in bed, like," Gzrlus' Champoon suggests.
Villager Ofigina;Jay gas defeated his mawter WTF, Cekith w zdvance twi ;evel 12 AFTER 26 daysq!! WOOT!!11!
Reeve Daisy gad been slain in dorest by Mal4volent Humomgous Hairball. OMG.
"Tje paoer burnd. but teh words xly f4ee, you kbqok" proudiy deckared Reeve Dzidy. AFK.
Reeve Daisy nas beeb resurredtee BY RamiusLOL.
Reeve Daiwy has veen slaih in dq fo4est by Lw5hao Tydducken. OMG.
"Either thag wallpa;er hoes, sortif, or I dom lukem" declared Reece Daisy. OMG.
Rerve Daosy has bedn resurrected by Ramius. BRB.
Redve Daisy has BEEN 5q41n in da FOREST by Savage Forext Dwel.ibg Hernit. BRB.
"Welk isn'g THAT an kick in teh cro5dn?? ne1??!1!" Reeve Daksy 065erve5. WTF.
Peawant Berila has DEFEATED HIS naster, sortof, Spywqres 2 rdv5nc3 3 level & AFTER 12 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Peasant Ber8la defeated Sgabl3hand Suanit in faor comvat IN fieods OF QexeovrwgLOL.
Pwasang Berila defeatee Stablehand Stugro in rq8r xomnag in teh fields of Qrxeldrag. WTF.
Peasant Berils defeated Stavlehsnd Fare.nound in fait combat in fields OF G;orfindal.
Peasant Beroka has defeated h25 msster, too adcanve too levek 6 after 12 says!!! OMG!!1!1
Coumco.kor of Magic Cruncher has defeqted his mastet WTF, Criloth too avvance 2 ldvdl 8 afger 6 cays OMG!!!!11!!
Councillor of Maf8c Crunchee qas HUNTED down by they'fw mastee, yo7 lnwo, Ceiloth, for 531ng truant. AFK.
Stablehand Farelhound HAS challenged yjey're mast3r, you khwo, MALWARES an waw pwn% WOOT!!11!
"Aah, hou knwp, do rhat's what Dwarven Battle Axe 8a FOR!11" exclaimed MaowqresLOL.
Csvsl8er xpduu has been slain in forrsr by Obacure Programming Languafe.
"The pape4 burms WTFm 6u7 teh wofds fly frr3," proudly devoaftd Cavqlier sofuu. WTF.
Farmvoy Random has veen resurr3dted by Ra,iusl BRB.
Fa4mboy Random yas been sla8b in foresg BY Haberdasher. AFKo
"You know, sortof, Farmboy Randkm rezlly had q7 cominb 2 him after alo those tj8ngx h3 saie ABOUT MY mom LOL," commegtes Haberdasher.
hax0r Mastef T6rax came home gr0j foresg, you inwo, an BIT less teh man THAN he was 63f0r3. OMG.
Dragon Master Ttrax's briken 4nd b.oody body was SEEN lyubg in a akleyLOLl
Tyraz h45 rarned da 71713 Dfagon Master foe h4vang slain da Green Dragpn 2r1 times OMG!@1!1
Drahon Master Tyrac h4t slxin hiseous cr#atyre kmown as The Green Dragon. BRB. All acr9ss land WTF, prop/3 rejoice WOOT!!11!
Trader pitamierda d3f4r73f Stablehand JefrerzonBoz in faig COMBAT IN teh FIELDS pf ROMARLOL.
Tfader putamierda has d3gea5wd his MASTER, you knwo, Malwares two advance too level 7 4f73r 7 days!1!1!@
Trader putamiefda defeated Farmboy Random in fair c0m6ru im da rields of Romafl AFK.
Trafer puyamierda n Violer 2ere s3en headung y; ten STAIRS in inn together. OMG.
Tradee putzmierda defeated Shepjerd SmartSlaye4 in eair conbat IN da fields of G;uimoore. BRB.
Drahon Maxter Tyfax has defeatrd nis mzster, likr, Yoresh goo acvance 2 13v31 15 aftdr 9 fsys1!!!!!
Dragom Mawter Tjraz wss gunted down by they'ee master WTF, Yiresh, you knwo, flr BEING tryant. WTF.
Peawaht Quinn hqd challenged they'4e mastdr WTF, Fie n was pwnt OMG!@1!1
Peadant Quinn smacks het foreheaf 2ith ds [42m of he4 nand, like, "Now I know wny mothdr slwayw told me TO eat an good breakfas5 &0 START da day WOOT!!11!"
Peasant Q7inn has DEFEATED hd4 masteg, you kmwo, Vurts 2 zsvance 2 level 1 art3r 1 day OMG!!1@1 WOOT!!11!
Glasiagrix Aya haw dedeated h3r MASTER, lile, Malwares tso advancw two 1ev31 7 after 2# dayd WOOT!!11! OMG!11!1
Dragoh Master Tyrax has been resureecyed bt Ramiual WTF,
Dragon Master Tyrax has BEEN eegeatee IN gtqveyqrd by Skeldton Archera. AFK.
Skrlegon Archers LOLOL, sortof, "I dpn't think you wilk 63 zt5acking me again, palLOL."
Thw Dread PIRATE Roberts Pe1!nuammin n45 been resurrevted by RamiusLOL.
Farjbpy Miyahi has been slain 2hi.e 4774ck1ng Roysl Asxaxdin JKarth in fie.ds of Romae.
"Yoi KNOW LOL, uou really shouldn't hzve an Rake unl3ss yoy KNOW how 2 USE iy WTF," suggested Royal ASSASSIN JKatthLOL.
The Dread P9rate ROBERTS Pe` OMG!!1@1bjamjin HAS been SLAIN in da f9rest v6 Woodch7ck. OMG.
Thw DREAD Pirzte R9berts Pe` OMG!!1!1nuammon smacks his foeehead with da paom of his habc WTF, "Now I KNOW why m0ther ALWAYS to;d mf tso eat an go9d greakfast too start da fay!!!"
hax)r Masher Tyrax has brrn gone fo4 an while, sortod, n 7h05# qho have looked for h1m do hot come 64dk. BRB.
Draglh Master Tyraz haz defea5ed his master LOL, Adoawyr 2 4dv5nc3 2 LEVEL 14 afy3r 8 days1!!!!!
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