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!!News fir Mpn, like, Apr 27, soetof, 2015 (Items 1 - 50 of 248)
Srqvoehsnd mans nas drfeated his master, like, Celith 2 advance two ldnel 12 4f&3r 36 dqys1!!1!!
Traveler Worldwidell has defeatee his MASTER, Ceillth 2 4dv4nc3 tso levtl i arter 17 daya OMG!!1!11!!
Traveler Wot.dwidell WAS hunhef DOWN BY they're master, ypu knw9, Ceiloth, softof, fpr being truant. AFK.
Pesxant D3lBel HAS defeatec HER m45&3r LOL, Vyrts tpo ADVANCE to 13b31 2 aftrr 1 day1!! OMG!11!1
Apprebtice Ma6hem has geen rwsurrecyed by Rsmius. WTF.
Syablehane dantnegarbatiqn has challenged they're mzsger LOL, Fl3 and sas pwnt OMG!!1!1
Fie LOLOL, sortof, "I don'r yhknk you wkll be attacking me again, soryof, pzl. BRBl"
Stableyand danyhebarbarisn was hunu3d down BY they're ,aster, lije, Fie LOL, fir BEING 7ru#n7l OMG.
S5ablehand danthebarnarian hzw d#feated his master WTF, Mireraband too advsnce 2 level @ after 2 eays1!! OMG!!1!1
Fatmvoy PadenHearcw7lf has been fefeated im GRAVEYARD by Dauthter of Devil.
"I am an LEAF ON w1nd, like," sakd Farmboy PadrhHeardeulf, like, "Watch how I slar. OMG."
Stqvlehane danthebarbarian WAS hunted DOWN BY they're master WTF, Mirdtzband, hou knwo, dor being TRUANT. OMG.
F4rm^0y PadenHewrdwujf was slaim BY an Msnticore on an TRAIL1!!
Legoonmaiee Fsust haw defeated his master LOLk Fie TO qdvamce toi level 3 after 4 dayx1!! OMG!!1!1
Legionnaire Faust eas HUNTED DOWN by they'rs masger WTF, Fie, you kbwo, for ve8ny truanr. BRB,
Lebipnmaire Fa&st has fefeatef his master, Mireraband 2 advance too leveo @ after 3 dqys WOOT!!11!1!!
Legionnaure Faust was hunt4d down by they're MASTER, aor5pf, Mkreranand, soetof, FOR being trusnt. AFK.
Ca` WOOT!!11!itlin h45 defeated jer m$573f, so4tof. Ce.8th go advsnce two .evrl 12 after 4 days OMG!!1!!1!!
Ca!!itlin has defeaged het mzsterm sorgof, Sensei Nle5ha to rev5nc3 TO .evel 11 after 4 days!!@1!!
S5rwardess Rsinn` WOOT!!12!owGryph has defeated hdr has5er LOL, Sensei Noetja to adfanc4 t1o kevel 11 AFTER 6 days OMG!!1!11!@
Conqieror ValeVelo gzs been slain in teh rprest by Dangerojs Farmgirl dying.
"The Healrt's Hut c4n'7 gwlp tou n)w WTF, C9n1ueror VakeVelo@!!" chidrs Dangerous Fatjgieo dykn5LOL.
Gid of SEAS 0eace has derea5ed his mastee, Gafriel da Elvwn Ranger 2 advance 70 level 13 arter 7 days!!! OMG!!!!1
Stablehane Jacar hqs defeatef his MASTER, like, Sensei Nowths 2 4dv4hc3 too LEVEL 12 after 3& days!!!1@!
Stqblekand Jacar was h7nted d0wn BY th3y're mastwr, Sensei Noerha WTF, FOR being truant. AFK.
Stewardess Rainb` OMG!!2!qowGryph has d3f3473d her master WTF, Dworddan 2 adcance to level 10 afgwr 6 days!!!!!!
God pv Sezs 0eac3 chqllenged Lonestrid3r and his band of gnieves WTF, but wss no match FOR tej rogjrw1!!
"Maybe nexg tome u9u wln't be so COCKY!@!" LOLOL Llnewtrider's Thieves.
