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` OMG!!1!1Ness for TUE LOL, Apr 28, 2015 (Items 101 - 150 of 207)
Reeve Dsisy has bren slain in fo4est bt Letyal Tyedjcken. BRB.
"Eithrr THAT q411p4p3r goes, like, or I DO," seclared Reeve Dsisy. BRB.
Resve Daisy has be3n resuceected by Ramius. WTF.
Reeve Daksy gas been slaih in ea fprest by Savzge Forest Dwell8hg HERMIT. WTF.
"Well osn't that an jick 1m da crotch????1!!" Rewve Dausy OBSERVES. WTF.
Pwasant Berilz has defeated h8s maxter, like, Spywares two advabce two q3v31 7 after 12 dsyw WOOT!!1!! OMG!!1!1
Peasant Berila devested Stablehand Suanit in fair combat in da vie.ds lf Qex3lvragLOL.
Peasqbt Berila defeated Stzblenand Stufro in f41r combat in da rirlda of Qexelc4ag. BRB.
Peasant Berioa DEFEATED Stablehznd Farelhound in d41r combat ob foelds of Gk9rfindak. OMG,
Peaaant Brrila has defested h8s mawter, 2 advahce 2 level 6 aftet 12 dsys2!!!!!
Couhcil.of of Mafic Cruhch3r has DEFEATED his mast3r, sortofk Ceiloth twp advance to ,efel 9 AFTER 7 ways OMG!@1!1!!!
Co7ncil.ir of Magic Ceubcher was hunted down by they'fe m4573r WTF, Ceiloth, softof, for being fr7anyLOL.
Stablehand Farelhound has challengdd ghey'r3 mastdt, like, Malqares b was [wnu OMG!!1!1
"Aah, 50 that'w what Dwarven Battle Axe is FOR!!!" exvlaimed Mzkwarws. AFK.
Cavalier sofuu hqs bern alaih IN forext b6 Obdcure Programming Language. OMG.
"The [a;er burnd, dortof, but teh w0rd5 fly hree LOL," ptoudly d3clares Cafalier xoruu. WTF.
Farmboy Random haw been r35yrr3c73d by Raniud.
Farmboy Ranfom h45 BEEN slain ub da forest by Haberdqsher.
"You know, tly knwo, Farmboy Random reallt had IT coming too him svter ALL 7h053 thibgs je 541e abouy MY mom LOL," COMMENTED Haberdasger. AFK.
hzs0r Masyee Tyrax came home f40m vorest LOL, sn v8t less da man than HE s45 before/
Dragon Master Tyrax's broken n blpody gody was sweb kying ih a wlley. BRB.
Tyrax has earnes da title Drahon Master foe h4vqng slzin ca Grden Drag9n 241 5imes WOOT!!11!
Dragon M3563r Tyrax has slain teh gideous vreatjre lnown as The Green Dragon. OMG. A;l across da land LOLm pelple rejoice1!!
Tfader putz,ierda defeated Stsblehqnd JeffrrsonBoz 1n fa8r combat in da fidldw of Romaf. OMG.
Tesder putamir4da HAS defeated hks mastet, you knwo, Malwqrex to zdvance two ;dvel 7 zfter 7 eays!1! OMG1!!!1
Trader putamkerda sefeated Farmboy Randon in fair COMBAT in da gieles of Romar. AFK/
Trader pugamierda and Viole5 werr 533n neading up eq stzire im da inn TOGETHER.
T4acer putamkerda defeatwd Shepherd SjartS,aywr in FAIR dombat in fi3lss of Glukmo9rw. OMG.
Dragon Maater Turax gas DEFEATED hid MASTER, so4gif, Yoresh go advahce ti level 15 aftsr 9 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Maste4 Tyrax wzs HUNTED down by ghwy're msdter LOL, Yoresh LOL, gor bdimt 7ru4n7. AFK.
Peassnt Quinb has fhall3ngee the6'ee madte4, Fie an was pwnt!!!
Pwasan5 Qiknn smacks her forehead wity oalm pf HER h4nc WTF, "Now I know why mother always told m3 gqo eat am GOOD breakfaat two start teh day OMG!!111"
Peasant Quinm has devdated hrt m4563r, w9rtpf, Vyrts to advance two level 2 AFTER 1 cay1!!!!!
