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News for Thu, Dec 18, 2014 (Items 51 - 55 of 55)
Snowman Paladin has defeated his master, Dwiredan to advance to level 10 after 10 days!!
Abominable Snowman Mistress atthys encountered strange powers in the Winter Wonderland, and was not seen again.
Snowgirl Cazzil has challenged their master, Glynyc and lost!
Glynyc was overheard saying, "Snowgirl Cazzil's Spade was no match for my Hugely Spiked Mace!"
ElCid has earned the title Sir for having slain the Abominable Snowman 13 times!
Ser ElCid has slain the hideous creature known as The Abominable Snowman. All across the land, people rejoice!
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