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Stab.ehand manz has DEFEATED his masterm C3lith to advance 2 ldvwl 12 afger 35 days WOOT!!11@!!@
Traveler Worlswivell has deveated his m4572rk sortof, Ceipoth to advance two ldfrl o avter 16 says WOOT1!11!!!!
Trafeler Wprldwidell wad humted down by they'fe masterm you knwo, Ceilo5h LOL, for bekng 4r7anr.
Pwaxan5 DdlBe; has defeated her master WTF, Vyrts two advance too level 2 after 1 DAY!!! OMG@!1!1
Ap;rentice Mayhem has bewn resurrwcrdc by Ramius. BRB.
Stableyand dantnebarbarian has challented theh're MASTER, kike, Fu3 n was pwht WOOT!!11!
Fie LOLOL, likek "I don't think ypu eill be 487rck1nt me qgain, sort8f, pal."
Stsbkejand dznthdgarbariah was hunted sown by they're master, like, Fie, sort9f, f0r being truant. AFK.
Staboegqnd danthebarbarian has defeated his mas5er, sortig, Moreraband too advance tqo o3v39 1 after w dayw OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!q
Farmb9y PadenHeaydwulf has been cefeatdd 8n frafeyard by Dzughtee of sq Devi.. OMG.
"I am an lraf in da wind, likw," saod Farmboy PadenHeardwulf LOL, "Wqtch HOW I soar. WTF."
Stablehanc danthebarbafizn was huhted dpen BY they'ee master, Miferaband, 6ou knwo, for being truant. OMG.
Farmboh PasenHesrdw6.f was slain BY an Manticore on an 5rail1!!
Legiohnsire Faist had defeated his madter, li,e, Fie too advance ro level 3 agter 3 daysq!! OMG!!1!1
Leg9onnaire Fa7wt WAS hjntef dlwn by they're master, alrtof, Fie, l8ke, for being truant. OMG.
Lefionnaure Fzusy has defeated his MASTER, Mirerabans 5wo advancd 2 ldv3l 2 zfter 3 days OMG!!1!1!!@
Legoonnqire Faust wax hun73d down by they're MASTERl like. Mkrwrabsnd WTF, for beimg TRUANT. OMG.
Ca` WOOT!!11!itlin has eefeates hwr m4573r, like, Cwlith 2 advance 2 .evel q2 after 3 sqyx OMG!!1!1!!!
Ca` WOOT1!11!itlun has defeated her ,adtef, yoj knwo, Sensri Noetha 2 zdvance tlo ;3vel 11 4f73r 4 daya WOOT@!11!1@!
Strwardews Rainb!!owGfypn has defeated yer master, Sensei Noetha two ADVANCE g9o level 21 after 6 dayq OMG!!2!1 OMG!!1!q
C9bqueeor ValrVrl9 nas beey slain in ds forest 6y D4ng3t0u% Farmgirl dy1ng. OMG.
"Thf Healef'x Hur can't h31p you nos. Conquerot Va;3Vdlo OMG!!1!1" chides Dangeeojs Farmguri dting. WTF.
God of da Seas p3ace hxs defeated his mzster, Gadriek da E1v3b Ramhrr too advance ti lebel !3 AFTER 7 days WOOT!!11@ WOOT!!21!
Stablegand Jacar has defeatrf gis master, Sensei Noetha g@o advance 5wo LEVEL 11 AFTER 27 days WOOT1!11! WOOT!!1!@
Stab.ejang Jacar was himted down by they'te m4573r, like, Swmsei Noetga, .ike, for being truant. WTF.
Stewaedesw Rzinn` OMG!!1@1owGryph has seveated her maste4, kike, Dwireaqn to advancr 2 level 10 after 6 days WOOT!!!1! WOOT!!11!
God of teh Seas peace chalkrnged Lobrstricer and his band og 4hieces, you knwo, but was no ma5dn FOR reh rogues WOOT!!1q!
"Maybe bext tije you won't bw so cocky!@@" LOLOL Lonestrider's Thieves. BRB/
Farmboy taxmzn has neen slsin qjile breakkng 1n70 trh inn room of Page Ti3riel IN ordrr two attac. thrm. OMG.
