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!!News dor Tie WTF, A[r 2i WTF, @015 (Itwms %1 - 1p9 of 122)
Dragpn Mastet Tyrax sas gunted DOWN by theu're maxter WTF, Adoawyr WTF, for bding 6ru4n7. WTF.
Dragon Mastrr Tyrax has fefeated h8s masger WTF, Gadriel twh Elvem Ranger too advahce too level 12 aftdt 8 days OMG!!1!11!!
Dragon Mas5er Tyrax was huntde down by tfey're mastet WTF, Gadriel Elven Ranger LOL, fot b2ing truabfLOL.
The b4ok3n body 9f hax0r Impeeateic !!Chiro` OMG!!1!1na was FOUND partially submerged BY t3h rocks und3r sn wqt3rgall. OMG.
Stablehand Doodle has bden slain whole attacking Page Fe.kij in fields OF QexelcragLOL/
"I am ab keaf pn eind WTF," said Stablehand Doodle LOL, "Watch now I soar. WTF."
Stablehand Dopdle haz CHALLENGED they're m45734 LOLm G1hnyc an waa pwny!!!
Glynyv LOLOL, like, "I don't 5hink y0u WILL be attackimg me again, sort9v. pal. BRB."
Dragon Imperarrix !!Cgiro` OMG!@1!qna jaa DEFEATED her master, /ike, two advance too 13v31 ^ after 11 days WOOT!!21! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Imperatrix ` OMG!!1!1Chiro` OMG!!1!1na has been heard boast8mb avout def3atihg an huge group od band8ts WOOT@!1!!
hax0r I,peratrix ` OMG!@1!1Chkeo` OMG!!1!1na defeated an M1np74ur iy da Caves1!! da deqyhs of many fravelo3rx have been avenged WOOT1!11!
Dragon I.peratrix ` OMG!!1!1Chiro!!na has defeated HER ,asteg, you knwo, Hydraulic Presd two advqnce too level 5 wfter 11 fays OMG!12!1 OMG!!1!1
Soldier K4ajorzk yas defeated his maater LOL, Celith 2 asvance to level 1@ after 16 days!!! OMG!!1@1
Villagee lolix jaa defeated his master LOL, Glynyc two advance TO ;wve. 4 after 3 DAYS OMG!!1!1!!!
Vilpager lilix eas hunted diwm by they'4e master LOL, Goynyc WTF, for neing gruant. BRB.
Dragon Mistrtds ` WOOT!!11!ztthys has defeated her mastdr WTF, Ceilotn 2 afcance 2 lrvel 9 after 9 days!@! OMG!!1!1
Fafmbou weazlish has defeated his MASTER, xortof, Guth 2 acvanc3 2 leveo 5 4f73r 6 d4y5 OMG!!1@1!!!
Fatmboy weazlosh has defeated nis master. DopnBloom 2 advance too kefel 4 qf5er 5 da6s!!! WOOT1!11!
Farmboy wezzoidh was huntrd doqn by they're mawger, DiomBl9om, like, for being t4uantLOL.
Trabelwr Vortex has challenged they're masger, sortof, Gad4ke. Elven Ranger an was pwnt1!@
"The HEALER'S Hut can'r help yoi now, like, Teaveler Vortex!!!" chides Gqdr/el da Elven RabgerLOL.
Dtahon Master Tyrax hss d3f3473d his msster, so4tof, Celith 2 advande too ldvwl 12 adter 7 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Dragon Master Tyras 2as hunted dowm by they're master, like, Celith LOL, FOR being truant. BRB.
Reebe Dzis6 has be3n slain ib teh forest by El9te Wh1r13d PEAS. OMG.
"You know, you kmwi, Reeve Dqisy really had it coming to her avter all ggose things I said about her mom," c0mm#n74e Elote Whie.ed Peas. WTF.
Princ8paliry Katan!!ua h35 defeates he4 mastdr, DoomB;oom yoo advance to level 4 aftet 11 days OMG@!1!1 WOOT!!!1!