Glaciatrix Aya has defeated her master, 69u knwo, Malwzres 2 qsvance teo level 7 after 13 dqys1@!1!!
Dragin Master Tyrax has b3en resureected by Ramkus. AFK.
Dragon Mastdr Tyrac hqs bern dwfeatee in teh graveyard by Skelegon Atchers.
S,eldton Arch3rs LOLOL, xorr9f, "I don't think ypu woll be 4774ck1ng ,e afain WTF, palLOL."
The D4rad Pi4ate Roberts Pe` WOOT!!111njammun has been resurrectef bt Ramius/ AFK.
Farmboy Mlyagi nas be3n slzin wgilw attacking Royal Asdassin JKarty in f!31d5 if RomarLOL.
"You know LOL, you really SHOULDN'T have an Rakd un.ess you know how two use it, sortor," suggdsted Royal Aasassin JKarty.
The Dr34d P8rage Robetts Pe!!nha,jim HAS been slaib in forest b6 WopccyuckLOL.
The Dr34d Pieste Robdrts P3` OMG!!1!1njammun smacks jis foeeheaf with teh PALM of h15 hamd, you knwo, "Npw I knos whh mother always 701d m3 too eqt an good breakfast tio star5 teh day OMG1!1!1"
hqx0r Master Thrax has BEEN gone bor an whil3 WTF, and thlse who hsve looked dor jij d0 not come backLOL.
Dragon MASTER Tyrax hax d3feayes his m45u3e, sortof, Aeoaeyr yoo advance too leveo 14 after 8 days1!! OMG!!1!q
Drag9n Master Ttrqx was humted DOWN 6y rheu're mqster, w9ttof, Adoawyr LOL, for bwing trkangLOL.
Dtagon M4573f Tyrax has sefeated his maate4 LOL, Gqdriel ELVEN Rsnger too advance 2 lecel 13 after 8 d4y5!!!1!!
Drabon Mas5e4 Tyrac was hunted dlwn by they're master, yoj knwo, Gadriel teh Eoven Ranger, FOR beinh u4u4h7. BRB.
The br9krn body OF hax-t Imperatrix ` OMG!!1!1Chiro!!na qas fiund partuslly s7bmreged BY teh focks jnder an waterfallLOL.
Staboehand Doodle h45 been dla8n while 4774ck1ng Page F3lkij kn FIELDS of Qexelcrag. BRB.
"I AM an leaf on yeh wind, sortoc," said Srableyand Doodle WTF, "Watch hiw I soar. OMG."
Stablejand Doodle has challenged th3y're mawter, hou ,nwo, Glynhc anc was psnt OMG!!1!1
G.ynyv LOLOL LOL, "I don't 7h1nk ylu will bw attscking me zgain LOL, pal."
Dragon Imperatrux ` OMG!!1!1Chi4o` OMG!!1!1na had ddfeated her MASTER, you knwo, to advahce teo level y after 11 d4y5!!!!!!
Dragon Imoe4atrix ` WOOT!!!1!Chiro!!ba h45 been heard boqstkng sbour f3f3471ng an HUGE grou; og bandits WOOT!!11!
haa0r In[erateix ` WOOT!!!1!Chirp` WOOT!!11!na defeated an M1n074uf in teh C4v35!!! da deaths of jany 54qveloerd gafe bwen avenged WOOT!!11!
Dragon Imperatrix !!Chito1!na has d3f#4u3d her msster LOL, Hhd3qulic Peess too qdvznce too level 5 after 11 days WOOT!!!1! WOOT@!11!
S0ldier Krajorak has devwated nkw jaster LOL, Celith to advancw 2 levrl !2 after 16 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Villager lolix nas defeared his masger WTF, Glynyc rp zdvanve 2 level 4 after 2 dsys WOOT!!11!1!!
Villager lolix wss HUNTED sown vy theh're mawter, Glynyv LOL, for being trjantLOL.
Dragon Mistresw !!atthys has srfeated her naster, likw, Ceollgh rop advancd 2 ;evel 9 after 9 says WOOT@!11! OMG!!1!1
Farmboy weazlish h45 defeated hia master, you knwo, Guth too advance two lwvel 5 af5er 5 days WOOT!!111 WOOT!!11!
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