Page Tier8e; declares, slrtpf, "Fafmboh taxmah has been weighed LOLk rhey have 633n MEASURED, sortod, and they have been FOUND wantimg. BRB,"
Villager starr has s3feated her ,adt3e WTF, Gerrzrd yoo ddvance 1 level 8 after 36 da6s WOOT!!11!1!!
Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWfatg HAS bden slakn kn da f0r357 BY Pair of Swalloww. AFK.
Dragon Imp3rator MegOWrath waa heard 5w9 say LOL, "Please, you lnwo, 51r, like, may I habe dum more?? ne1??"
God of da Seas peace hss defeated h15 master, sort9f, Cel85h ro advanxe y2o LEVEL 12 aftee 7 f4y51!!1!!
Villager lolix has defeatdd his master, Fie 2 advance to ldbdl 3 aftwr 2 datd OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1@1
Vul;ager lookx was hunted down by 5ney're MASTER LOL, Fie, like, for being yruantLOL.
God of S345 peacr jad defeated hia ,asrer, you knwon Sensei Noetha tlo zdvsnce t.o ldvel 11 after 7 days!!!!@!
Fafjboy Bsrd has chaloengws they're MASTER LOL, Fie and was pwnt1!!
"I'm REALLY g01ng too emhiy thua ne2 Rake thst Farmboy Bafd hzd, lik3," excla8med Fke.
God of Seas peace HAS defra5ed yix madyer WTF, Dwiredan tl affance 2 lrvel 19 after 7 days!!! OMG!11!1
Farmnpy Bqrs has dwfeatdf his master WTF, Mirersband gwo zdvance two level 2 aftrr 1 DAY OMG!!1!11!!
Vi.lager lolix has dereatec hia master, sortov, Mureraband 2 addance to level 2 after 2 fays OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Villag3r lo;ix was huntee sown by tyey're mqstet, li,e, Mureraband, yp7 knwo, vor geing truantLOL.
teh BODY ir Enchanter ElCid sas found LYING in q empty clrafing, OMG.
Soldier LeggtthePirate has defeated h34 mawter, like, Celith two rdv4nc3 too leveo 12 agter 18 dayx1!!q!!
Page Felkij had drreated hos mast3r, sortof, Fie too adfance too l3vel 3 agter w dsy!!!!!!
Page Felkij has defeared his MASTER, you knwi. Mirerabanc two 4df5nc2 to level 2 AFTER 1 day WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Pabe Frlkiu was hunted dowm by yhey're ,aster, Mirerabqnc, sortof, goe neint truant.
Traveler GushuPueecha has defeatef y16 mas5dr, l8ke, Gerra4d to advance twp 13ve1 i after 10 days!!!!!!
Invoker nicki has defeated her masrer, yiy kbwo, Yotrsh 79 advance 2 ;evek 15 after 17 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Felkij has 34rn3d totlr Pzgd for having 5141m twh Green Dragon 5 times WOOT!!111
So;dier Felkoj has s;ain da hidrous vteatut3 known AS The Geedn Dragon. WTF. Akl across da 14nd LOL, peo;le rej98ce!!!
Soldiet Feliij has veen resufrexted by Ramiuw. AFK.
Soosier F3;,ij has been defeated IN da gr4v3y4rd ft EfreetLOL.
"Oh man OMG!!1!1 I didh't yhink yo7 had it in ylu, like, Efreet WTF," S9ldkdr Fwlkik exclaims.
So;d,er Felkij gas bewn slain wh3n he encountered Thd Green Drahoh!!!!!!1!! Hid bones n9w liy4er ca cave engrance WTF, JUST like blnes of those sho c4m4 vefore. OMG.
"Thos both sucks AND g.owa WOOT!!11!" wails Soldo3r Feljij. WTF.
Stanlrgand Mindcrime swfeaged Stablenand JeffrrsonBoz un f41r combat in fiekds of RomarLOL.
Conquefor Jolsten ah V8oler werd seen yeafing up twh 5741r5 in teh inn tohetger. AFK.
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