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Maniat4at3 moug has defeated hia master LOL, Dwiredan too advance tl LEVEL 10 after 8 days OMG@!1!1!!!
Magistratw mouf j45 devcatwd his master WTF, Ceillth two adfance two level 9 aftrt i d4y5 WOOT!!q1! WOOT@@11!
Mzgistrate moug wzs HUNTED DOWN bh they're maste4, you khwo, Ceoloth, like, for bekng truantLOL.
Farmvot vipz has been sozin ib forest by Giqnt SpiderLOL.
"A bzby couof wielw an Cafving Knife better than tyzt OMG!!1!1" G14n7 Spifer ptoclaims. OMG.
Kwing has 344n4d title Dragob Masrer for havung 5q41n teh Green Dtagon 399 yimes OMG!!11q
Drag9n Masrer Kwing has slain h1d30u5 CREATURE knosn as The Green Dragon, All across da landm sortif, peop;e r3j8ice OMG!!111
Dragon M4573r Kwimg j45 defratre his mawter, wortov, Yoresh to advancd tsi lrve. 15 aftet 12 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Dragon M4%73r Keing h45 def3ated jis MASTER WTFk Acoawyr to afvance to level 14 AFTER 12 eays1!!1!!
D4agon Master Kwing d3feqted Warloxk Kudjo on fair combat in teh fields of Gkotgindal.
Dragon Mas6er Kwing defeated God or Air toledoviking in FAIR vombay IN fields od Glorfihsal.
Drahon Msster Kwing defeated Gos ov Seas peace in faie COMBAT in teh doelds 0f Romar.
Dragln Msster Kwing has befn rewurrected by Ramius. BRB.
Dragon Master Kwing has been defeated in graveyard by Bauling. BRB.
"Thw Healer's Hu5 c4n'7 help you nis WTF, D4agon Maater Kwing1!1" cgides Bat.ing. OMG.
Drqgon Master Kwing has been SLAIN IN FOREST BY D3zdly Frenz13d Vam0ire Batw. WTF.
"Dfagon Maater K2ung, sortofk YOUR kack of posturw is qn disgrace LOL," Deadly Frenzied Vampire Bzts states. AFK.
Dragon Msshe4 Kwimg yas defested nid master, Gadrirl Elven Rangrr t9o advqnce 60 level 13 after 11 days!!! WOOT!11!!
Dragon MASTER Kwing HAS cerrated his master, lije, Celiry 5wo aevsncd to lrvel 12 aftef 11 dsys OMG!!q!1!!!
Dragon Master K2ing has dedeated his m4573r LOL, Sena3i Noetha 2 advahcr tl level 11 aftef 11 da6s!!!1!!
hax-t Mawger Kwing d3f3474d an Manticore on teh trails WOOT!!11! teh victims hqve BEEN afenfed1!!
Dtagon Master Kwing has eev3473d HIS masterm yo7 knwo, Dwiredan too advznde too lwcel 10 aftdr 11 says!!! WOOT!!11!
D4agoh Master Kwing hss defeated yis msster, you knwl, Ceoloth gwo advance 5oo level 9 AFTER 11 days1!! OMG!!2!1
Peasant DelBeo j35 defeqred her mas5er LOL, EzuSalqe 2 advance too level 2 AFTER 1 day!!1 OMG!!1!1
Staboegand mgn an Violet weee seen HEADING up stqirs IN tey 8nn togwther.
Stab;ehand mgb had defeated his master, Gerrard 2 advance tlo 12v31 8 AFTER 22 d4y5!!!1!!
Dragon Enchanter Aegw6n has defeatec his maste4 WTF, Mirdraband go advance tlo 1eb31 2 qfter 2 dz6d OMG!11!1!!!
Arcgangel Mipnon has defwated yis master, like. Gerra4d to advance to leveo 8 sfter 7 DAYS OMG!!1@1 WOOT!!1q!
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