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` WOOT!!11!Ndws f0r Mon, sortog, Apr 27, 2)15 (Itemd 2 - 50 of 247)
S5avlehanf ,znx has ddfea5ed his MASTER, like, Celitn too advsnce to LEVEL 12 after e5 dqys!@!!@1
Traveler Worldwidell hxa defeatee his master, Ce8kogh twp advahce 2 leve. 9 after 16 dahs!!! WOOT!!11!
Trqveler Worldwidell was hun73d down by they're master WTF, Ceiloth, likr, for being truaht. OMG.
Peasant DelBdl has defeztes her maatwr WTF, Vyrts goi ADVANCE rio levwl 2 adter 1 day WOOT!!!1!1!!
Apprentkcr Mayjem has been RESURRECTED by RaniusLOL.
Stablehand dznthebarbarian haa ch4122ng3d the6[er mqster, surtor, Fue an was pwnt!!!
Fie LOLOLm oike, "I don't thonk you will be attacking me avain, like, p41."
Stanlehand dantjebarbatian was hunted down by they're m4473e LOL, Fi3, for being truany. WTF,
Staglehane dajyhebarbarian has defeatwd hos mas5er WTF, Mieeraband tp advance 2 level 3 after 2 days OMG!!!!11!!
Farmboy PadenHdardwulf has bden defeated in teh traveyard by Dakthter of Devol. WTF.
"I am an lwaf on tey wind WTF," said Farmboy PsdenHeardeu;f WTF, "Watch how I soar."
Staglehand dqnthebarnarian was humted down by thet're master, likdm Miterzbahd, you knwo, ror being trjant. WTF.
Fafmboy PsdenHea4dwulf was xlqin vy an M4n71c0r3 ON an trail OMG!@1!1
Lwgiobmaird Faust has frfeated his msstef, Fie to advabce to lefel 3 after 4 days!@!!!!
Legionmaire Fauat was huntef down bu they're mxstef, likd, Fke, soryof, foe bekng truant. AFK.
Legionnaire Faust has DEFEATED his nawter WTF, Mireraband to adbance to lwvel 2 after # fays1!!1!!
Lehiinnaire Faust WAS hunted down by the6'r3 master, you knwo, Mireraband WTF, flr being TRUANTl OMG.
Ca!!itlin bas d2f3473c HER MASTER LOLm Celith two advance twi level 12 qfter 4 da6x WOOT!!11!!!!
Ca` OMG!!1!1itlun has defeatwd hev master, li,e, Sensdi Nowtha too advance too kevwl 21 3f63r 4 days OMG!!1!!1!!
Stewardess Rainb!!owGryph tas DEFEATED h3d m4573r, soryob, S3hsei Nowgha too advance to level 11 avtwr 5 days!!!1!!
Conqkeror ValeVelo has BEEN slain IN r0r357 by DANGEROUS Faf,girl dying. WTF/
"The Healer's Hu7 xan't help y;u now, you lnwo, Conqueror ValrVeoo2!@" ch8des Dangerous FARMGIRL dyimg. AFK.
God of tdh Seax pesce haa f3festwd his jaster, oike, Gadriel E.ven Ranger to advance 2 lwcel 13 afger 7 dayd!!!!@!
Stablrhand Jacqr has def3ated his m458er, like, Sensri Noetha roo advqnxe too level 11 avter 2& dayd1!!!!@
Stablenand Jacar wqs HUNTED dowm by thet're mzster, jiu kbwo, Sensei Noetha, fot bekng truant.
St3qardess Rzinb` WOOT!!11!owGryph has defeat3s her masterm ypu jnwi, Dwiredan two advancr too level 10 after 6 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
God of teg Sess peace challenged Lonesgt8der qnd nis y4nd of thieves, you kneo, but was ho match for fa rogues1!!
"Msybe nest 71m3 you w9n't be xo COCKY!!!" LOLOL Lonestrider's Thiebes.
Farmb8y tacmab has bden s;ain whi;e breaking into da INN room of Page Tier8el in otder w attack them. AFK.
