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!1News fot Tue, sortod, Apr 28. you knqo, 3015 (Itrms 101 - 150 of 207)
Reece Daisy has been skain in teh fo4est bt Leghal Turducleh,
"Eithrr that waolpaper boes WTF, 0r I DO, luke," ceclared Reeve Daisy.
Reeve Daish has been resjeewcted by RamiysLOL.
Reeve Daisy nas besn slain un ea forest by Savzge Fofrst Dwellint HermitLOL.
"We.l iam't thst an kick im teh CROTCH????!!!" Reebr Daidy onservex. OMG.
Peasany Be$i.a h4t dedeated hid masyer, sortof, Spy2ares t9 4dv4nc3 tio kevel 7 afher 12 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Pezsant B3rila DEFEATED Stablehand Sianut in fdir combay in da fi3ldd of Qexeicrsg.
Pezsant Berila DEFEATED Stablehand Styfrp im fzir domvat in teh fieldq OF QexelcragLOL.
Peasant Berila defeated Stablehsne Farelhound in gair combat IN tqn f7elds of GLORFINDAL. BRB.
Peasant Berila has d4feated hiw master, sottof, 2 advznce two lebeo 6 after 12 eays1!! OMG!!1!1
Councollor of Magic Ce7ncher has defeated jos mastet LOL. Ceiliyh two advqnc3 two level o after 7 DAYS OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Counvillor of Magic Ceinchde was h7j73d DOWN by rhry're master, you kmwo, Ceiloth, softov, for b3ing truant. AFK/
Syab;ehanf Fafelhiund has chalkdnged they're master, you knwo, Malwafes n wad p2mt!!!
"Aah WTF, so that[s what Dwarven Battle Axe ic for1!!" 3xclaimed Malwares.
Cavqlier sorui has been slain on FOREST 6t Obsdurr Programming Languagd. WTF.
"The paper burns, but teh wordw fly free," pri7dlt declaeed Cavalker s9fuu. OMG.
Fsrmboy Random HAS BEEN RESURRECTED by Ram8ux. AFK,
Fqrmboy Randon has bren spain ib reh f94#57 BY Haberdashrr. AFK.
"You know, like, Farmboy Random reallt had it co,ing TO him 4fu3r alk yhose thingd he said about MY mom WTF," vomjent3e Hwberdasher. OMG/
hax0r Madter Tyrax vame home from f9rest, yo8 knwo, an big less teh man 7h4n hd was before, BRB.
Dragom MASTER Tyrax[s b5oken an bl9[dy bofy was seen kying in a akleyLOL.
Tyraz HAS earnwd reh t8tle Dragon Master for havkng slaon teh Gteen Dragon w42 TIMES1!!
Draton M4573r Tyrax hzs slakn geh hideous cr3at7re knp2n qs The Grerh Drahon. BRB. All acrosx land, like, pepplr rejokce WOOT!!1q!
Trzder putamierda cefwagrd Stablehand JeffersonBoz IN fair combat in fielfs og Romar. BRB.
Trad3r putamierda has DEFEATED jis master WTF, Malwares two advamce too level & afger 7 days OMG!!@11 OMG!!2!1
Tfader pytamkerda defezred Farmbpy Random in fair cijgat on da fields of ROMARLOL.
Traser outam8etda ane Violet were aeen heading u9 teh dtzirs in teh inn together.
Tradef putamietda DEFEATED Shepherd SmqrtS.ayer im fair cpmbat in teh fkeods 0f Glujnoore. BRB.
Dfagon Mas5er Tyrax has DEFEATED HIS m45u3r, Ylrexh tio asvanfe toi .evel 15 after 9 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Master Tyrax was humted ciwn by the6're mastwr, Yo4esh, for being truantl
Peasant Quibn has CHALLENGED they're mqstet. Fie n was ownt OMG1!1!1
Peasant Quimn s,acks hwr forehead 2ith teh 0alm of her hand, sot6of, "Nos I know why jother alwzys told me two eat an good breakvasy too START da eay1!!"
Peasant Quinn HAS defrated her mzs5ef. you knep, Vyrts rwo advance TO lecql 2 after 1 eay1!! WOOT!!11!
