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Dragon Imperator Arathorn has been slain in the forest by Pirate.
Dragon Imperator Arathorn smacks his forehead with the palm of his hand, "Now I know why mother always told me to eat a good breakfast to start the day!"
Dragon Imperator Arathorn has defeated his master, EauSalee to advance to level 3 after 6 days!!
Dragon Imperator Bart has been slain in the forest by Hiker.
"Any last requests Dragon Imperator Bart?" asked Hiker. "Why yes, a Walking Stickproof vest!"
Dragon Imperator Bart has been resurrected by Ramius.
Dragon Imperator Bart has been slain in the forest by Wooden Marionette.
"I must not be as sturdy as I thought...!" Dragon Imperator Bart concedes.
Farmgirl Alayna has challenged their master, Unelith and lost!
Farmgirl Alayna bangs her head against a stone... "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" she was heard to say.
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