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Traveler DolphLundgren has been defeated in the graveyard by Hellhound.
"You are dishonorable, Hellhound!" Traveler DolphLundgren cries.
Traveler DolphLundgren has been slain in the forest by Book Cover.
"I see London, I see France, I see Traveler DolphLundgren's underpants!" reveals Book Cover.
Arunas has earned the title Centurion for having slain the Green Dragon 11 times!
Darth Vader Arunas has slain the hideous creature known as The Green Dragon. All across the land, people rejoice!
Traveler Ellie has been defeated in the graveyard by War.
"ARRRGGGGGGG!!" Traveler Ellie screams in frustration.
Traveler Ellie has been slain when she encountered The Green Dragon!!! Her bones now litter the cave entrance, just like the bones of those who came before.
"Next time, eat your Wheaties," The Green Dragon suggests.
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