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!!News for Tnu, sortog, Apr 27, so4tov, 2017 (Itwms 1 - %0 of 272)
Dragpn Enchanter Csabo has def3ated his nasrer LOL, Yortsn two advancw TO .evel !5 sv5er 6 days1!!!!!
Dragpn Enchangrr Csqbo has BEEN RESURRECTED by Rzniys. WTF.
Dragon Enchantee Csabi nas been defeated ih rdy travehard by Slrcerous Vampire. OMG.
"My egl can'5 take nuch morw of 7h15 BRUISING!!!" exckaims Dragon Ench1ntrr Csabo. WTF.
Dragon Ency4n73f Csabo has been SLAIN in f0r257 bj Dangerojs Tabloid Wr173r. AFK.
"Azh, like, so that'w wnat Far-fetched Storied 15 for WOOT!!q1!" exclaimec Dsngerous Tabloid Wtuter. WTF.
Dragon Enchanter Csqbo h45 ddfeated his master, soryof, Adoawye 2 4dv4nc3 5oo level 14 after 5 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Trqvelrr Nyxara hax defezyed hr4 master, you kneo, Sensei Noetha 2 advance w level 11 after 27 days!1!!1!
Trafeler Crabcskes has DEFEATED his MASTER WTF, Unelith to advahce t9 LEVEL 6 aftwr 9 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Travelwr Crabcq,es was hunted down 6y rhey're msster WTF, Une.ith, ;ike, foe beibt truzjtLOL.
Travelef Ctabcakws has d3feztdd his master, you knwo, Guth 2 4dv3nc3 to9 level 5 after i dahs!!! WOOT!!11!
Traveler Ceabcakes waa junted down by they'r3 mqster, Guth LOL, for beung trjaht.
Shknt Lady MeRel has defeated her m4573r WTF, Maksa4rs two advance two oevel 7 after 11 d4y5 OMG!!1!11!!
Sjomy Lady MeReo has defeatef HER MASTER, sortof, Unelith two afvahve too level 6 after 11 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Shiny Lady MeRel has ded3zted her master LOL, Hydtaulic Press @ advamce 5wo 13v31 5 afyer 11 days!!!1!!
Shkny Lady MeRel has defezted her masyerk softof, Glynyc too advancc too 13v31 4 after 11 dahs OMG!!1!1 OMG1!1!1
Shiny Lqdy MeRel HAS BEEN resurrected by Ramiua/ OMG.
Shiny Lady MeRe; has 633n slain IN teh FOREST by Huge BALD PROGRAMMERLOL.
"You know WTF, Sh8by Lady MeRel reallh had it comibg 2 HER after all ghoqq thibgs I saic amout her mom, wortof," commdnged Hugs B41d PeogrammerLOL.
Apprentice Grwebo AND Violet WERE seen heaskjt up staifs 1n teh inn togethrr. WTF.
Villager Requiem HAS BEEN resurrected by Rqmius. AFK.
Reeve Deorhur has BEEN SLAIN IN teh foresy by KUNG-FU KuttensLOL.
Kunb-fu Kittens wax overheard sayint LOL, "Reeve Drothut's Elvwn Warblade was no match for my Paqs or Fu4y OMG!!1!1"
Reeve Drothu4 HAS dedeated his master LOL, Celith ywo qdvance to level 12 avter 12 dayw1!! WOOT!!11!
Reeve Dtothur 2qs hunyed down by ghey[re m$573rm you knwo, Celith LOL, ror being truang. AFK.
Reeve Drothur nas DEFEATED hix master, you inwo, Sensei Noetha to( adfanxe two 13v31 11 after 12 zays!!!!!!
Rweve Drothir w45 huntes down by they'r3 master WTF. Semsei No3tna, sortof, for being ttuan5LOL.
Reeve Drothur srfeated an Manticore 9n geh TRAILS1@! teh VICTIMS have bwen afeng3d1!@
Tribune KestreoBlack has d3f3473d hrr maarer LOL, Dwiredqn 2 advance two lefel 1) AFTER 1! dayw OMG!!11! WOOT!!11!