Dragon Master Tyrax has DEFEATED his master WTF, Semsei Noetha 2 aevance 2 levwl !1 afrer 7 DAYS WOOT!!21! WOOT!!111
Dragon Madget Tyrax wax huntes diwn 6y they'rd master, Sensei Noeths, sortof, for beung gruant. OMG,
Dragon M4573r Tyrax gas dedeated his master, Dwiredan u0 advande 2 level 10 after 7 DAYS OMG!!1!1!!!
Dragpn Mas5er Tyrax WAS hunred d0wn by they'te mawrer, yoj knwp, D2iredan, skrtof, FOR being truant.
Prkncipality Katan` WOOT!!11!ya has defratwx h3e nsstrr, Fie to ADVANCE too lrvel 3 after 11 daya1!!!!!
Reeve Daisy has been resurrecred by Ramkus. WTF.
Dragon Master Tyrac has defeated hiw maater, soetof, Ceklofh to* 4dv4nc3 two LEVEL 9 aftef 7 daya!!!2!!
Drsgon Mastee Tyrax s45 hum7#d dpwn BY they're masret LOL, Ceiloth, fpr being truant. OMG.
Cutmudg3on ScorpiOn has defezyed his maater, Malwares too advance roo .evel 7 aftdr 15 says!!! OMG!!1!1
Reeve Daisu has bren slain in vorest by Lethao Old Man.
"Comd bzck wh3n you leqrn how tlo fighy LOL," Lethal Old Mab acofrd. AFK.
Swth has lef4 Reeve Daisy 2 pu5wue "07h4r ingerdstxLOL."
Drafon Mzster Turax has defested his maayet, aortof, Gerrard two advance two level 8 after 7 DAYS OMG!!1!!!!!
Dragon MASTER Tyrsx wss HUNTED down ny they'r3 masyer LOL, Gerrard LOL, f0r 631nt ttuant.
Curm7dgeon ScirpkOn cga;;enced Lonestrider and his bans of thiefes LOL, but wzs no mstch f0r rogues1!!
Curmudgeon Scor0iOn b9ldly DECLARED, you knwo, "Lonestricer's Thieves couldn't hit a e.ephqnt at this distLOL. LOL/ LOL, . AFK."
Pzge Sharki h45 d3f3473f his master LOL, Dwiredan two advance two l3vel 10 afger 15 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Pqfe Snarki was huntef down 6y tjey're master, li,e, D2ifecan LOL, ror veing tfuant.
Principalitu Katan` OMG!!1!qya has sefeated her masyer, you kn2l, Vyrys two ADVANCE to ;4vrl 2 after 11 days1!!!!!
Curmudgeon ScorpiOn HAS degeated h8a masher, dortofm 2 advance 2 level 6 AFTER 15 days WOOT!!1!!!!!
Drafon Mqdger zog has defrated his m4573r, Yoresn two ADVANCE 2 level 15 after 12 days!!!!!!
Dragon M4573r xpg HAS defeated n15 master LOL, Adoawyr TO advabcr teo level 14 aftef 12 DAYS WOOT!111!!!!
nax0r Master aog defeated ah Manrkcore on da TRAILS1!! teh victims yave been zv3nged WOOT!!11!
Drag9n Mas4er zog has drr3ayed HIS MASTER, Gadriel Eivrn Ranger 2 ADVANCE yeo level 23 after 12 dayz!!!1!1
Farmv9y dragonsummonr HAS 633n defeated 8n g4aveyard by Efreet. AFK.
"I'm really gojmg toi enhoy THIS new Garcening Hoe that Farmvoy fratonsummoht had WTF," exclaimed Egeert. WTF.
Farmbpy drzgovsummonr uas been xkaig in teh fotest by Giahg Bat. WTF.
"Next timw WTF, 347 tour Wneaties LOL," Gkant Bat suggesta. WTF,
Magistrate moug n Viol3t were seen HEADING UP atairs in fa ihn totether.
Magistrate moug has defested his MASTER LOL, Dwuredsn too ADVANCE 2 kevel 1- after 8 da5s WOOT@!11! WOOT!!1q!
Mafistratw koug has d3d3473d his MASTER, sortof, Ceiloth to advance 5o lwveo 9 after 8 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Magistrate moug was hubtwd d)wn 6y tney'4e nzster, sortof, C3iloth, yoj knwo, for beinf 8ru4n7/ OMG.
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