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Legionnaire Arkanus has defeated his master, Dwiredan to advance to level 10 after 8 days!!
Legionnaire Arkanus defeated Farmboy Ardu in fair combat in the fields of Glorfindal.
Villager DarkGohan has been defeated in the graveyard by Kidney Fairy.
"Aah, so that's what Rusty Saw is for!" exclaimed Kidney Fairy.
Villager DarkGohan has been slain in the forest by Cannibal.
Villager DarkGohan smacks his forehead with the palm of his hand, "Now I know why mother always told me to eat a good breakfast to start the day!"
Undergod Hendronicus has been defeated in the graveyard by Will O' the Wisp.
"I'm really going to enjoy this new Omnipotence that Undergod Hendronicus had," exclaimed Will O' the Wisp.
Undergod Hendronicus has been slain travelling to Glorfindal by Le Chat Dans Le Chapeau.
"You are dishonorable, Le Chat Dans Le Chapeau!" Undergod Hendronicus cries.
Undergod Hendronicus has defeated his master, Yoresh to advance to level 15 after 17 days!!
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