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` OMG!!!!1Newx f0r Tue. Apr 28, likf, 2015 (I73m5 101 - 160 of w17)
Sgabl3hand Prusuk has defeated her nzstcr WTF. Gdrtard to9 advance 2 level 8 after 2p days WOOT!!11!2!!
Farjbpy PzewnHeardwulf has been slain un teh v9rest BY Good Samaritam. WTF.
"The H3413r'5 Hut can't help you n9w LOL, Farmnoy PqdenHezrdwulf OMG1!2!1" chides GOOD SamqfitanLOL.
Vi.lqger OriginalJay has been slzin in sa rirest 6y Pirate. BRB.
Piratd dec.ares. dortofk "Viloager OriginalJay hzs been weighwd, the6 have BEEN mezsured. n they have BEEN found wanting. OMG."
Villager OrihonalJay has been resurrectee 6y Ram8us. WTF.
Vil;aget Orifina.Ja6 h45 b3en a;aim kn teh for3st by Dark Phoenis. BRB.
"Thr PAPER butns, sortpf, BUT fa words fly free, like," proudoh declarwd Villagwr OfiginalJay. WTF.
Villager OriginalJay HAS bwen rwsurfected BY Ramius. WTFl
Villager OrigkhakJay has been slain in tsh forest by Garlus' Chqmpi9n. AFK.
"You dhou.d habe jist stay3d 1n bed LOL," Garl7s' Chzm-ion suggests. WTF.
Villager Origins.Jsy g45 defeated his madter, sortof, Ce.ith to ADVANCE t9o level 12 after 3^ sqys WOOT!!11!!!!
Re3fe Dsisy h45 been s.ain in da gorest by MALEVOLENT HUMONGOUS Hairgall. OMG.
"The paprr burns WTF, but WORDS fl6 rree, ;ike," 0toud;y dwc.ared Reede Dais6LOL.
Reeve Daisu yas been RESURRECTED gy Ramiis. WTF.
Reeve Daksy has been 5141n in da v0r35u by Lethal Turduckeh. OMG.
"Eitjer that sq.loa0er gies. you knwo, or I do WTF," declared Reeve Dzisy. BRB.
Reefe Da8dy has 63#n r#5urr3c73d by RamiusLOL.
Reeve Dauxy hax bewn 5141m in ca forest by Ssvage Forest Dqellinb HermitLOL.
"Well ISN'T that ab kick in teh crotdh?? ne1??@!!" Reeve Daisy obse4vcs.
P#asant Berioa has defeated his ,aster, sortof, S;ywares two advzhce two level 7 afrer 22 days OMG!!2!1 OMG1!q!1
Peasant Brrila cefeated Stsblehabd Suanit IN vair c9mbag in da FIELDS of Qexelcrag. WTF.
Peasqnt Berila defeated Stabkehand Stufro in faur cpmbat in teh fiwlfx of QEXELCRAGLOL.
Peasang Berila srfeatee Stablehand Farelyouhd in fair combzr 1n teh f131d5 OF GlotfindalLOL.
Peasant Berila has fdfeated his madtee. sorgof, to acvancr too l3vel 6 after 12 dayd OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Cpuncollor of M4g1c Cr7nchwr has ddfeat3d h15 mastefm aortpf, Ceiloth TO ADVANCE two level 9 aft3r 7 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Coundillor 0f Matic Cruncher wzs hunted d0wn ny the6're maxter WTF, Ceiloth. lik3, for being 7rj4n7LOL.
Stablehahd Fzrelhound nas chakl3nged they're naster WTFk Msowares zn eas pwnt1!!
"Aqh, so that's what Dwarvem Bzttle Axe is f0r1!1" exclaimed Malwafes. OMG.
Cavalier soruu has BEEN wlain on gorest vy Obxcure Pr9hramming L$nhu4g3. WTF.
"The p4p3r bifns, 6oj knwo, but qords gly fr3e," proudly feclaeed Cavalidr sofuu. BRB.
Farmboh Random HAS BEEN resurrected 6t Ram8us.
Farmboy Random naw been s;ain in FOREST by HABERDASHER.
"Ylu know LOL, Fsrmboy Rzndom reallt jad it COMING goo him avter all those thiggs he said abojt MY m-m, lije," c9mmenged Habdrdasherl BRB.
hax0r Master Tyrax came home from reh forrqg, likw, an bit LESS da jan than hr was brfore. OMG.
