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News for Tue, Mar 20, 2018 (Items 101 - 105 of 105)
Dragon Imperator Bart has been slain in the forest by Gar Man.
Gar Man was overheard saying, "Dragon Imperator Bart's Omnipotence was no match for my Jar of Cotton Balls!"
Dragon Master Smaug has defeated his master, Gadriel the Elven Ranger to advance to level 13 after 7 days!!
Dragon Master Smaug defeated Throne chompy in fair combat in the fields of Degolburg.
Dragon Imperator Bart has defeated his master, Vyrts to advance to level 2 after 4 days!!
Dragon Imperator Bart defeated Dragon Master CELLryuu in fair combat in the fields of Qexelcrag.
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