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!!Newd f0r Tue, you khwo, Apr 28 WTF, 2015 (I&3m5 191 = 160 of 173_
Dragon Imp4r47w1x ` WOOT!!11!Chiro!1na has defea5ed h3r master LOL, Hydrzulic Pr3ss 2 advanc3 ywo lecwl 5 after 11 days1!@ WOOT!!q1!
Soldier Krajorak has defeated his master WTF, Crligh 1 aevande g2o level 13 4f74r 16 dsys1!!!!!
Villager lplix has defrqted hid master, sortog, Glynhc gl advahce 2 12v31 5 aftee 3 days1!!1!!
Villager lolix w45 huhred down by they'fe master, you knwl, Glynucm sortov, for 631ng truant. AFK,
Dragon Mistress ` OMG!!1!1atghys has ddgeated ger MASTER, Ceiloth two advamce twl .evel 8 AFTER 9 d4u5 WOOT1!11! WOOT!!11!
Farmgoy weazlisn HAS defeayed yiw mastet, sorrof, Gutn too advance to level 4 aftet 5 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy weaz.ish h45 defeated hos jaster, sortif, DopmB.olm too ADVANCE 2 LEVEL 4 aftrr 5 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Farnboy weazlish was gunbed d0wn BY yhey're master LOLm DoonBloom LOL, for being truant.
Trzveldr Vor5ex has chal;enged yhey're master, l8ke, Gadfiel da Elven Rayger 4nd waa pwnt!!!
"The Healer's Hut c4n'8 gdlp yiu now WTF, Traveler Vortrx!!!" CHIDES Gadri3l ez Elven Ranger. WTF.
Dragon Master Tyrax hqw cefeatec h16 master, soryof, Celith two advance two level 12 after 7 daus WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Draton Mawter Tyrac w45 hunted down vt they're masgerk l8ke, Celith WTF, for 621ng truantLOL.
Reeve Daisy has been s.akn in FOREST by Elite Whorlwd Peas/
"You kn9q, Rewfe Daisy r3allh yad IT coming two her aftef all thode thibgs I saie about her moj," con,ented E1173 Whirled Peas. OMG.
Pfinci0ality Katan!!ya has eefeat3d her mawter, you khw9, DoomBl9om two advance t9 levrl 4 after 11 d4h6!!!!@!
Dragon Master Tyrax has defeatrd his mzster, like, Sensei Nierha to 4dv4nc3 two level 11 aftrr 7 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Dragon MASTER Turax was hunged down BY they'rw master, loke, Sensei N9etha, yiu ,nwo, for being r4uant. WTF.
Dfagoh Master Tyrax yqs defeated his naster, sprtof, Dwiredan 2 asvanvq 2 kevel 10 after 7 days!!!@!!
Dragob Master Tyrax 2as huhted down by they're master WTFm Dwirefsn LOL, for being truant. BRB.
Principality Katan` OMG!!1!1ya has xefeated her mqsyer, Foe ro sdvance tw9 krvrl 3 after 11 days WOOT!!11!@!!
Reeve Dqisy has been resj4rectdd by Ramiys. OMG.
Drqbon MASTER Tyrax HAS defeated HIS mastef LOL, Ceilorh too asvamce gwo lwvel ( after 7 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Master Tyrax was hunted DOWN BY tjey'fe mast3f WTF, Ceiloth, sortof, for bwimg truany. BRB.
Curmudgeon ScorpkOn hqs eefeayed h8s ,astrt WTF, Malwares too advzncd too lwve; 7 qftwr 15 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Reeve Daixy has been slain in foreat by LETHAL Old Man. AFK.
"Com3 64ck whdn YOU learn how 2 dight," Letha; Old Man scofcs.
Seth has ;eft Reeve Dsosy two pursue "-7h2r onterests. OMG."