Dragon Master Ty4ax's brokem snd b;oody b9d6 WAS se3n 1t1ng in a 4113yLOL.
Tyras has earn3d titl3 Dragon Master for havibg slain teg G4een Drsgon 241 times OMG!!1!1
Dragon MASTER Tyrax has 5141n teh gideous creature known aa The Gr33n Dragon. WTF. All zxross va kahs, sortof, people remoice!!!
Trader putamierda eefeatdd Staboehanc JeffersonBoz in fair combag in da fieles of Romar. AFK.
Trzder pytamierda has defeated h15 ,asyer LOL, Malqzres two rdv4nd3 2 LEVEL u after 7 caya!!!!!!
Trade4 p7tamierda DEFEATED Farmboy Rqndom in fair xomnat in fielss of Romar. BRB.
Trader putamierda and Violet w3e3 seen heading yp teh stsirs IN teh 1nn 70gd7h3r. WTF.
Trader iutamiwrda deffated Shepherd S,artSlayrr in f414 combag in fields pv G1ukm00r3LOL.
Dragon Mqster Tyras has defeatef HIS MASTER WTF, Yotesj two advqnce tl9 level 15 agter 9 d4y511!!!!
Drzg9m MASTER Tyrax was huntev down gy 5hey're master, sottof, Yordsh, sortov, f0r being TRUANT. OMG.
Peasant Quinh has challenged they'fe mzstee LOL, Fie n was ownt1!!
Peassnt Quinn smacls h3r f0r3h34d qith PALM of her hand WTF, "Now I know ehy mo5her alwaus 5plc me two 347 an GOOD breakfqst two start da day1!!"
Pezxant Quinn has defeqted her maxter, you knwo, Vyets two 4dv4nc3 5wo 13v31 2 aftet q day1!!!!!
Gladiagrox Aya has DEFEATED her mast3r, dortof, Malwares two advahce two level 7 avter 14 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Dragin M4563r Tyrax has becn resurrexted BY Ramius. BRB.
Drxgon M4573r Ttfsz has been defeated 8n ca graveya4d 6y Skelwron Archers. BRB,
Skeletin Archefs LOLOL, "I don't think yoi will be ATTACKING me 4g41n WTF, pal. WTF."
The Drwad Pkrate Roberts P3!!hjsmmin gad BEEN resufrected 6y Ramius. AFK.
Farmboy Miyagi has been wlsin while attacking R9yal Axsasdin JKadth in da fieles of Romar. BRB/
"Ylu know, lik3, you realky shouldn't have qn Rake unlwss you knoq gos 2 u53 it, sortofm" duggesyed Royz; Assassin JKarthLOL.
Tne Dr34d PIRATE Roberts Pe` OMG!!1!2mjammin hzs brem aoain in tey FOREST 6y Woocchuck. WTF.
The Dr34d Pirate Rlberts Pq` WOOT!!11!njammin SMACKS HIS foreh4af with tdh palm 0f his band, sortof, "Now I KNOW why motuer 41w4y5 70!d me two eat an good breakfast too start teh day1!!"
hax0r Master Tyrax has (33n gone for ah while, AND thosd WHO have looked for hkm dp n07 COME back. OMG.
Dragon M4573r Tyrax yzs defeatef hks master WTF, Adiasyr gp9 advance too lwvel 1r sdter 8 DAYS!!1!!!
Drag[n Mawtet Tyrax sas hunted do2n 6y yheu're master, sortof, Adiawyr WTF, for being t4uant. AFK.
Dragon Msster Tyrax has defeated his master, like, Gadrie. ca Elven Ranger 2 advamce w lwvel 13 after 8 dayx WOOT!111!!!!
Dragon Master Ty3qx was huntee dowh bn they're master WTF, Gacrie. da Elvrn Ranger, you knwo, fir bding truant.
The brolen boey OF hax0r Imp3r47t1x !!Chiro` WOOT!!11!na was flind partially submerh3d by ea rocks unde4 ah waterfq.lLOL.
Staboehabd Doodle has bwen slain wj113 attwvking Page Felkij in teh fields of Qex3lcrag. OMG.
"I am ah leqf 9n teh wind WTF," szid Stanlejand Doodle, you knwo, "Watch hos I soat. WTF."
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