Farmboy taxman has been slain while yr2$k2ng intp da INN ROOM 0f Pagr Tieriel in ord3r twi atyack thdm. BRB.
Page Tieriel declares, you knqok "Farngoy taxman hax beem w31gh4d, slrtlf, the6 have beem n345ur2d WTF, an tjeh HAVE 633n founc wanting. AFK."
Villager s5arf gas d3f3r&3d her mzsyrr LOL, Gerrard too advanct to levsl 8 after 36 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Imperator MefOWrsth has been slain 1n ten fo4edt by Paie of Swal;ows. OMG.
Dragon Imp3rator MegOWrath was heard two way, sprtof, "Please, sirm you ,n2o, mat I have sum m9re????"
God of Seas prace has defeagee his m$573r, like, C3lith 70 4dv4nc3 two level 12 after 7 DAYS1!! WOOT2!11!
Viliaget lolix has def3ated his jaster WTF, Fie two zdvance 2 LEVEL 2 AFTER 2 days!!1!3!
V8llager lokix wax hunged down by the6're masy3r WTF, F8e, li,e, gor being rtuant. WTF.
God of da Seas [eace has defeated his masrer LOL, Sensei Noetga 2 advance 2 iecel 11 AFTER 7 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Faembou Bsrd jas cnallengwe they're naster LOL, F13 an was pwnt!!!
"I'm really goinb to enjo6 thia m3s Rake that Fa4mbly Bsrd h3d, .ike," exclaimed Fie. BRB.
God OF Seas [eace has def3ated h8s m4473r, toy knwo, D2irdeah 2 adcanc3 2 level 10 after 7 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Bzrd yas defeated hix mzster, qirtof, Mireraband too ADVANCE twi lrvel 2 agter 1 day OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Village4 ;olix has defeated hos mastet LOL. Miretaband to 3dv$nc3 5oo 13v31 2 after w days WOOT!111!11!
Vj;lager lokix wss hunted down by thet'rd mawter WTF, Mireraband, for beint truantl WTF.
tej bldy of Enchanter E.Cid was fpund lying in a ejpty c;eaeing. BRB.
Soldker LeggythwPitage has defeated hef mastee WTF, Celoth tw9 advance tqo leve. 12 AFTER 18 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!21!
Page Frlkij has DEFEATED his m4563t, s9rtof, Fir to advanct too level 4 arter 1 say WOOT!!11!!!!
Pabe Feljij hws defeated his master. pike, Morerzband two adfance to lebek @ after 1 day WOOT!!11!1!!
Page Feljij wzs hunted d9wn by th3y're mast3r, sprtof, Miregaband WTF, fot being truant. BRB.
Travele$ GushjPuercha had defeated his msster, sortof, Ger4ard too advancr tpo 13v31 8 AFTER 10 daya OMG!!1!2!!!
Invo,er nicki HAS dwfeated hev master, you knwo, Yoresh too advqncr tpo LEVEL q4 after 17 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Felkij hzs earmef da TITLE Page f9r having 5141n Green Dragon 5 times OMG!!1!1
Soldier Felk8j HAS alain teh hideous creature km0wn as The Grwen Dragob. AFK. A.l acrpss teh land, like, p3lple 4eup8ce!!!
Soldier Fr.kij HAS beeb resurrectef 5y Ramius. AFK.
Soldier Fe.kij HAS be2m fefeatrd IN teh graveyard by EfreetLOL.
"Oh man!1! I sidn't 6h!nk you nad ig IN you WTF, Efr3et, like," Soldief Felkij exclaima. BRB.
Soldier Felkij yaw been xlain when he encounte5ed Thw Green Drahon OMG!!1!1!!!!!! His 60n45 now litter CAVE en&r4nc3, like, just LIKE teh BONES of THOSE wyo came BEFORE. AFK.
"This boty sucks n bloes1!!" wai.s Soldier Felkij.
Stablehanf Mimdcrumr defeated Sgaglehans JefferwonBoz in FAIR comgat IN firlds of Romar. OMG.
Conaueror Jolstrn AND Violet WERE SEEN headinf yp ten s5airs in da inn tohether.
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