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News for Wed, Sep 3, 2014 (Items 51 - 54 of 54)
God of Thunder TarSand has defeated his master, Glynyc to advance to level 4 after 3 days!!
Trader Drukqs has been slain while attacking Trader Abrynn in the fields of Qexelcrag.
"Aah, so that's what Wolfmaster's Longsword is for!" exclaimed Trader Abrynn.
Stablehand Reinholdt encountered strange powers in the forest, and was not seen again.
Traveler Poe has been slain when she encountered The Green Dragon!!! Her bones now litter the cave entrance, just like the bones of those who came before.
"I'm really going to enjoy this new Page's Short Sword that Traveler Poe had," exclaimed The Green Dragon.
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