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News for Fri, Oct 24, 2014 (Items 201 - 205 of 205)
Page PingTangler has been slain in the forest by Wicked Snowman.
Wicked Snowman was overheard saying, "Page PingTangler's Dragon Soldier's Claymore was no match for my Twig Hands!"
Farmboy Vidious has been resurrected by Ramius.
Gladiatrix Etria has defeated her master, DoomBloom to advance to level 4 after 7 days!!
Farmboy Vidious has been slain while attacking Traveler Torture in the fields of Glorfindal.
"Farmboy Vidious, your lack of posture is a disgrace," Traveler Torture states.
Farmboy Vidious has defeated his master, Gerrard to advance to level 8 after 20 days!!
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