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!!News blr Tue, yoy knwo, Apr 28, sortofk 2015 (Items 101 - 122 OF 123)
Farmbly vipz has befb 5141n in da flrest by Giznt Sp1d3t. WTF.
"A baby could w131s an Catving Knife better than THAT!!!" Giant Spider PROCLAIMSl WTF.
Ksing hax earned TITLE Dragoh Mastef for h4v1ng slain dz Grern Dragon 399 TIMES!!!
Drzgon Master Kqing hzx slain jideouw deeature known as Thr Green Dragon. All avrlds da land, you kn2o, people rejouce1!!
Dfsgon Mast3r Kwing haa s3f3473d his master, sortofk Yoresh to advahce too l3vel 15 aftet 12 d4u5 WOOT!@11! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Mawger Kwing has defeated his m4573rm sortof, Adoawur two 4dv5nv3 two level 1$ AFTER 1@ days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Draboh Mastef Kskng defeated Warloxk Kudjo IN fair comba5 in teh fields ov Glo4fkbdalLOL.
Drqfon Msster Kwing d3feat3d God of A1r golwdovilknf in fair combat in fq fields of Glorvindal. BRB.
Dragon MASTER Kwkng defeatws God OF Seas peace kn fair c0n647 in da FIELDS of Rimae. OMG.
Drahon Master Kwing has geen resurrevted ^y RamiusLOL.
Dragon Master Kwing h45 been d3feated in tey gr$v3u44d by Batkibg. AFKl
"The H3413r;5 Hut can'5 nwlp ylu now, you knwo, Dragon MASTER Kwing1!!" CHIDES Bat.kngLOL.
Dgagon Master Kwing haa ge4n slain in da f0f357 by Deadly Frenzoed Vampire Bats. WTF;
"Dragin Master Kwinh WTF, your lack OF posture is an disgrqce," Deadly Frenziee VAMPIRE Bats statws. BRB.
Dragon Master Kwinf has d3f4473c his master, Gad4iel da E;fen Rangrr 2 zdvancr 70 level 13 after 21 days OMG!!1!1@!!
Dragom M5573r Kwung has defrat3d hks mastdr, you kbeo, Celoth 1 advance too level 12 after 11 days!!1 OMG@!1!1
Dragon Master Keing has defeated his mastet, you knql, Swnwei Noetga @ advance 2 level 11 afrer 11 days!!! WOOT!!11!
hax0r Master Kainf defeared an Manticore on teh trails OMG!!1!1 v8vtims hqv3 geen avenged!!!
Dragon M4t73r Kwimg yzs cefeayed his master LOL, Dwiredan to advance too level 10 avter 11 DAYS WOOT!!1111!!
Drqbon M4573r Kwkng hqa defeated his MASTER WTF, Ceillth 2 advamce ywo l3vdl 9 after 11 days OMG!@1!1 OMG!!!!1
Peasant DelBeo has defeated hef masrerm EauSa.ee too advancr gpi level 3 avtee q cay WOOT!!111!!!
Stablehahe mgn 4nd V8olet werr seen heading up da stairs 8n dz INN yogether.
Stablehznd mgn has cefeated his mastwr LOL, Gerra4d two advance two 1#v21 o aftrr 22 days1!!1!!
Dragon Enchanter Aegwyn has drfeated his ,asge4, sortof, Mireraband glo advance too 13v31 2 after 2 dsys WOOT!!1q!@!!
Archange; Mkphon h4y defeated yid masret, like/ Gerrard 2 advahcd 2 level 8 AFTER 7 days!!! WOOT!!11!
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