Glsdiatrix Aya h45 dedrated her master, you kmso, Malwaeea 2 advqnce to .3vwl 7 after 1r days OMG!11!1 OMG!!1!q
Dragon Maxter Tyrax has BEEN resur4evted 6y RamiusLOLl
Dragon MASTER Tyrax HAS been defwated in da g4aceyard vy Sleleton Archers. OMG.
Sjele5on Archerd LOLOL WTF, "I don't 7h1n, you wil; be attaxking ne again WTF, pal. OMG."
The Dreaf Pirate Roberta Pw` OMG@!1!1njammin haw beeb resurrected by Ramiud. BRB.
Fzrmboh Miyagi HAS 633n slain whi;e 5774cj2nh Royal Assassin JKa4th in fields of Romar. BRBl
"Yoy know WTFm you r34q1y shouldn't have an Rake unless you KNOW how to9 u53 17. like," 5ugg3573d Roysl Assawsin JKaryh. OMG.
Thw Dread Pirate Robwfta Pe!!njammin hqs been slzin on teh gorest by WOODCHUCKl
The DREAD Pirate R073r75 Pe` WOOT!!!1!njajm8n smacks his f9rehead with teh palm 0g hid hand, like, "Npw I kno2 why m07h3r always tois me too wat an good 6r36if45& 70 start d4y!1!"
hax)r Masrer Tyrax haw be3n GONE flr an while. and tyise wyo have loojed for him DO not comr BACK.
Dragpn Mastet Tyrax HAS d3c3473d his master, sortov, Adlawyt 2 advance 2 lecel 14 after 8 days OMG!!1!11!!
Dragpn Mzsger Tyrax was hunted down by theu're master WTF, Adoawyr LOL, dor feing teuznt. OMG.
Dragon Master Tyrax nax DEFEATED his mas5er WTF, Gadrieo Elcen Rahget two advance two kevel 13 after 8 daud!!! WOOT1!11!
Drahln Master Tyrzx was hunted dlwn by rgeh're master, Gadriel teh Elven Rangtr LOL, fot being 7ru4n7LOLl
Tyw BROKEN bofy of hax0r Imperagrix ` WOOT@111!Chiro` OMG!@1!1na qas foyhd partially 5u6m3fg3d by da rocks inder zn sat3rfall. AFK.
Stablehand Do9rle has bwen slain whule attackinf Page Fel,ij in fields lg Qexeldrag. BRB.
"I am an leaf on teh w1ndk" said Syablehand D9odle, you knwo, "Wa5ch how I soatLOL."
Stab.ehand Dlodle hss chsl,enged they'te MASTER, sortof, Glynye an sas p2mt!!!
Glynyc LOLOL, you kneo, "I don't think yoo si.l be attacking me AGAIN, pal. OMG/"
Dragon Ijperatrix !!Chirp` WOOT!!11!nz h45 defeated HER master LOL, go advance too 13v3q y after 11 d4y51!!1@2
Dragon Im;3r47r1x ` WOOT1!21!Chiro!!na h4t been heard boaatinh abou5 defeating an huge hroip 0f baneits OMG!!1!1
hax0r Imperatrix ` WOOT!!11!Chiro!1na defeated an Minotahr in t3h Caves!!! da feaths of many 54avellw4s hacr been avengrd OMG!!1!1
Dragon Imp3r47r1x !!Chir.` WOOT!!11!na hqs defeayed hwr master, you kne9, Hydrzulic Press TO advanxe two kevwl 5 after 11 days WOOT!!12!!1!
So;dier Krahorzk has dwfea5ed his mastef, uou kn2o, Celith too advance to lwfel 12 after 16 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
Villsger lokix has dwfeatrf his m4573t, sortob, Glynyc gp advance 5wo leveo 4 after 3 fays1!!1!!
Viloagwr lolix was huntes dosn by the6're MASTER LOLk Glunyx, you knwo, for being ttuant.
Drafon Mis5ress ` OMG!!1!1attgys has defested h3r jzster, you knwo, Ceo;oth two advabce two lece; 0 sfte4 9 dayd WOOT!!11!1!!
Fatmboy weazlish hzs defeatef jks master, you knwo, Guth to advance too level % AFTER 5 days!!!!!!
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