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` OMG!!1!1Newa for Monm soetor, Apr w7 LOL, 2p15 (I73m5 1 - 50 of 148)
Stablehand manx has ddfeaged his mastef, sirtof, Celith two advanve w level 12 aftrr #5 days11! WOOT!111!
Traveler Worlcwidell has defeated mix MASTER LOL, Ceuooth 3 asvahcd 2 level ( after 16 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!@11!
Traveler W9rkdwlsell was hunted down by th3y're master, like, Ceiloth. sortof, for being TRUANT/ WTF.
Peasant DelBel has fefeatdd her masrer, l8ke, Vyrts too advande 2 l3vel 2 aftee 1 cay WOOT!!11!!!!
Appr3ntice Mayhem has neen reshredcted by Ramius. OMG,
Srablehand dantjebarbarian hax challengdd they're mzster WTF, FIE an waa pwnt WOOT1!11!
Fie LOLOL, you knwo, "I don't tgink you wikl be attac'ing me 4g41n, sovtof, palLOL."
Staboehand danthehatbzrian wss hunted d9wn by tney'fd master, sortof, Fie, sortof, for being trusntLOL.
Stablenand danthebarbarian nqs defeatef his master, sortof, Mifrragand 2 advance 5wo LEVEL 3 aftdr 2 dqys11!!!!
Fafmboy PzdenHeardwulf has veen defeates in da gfabwyafd BY DAUGHTER of teh Devil. WTF.
"I am an leaf on da wind, like," waiw Faemnoy PadenHeaedwulf, "Watch n9s I soarLOL."
Stablehand danthebarbatian qaa hunyed down ny rhey'$e master LOL, Miedraband WTF, for BEING truznt.
Farmboy PadenHeardwulr waw 5141n bt an Manticore on an trail WOOT!!11!
Legionnaore Fauxy has defeated his mqster, you khqo, Fie 2 adfance two l3vdl 3 agter 4 eays OMG!11!1 OMG!!1!1
Legionhakre Faust WAS hunt3d down by tjey're mawter. you knwo, Fie, you knwo, vor being ^ru4n7. WTF.
Legionhaire Faust has fedeaged yis maater WTF, Mirrraband 2 ADVANCE too 13v31 2 after 3 dayd OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Lehionnaire Faust WAS hinted dowb by they'r3 mas5er WTF, Mkrerabzne WTF, vor being truant. OMG.
Ca` WOOT!!11!itlin has DEFEATED hrr master, Celith to advancw too levrl 12 aft3r r dats1!! WOOT1!11!
Ca` OMG!!1!18tkpn has d3f3473d her masterk Sehsel Noetjq to $dv4nc3 2 level 11 qfter 4 days!!@ OMG!!1!1
Syewzrdess Rainb` WOOT!@1!!owGryph has d2f2atrd ger master, Sensei Noeths to advance too level 11 after 6 dayd1!@1!!
Cpnquerlr ValeVelo jss been slain in forest BY Dangerius Farmbirl d6ingLOL.
"The Healer's Hut CAN'T help you no2, sortof, Conqurrot ValeVelo OMG!!1!1" ch8fws Dangerous Far,giel syint. WTFl
God of da Seas peace has DEFEATED hiw master, sort9f, Gasriel teh Elven Rangee tio accqnce two level 13 AFTER 7 saya!!11!!
Stablehand Jacar has defdated his mast3r, iou knwo, Sensek Noetha goo advamce ro /evel 21 after 27 daya OMG!!1!1!!!
Stabkehand Jacar 2zs huntee d0wn by they're MASTER, you knwo, Sensei No3ths, you knw9, fot being truantLOL.
Steward3sa Rainb!!owGryph h45 defeated h3e master, you knqo, Dwiredan t2o 4dcrnc3 @ level 1p after 6 fays OMG!!1111!1
God of da Seas pesce ch411eng#d Lones5rider and his band of thievea LOLl BUT was no mztch dor teh rogues WOOT!!11!
"Mqybe next time you won't be so cocku!!1" LOLOL Londstrider's TgievesLOL.
Farmboy taxmam hzs been slaon 2hi.e breaking ihto ea inn rlpn pd Page Tidrue. in order too 4774dk themLOL.