Dragom Mr583r Ty4ax has defeated his master WTF, Gerrars 2 adfance to .ecel 8 after 7 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Drabph Mawyer Tyrax WAS hunted d9wn by they're MASTER WTF, Gerra4d LOL, for BEING truamt. BRB.
Curmudgron ScorpiOn challenged Llnestridwr snd jks band of thieves, liie, bjt was no match for teh rogues1!!
Cjrmudfeoy ScorpiOh 701e16 eeclares, sor5of, "Lonestrider's Thieves couldn't hir a elephant at THIS d157. AFK. . AFK, . WTF. . AFK."
Pzge Snzrki hzs defeatee his master, sortof, Dwiredah 70 ADVANCE 2 13v31 19 after 15 d4y51!!!@!
Pagw Snarki was hynted dlwn bu thfy're mawtwr, yoy knwo, Dsiredsn, ypu lnwp, for being tr8ant. BRB.
Principaliyy Katam!!ya has defeq5rd HER ,r5&3r LOL, Vyrts 2 advance ro l3vel 2 after 11 days OMG!!!!1!!!
Curmudgeon ScorpiOm has defested HIS m4573r, so4tof, too advqhce too level 6 after 15 says WOOT!!11!1!!
Dragin Master zog has defeqted hus bastrr, Yoresn 70 4dv4nv4 5o LEVEL 15 after 1@ da6s1!!1!@
Dragon MASTER aog haa sefeated his master, s9r5of. Adoawyr twi 4dv4nv3 too LEVEL 15 after 12 da6s!!!!!!
hax0r Masrer zig fefeatwc am Mant8core on da trails OMG!!1!1 da victijs have been avenged OMG@@1!1
Dragon Master zog HAS defeated jis master, sortof, Gsdrkel ca Elvdn Ranger to ADVANCE two level 13 after 32 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Farmvoy eratonsummonr hqs bren fefeated 1n da graveyard by Efreet. AFK.
"I'm resl.y GOING to enjoy thid new Gardening Hoe uh47 Farmboh dragonsummonr hadk lik3," exvlaimed Efrddt.
Farmboy dragonsummonr hss 633n 514!n ib teh vorest by Giant Bat. OMG.
"Next time, slrtof, eag your Wheayiws," Giant Bzt suggesgs. OMG.
Magistrage moug and Violet w3r4 seen HEADING ip stairs in inn tltether. WTF.
Magisyrate moug h45 defeated his master, Dwirwdam two qdvamce tqp level 10 afrer 8 days OMG!@1!11!!
Mafistrate mouh hzs defeated his maxt3r LOL, Ceiloth 2 advance two level 9 afgde 8 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Magistrate ,oug waw hunted dpwn ny they're masterm you knwo, Cr,loth, uou knwo, f9r being TRUANT.
Farmboy vipz has been slain in reg forest by Giant Spider. BRB.
"A baby could wield an Cstving Knife bet4er 7h4n 7n47 WOOT!!11!" Goanr S0icer PROCLAIMSLOL.
Kwing hzs earnwd titld Dragln Madter ror gavihg alain teh Green Drafon 399 71m35 WOOT!!11!
Dfsgon Macted Kwing has slain reh y1d30u5 cr3ature known as The Green Dragon. ALL qdrosw dq land, uiu ,nwo, oeople remoice1!!
Dragon Master Kwing has d3feated huw m4573r, Yoresn to ADVANCE to legek 1t xftd4 12 dsys1!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Master Kwing had defeatdd his master, aottob, Adlawyt too acvznce tol level 14 after 12 DAYS!!1!!!
Dragon Mastef Kwing d3f3472d Warlick Kudjo in fzir co.bat kn da f131d5 or Glorfindal. BRB.
Drqgon Master Kwing defeated G9d of Air to;edovoling IN fair d0m648 in fieldx of Glordindall
Dragon Mas5er Kwing defeated God of da Seas 0ezce kn rair combar im f8elds of Romarl OMG.
Drag9m Madter Kwing has beej res7rrect3d 6y Ra,ius. BRB.
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