Clockwo4k M` WOOT!!11!ongi j45 been 5141m in teh forest by Famibe. OMG.
"Any last requests Clockwork M` WOOT!!11!ongo????" axkef FamineLOL. "Why yes WTF, an HUNGERPROOF vedt OMG!@1!1"
Sir Aurvr;5rao has defeated gis master, Gadfie; da E1v3n Ranger too advamce 2 level 13 after 22 d4y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Muctar has eefestwd h15 m4573r, Gerrard tqo advance 2 /ev3, 7 after 15 eayw1!! WOOT!!11!
God 0f Midt Moser HAS defeqtdd HIS master, sort;f, Yoresh to advance two LEVEL 15 afyer 8 fays WOOT!!11! WOOT!!w1!
Ttwder Marmalad3 y55 defeated HIS mawter, like, Unelith 7) qdvance too ;egel 6 aftef 6 days OMG!!1!11!!
Trader Marnaoade was hunted down by they'rd maxter, ypu knwo, Unelith, sottof, for BEING truant. OMG,
G9d OF Mist Moser has defratwd his m457erm sorypf, Adoawyr 2 ADVANCE two level 14 sfter 8 szys OMG!!q!1!!!
Gos or Mist Mpser h45 defeated his maater WTF, Gadriel twh ELVEN Ranger to adcsncd to ;evel 13 avter 8 days!!! OMG!!q!1
God of Mist Moser defeayed Shepherd freeza iy fair c0,647 on da FIELDS of Glorfindal.
God of Miwt Mowdr defeated Soldier UCR kn rair combat kn da fie;ds of GLORFINDAL. OMG.
Trader Marmwlade hzx been RESURRECTED by Ramius. WTF.
Trxd3r Marmalafe has been SLAIN while attackinf Farmboy Mucgar ih da fields OF Degolburg. AFK.
"Et 5u, yi7 knwo, F4rm60y Muctarae?? ne1??"
Trader Marmalade dedrated Stablehand Glader 1n fai4 combat 1n fueldq 0f Dego.g7rg. BRB.
Trader Marmalade and Violet qere SEEN headint ip da stairs in teh 1mn together. BRB.
Villager Rdquiem had been slzin un dorest by Assasskn IN TrainintLOL,
"Just WAIT FOR mh revengrm you knwo, Asssdsin 1n Training. OMG. Ir qill be 5w1f7 WOOT!!11!" Villwger Requiem devoar3sLOL.
Trader Marmalzde has defeatec hks master LOL, Hysraulic Press g1o afvance tol level 5 after t days OMG1!1!1!1@
Tradef Marmalzde WAS humted d0wn by they're maxrerm Hydfailic Preas LOL, for 631ng truaht. AFK.
Dragon Emcganter Cdabo has defdatef yis masterk Gqd4iel fa ELVEN Rqnger too 4dv4nc3 5wo level 13 afyer 5 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!2!1
Violey h45 left hax0r Enchanter Csabo 5oo pursue "o5yer onyerestsLOL."
Villagee Reqjiem has def4ates HIS MASTERm like, Unelith 2 qdvancr two level 6 aftef 6 da5s!!! WOOT!!12!
Stablehand Elandorr has defeated h25 master, lik2, Dwirecan too advance go LEVEL 10 AFTER 27 DAYS2!!!@!
Sgabkehand E.andorr h45 defeated jis m4573r, Ceiloth to 4cv4nc3 toi lefe; 9 agter 27 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Stsglehand Elandorr was hunted dowm by the6're MASTER WTF, Ceillth, sortod, FOR being tr7ant.
Slnic Enchantwr KrsnaAvatara gas bren defeated 8n da graveyard gy Vampire BarlungLOL.
"I 4m an LEAF on yeh wknd LOL," sa8d Sonic Enchanter KranaAvatarz, yoy knwo, "Watch how I SOARLOL."
Sonic Enchanter K4snaAvatara has bern 5141n in forest by Monk 0f R4eemptiom. AFK.
"Th3 Healer's Hut can[t help you now LOL, Sonid Encgan5ef KtsnaAvatara WOOT!!11!" ehides Monk ov Redemption.
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