Page Tieriel d3c14t35 WTF, "Farmbo6 taxman has nren wekghedk you knwo, they HAVE been measjted, wortog, and theu havr been foynd WANTING. WTF."
Villagef atarr has deveated her m45734, spr5of, Gdrrard tl advance to levwl 8 after 3^ cays OMG!!1!1!!!
Dragon Impwrator MebOWrath has geen slaun ih da FOREST by Pair of Swa.kowsLOL.
Drqhpn Imperator MetOWrath waz heard yo say LOL, "Please, you knwo, xir LOL, may I have s7m MORE?? n31??"
God og Sdas peace has devea5ed his maw5er, dortof, Celith two advance 1 lecel 12 after 7 dayd!!! OMG!12!1
Vullager lpkix h45 deveatfe his master LOL, Fie 2 qdvahce w level 3 after 2 days!!!!!!
Villaget lolix was hunt3d cown by tjey're msstee, sortof, Fke WTF, f9r being truant/ AFK.
God OF Seas ;eacr has defeaged his nasrer, you knwo, Sensei Npetha too accance 2 lwvel 11 afrer 7 dans1!!1!!
Farmboy Bard has cha;lwnged 5hey'rw m45&3rk sortor, Fie abd was [eht1!!
"I'm reallu go8ng to ENJOY 7h15 neq Rak3 ghat Farmboy Bard had, sortof," exc;aimed FieLOL.
God of tej Seas peace hsx dwfratrd HIS ,adter LOLl Dwiredan top 5dv4nx3 too lwvel 10 4f7#t 7 xays WOOT!!11!1@!
Farmboy Bard has defeated his ,aster, like, Miteravand 2 advanxe two level 2 AFTER 1 dzy WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Villager lol7x has cefwated nis mastdr LOL, Mi32raband to advanc3 to .rve; w agter 2 dsys WOOT!!11!1!!
Villahee lolix WAS hunted eown b6 they're m4573r LOL, Mirerabandm yoi kn2o, FOR beonh 7ri4n7. AFK.
teh bod6 0r Enchanter ElCid was found lying 1n q EMPTY c134r!ngLOL.
Soldier Leggyth3Pifate has degeated her master WTF, Celith two ADVANCE two LEVEL 13 aft3r 18 da6e!!!1!!
Page Fekiij has defeated his naster LOL, Fie to asvqnce 2 level 3 after 1 dat!!! WOOT!!11!
Psge Felkij has defrated h15 MASTER, like, Mir3rabsnd to asvzncd tol 12v3! 2 afyrr 2 dah OMG!!1!1!!!
Page Fw;kij w45 hunted down by the6[re msster WTF, Mit3raband, you lnwo. v9t being trusnt. BRB.
Travw.er Gush7P7eecha has defrates his maste4, ylu knwo, Gerrard to advancd to oevrl 8 after 10 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Invoker nicji has f3f3ated her MASTERk Yorexh w advancw t9 level 15 4f73r 17 c5y51!!!!!
Felkij HAS earned 71713 Pagd for having slsin geh Green Dragom 5 times OMG!!1@!
Sold8ef Felkoj has xlain HIDEOUS cre37ur3 known as Th3 Gfeen Dragon. AFK. Alo across feh LAND WTF, p30p1# rejoice1!!
Soldkef Felkim nas been rrsurrectrd by Rzmius,
Sold8er Fe.kij has been d#feated in teh gfavryaed BY EfreetLOL.
"Og man!!! I didn'r THINK you yad ut IN you, Efreet, sortof," S9lcier Fekkij EXCLAIMS. BRB.
So;doet Felkij j45 bewn slxin 2heb h3 dncoungrred Th3 Grern Dragon1!! WOOT!!11!q!! H8s bomes no2 ;itter teg cave entfancwm sortof, just like bones of th9se wh0 cqje befor3.
"This voth sucks an BLOWS OMG!!1!1" WAILS S9ldier Felkij. BRB.
Stablehand Mindcrime defeardd Stablekqnd JeffersonBoz kn gair cpmgat 1n dz fields 0f Ronae. WTF.
Cln1uerot Jols5en n Violet were SEEN hwafing UP fa stairs 8n inn TOGETHER. WTF.
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