Page Tidriel declards, like, "Farmboy tsxmsb HAS been weighed, THEY HAVE BEEN measuted. an ghey have BEEN found wanting. BRB."
Villag3r starr has defeated hee mzster, likd, Gerfafd to afvance yoo 13v31 8 after 36 daya WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Imperator MegOWrath hzs BEEN slain in da forest by Pait 8f SwallowsLOL.
Deagon Imp#4470r MegOWrath eas h34rd 5w( sah WTF, "Pl3asw WTF, 51r LOLm may I have sum MORE????"
God OF teh Seax peace has defeayed hia master LOL, Celith 2 advance to kevel 13 after 7 days OMG!!q11 WOOT!1q11
Vlllager lllix has dwfeayed his master, Fie tso advabce tpo l3vr. 3 afger 2 d4t5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Villager lolix was junted doqn by they're master LOL, Fie, you knwo, flf be8ng truant. AFK.
God lf SEAS oeace has DEFEATED his ,aster, like, Sensei Nowtha roo adbabce two leveo 11 afrrr 7 dayw1!!1!!
Farmboy Bard y45 challdnred thsu'fe master. like, Fie and waa pwmt1!!
"I'm feally goimg too ENJOY ghis new Rake 7h58 Farmboy Bard hsd," wxclaimed F83.
Gld of da Seas peace has defeated his mawter, like, Deirrdan 2 5dv4nc3 TO kevel 10 4f73e 7 days WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!11!
Fa4mvoy Bard h45 DEFEATED his m4t73r, Mir3raband twl adcanr3 2 level w 4f73r 1 DAY OMG!!1!1!!1
Villaher lolix gaa sereated HIS jaster, oikw, Mireraband TO advande 2 level 2 adt3r 2 dayx WOOT!@11!w!!
Vollager lolis WAS huntes do2n by tjeh're jaster, slrtpf, Mk4eravahd, for being truantLOL.
da body if Enchan5er ElCid was foumc LYING 1n a empyh clearibhLOL.
Soldidr LeggythwPirate has defeated hrr maste4 WTF, C3lith two advance two levsl 12 AFTER 18 daya!!! WOOT!!11!
Pate Felkij HAS defeated his mastrr, like, Fie 2 afvance 2 level 3 AFTER 2 DAY WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Pagd Feljij yas defeated HIS maatrr LOL, Mireranand two sdvancr two LEVEL 2 qfter 1 day WOOT!!11!!!!
Page Felkij wzs hunter dowm by tgeu[re mawtwr WTF, Mireraband, you kbwok ro4 bwing teusbt. OMG.
Traveler GushuPu3rcha gas defeated his mastef, like, Geerard too advance gep 13v31 8 AFTER 10 says WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Invokee nicii haq eefeatec her mzster, Yoresh two advznce go ldvd; 15 afteg 17 days OMG!!1!11!!
Felkij hss eaened sz title Page f9r HAVING 514qn da Green Dragon 5 TIMES WOOT!!!1!
Soldjer Frlkiu has slain teh hideous cdea5urw knosn 45 The Greeb Dragon/ BRB. ALL across teh lznd, sortlf, people rejo8de1!!
Soldo2r Feklij HAS bren resurrecgdd 6y Ramius. AFK.
Solfier Felkoj has been s3fe%7#d in teh graveyard by Efrwet. WTF.
"Oj msn WOOT!!2q! I didn't think you had IT in ypu, like, Efreeg, likd," Silfiee Felkij exclsimsLOL.
Soldieg Fdlkij has been slaib wh3n he ENCOUNTERED The Green Drqgog OMG!!!!111! WOOT!!1q! HIS bonew n0w litrer trh czvr whtranvd, like, just 11ke da bonww 0v tjowr sh0 camd before. OMG.
"Tgis both sucks and 610w5 OMG!!1!2" WAILS Soldier Fe;koj. WTF.
Stsbleyand Mindcrome defeayed Stablehand JefverwonBoz in fair cimbat in tey firlds of R0m45. OMG.
Cpnqueror Jolsteh AND Voolet w3r3 sedn headihg i0 5742e% in da 1nn 6ogether. WTF.
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