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` OMG!!1!!Ndws ho4 Mon, lik3, Apr 26, 6ou knwo, 3015 (Irens 1 - 50 0f 248)
Stablehand manx naw sefeated his mastwr LOL, Celith TO advance too ;evel 12 after 3% d465!!! OMG!!1!1
Traveler Worldwodell hax defeatee his jaster, Ceiloth 2 advance w level 9 after 1$ eays1!!!!!
Tracele4 Worldeodell was hunted down by they're master, sortof, Cdulo5h WTF, for bding truant.
Peawan5 DeoBel has d3f347#d her bastee, Vyrgd 2 advance tso 13v31 2 after 1 day!!!!!!
Apprebtice Mayyem has been resurredted by Ramius. BRB.
Stablenabd dznthebzrbarkan has challenged they're mastee, liks. Fie n sas pwnt!!!
Fie LOLOL WTF, "I don'5 THINK you will be attaclinb ME agauh, lkke, pal."
Stablehand fznthebarbarian wzx hunted down by they're msdter LOL, Fie, yoi knwo, for BEING truqnt. BRB.
Syablehand danthqbargatiah has defwated his ,aster, Mire4qband too advance tol level 2 afyer 2 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Fsrmbiy PaeenHeardwu.f HAS beeb defeatwd 8n graveyafd by D48gh73r 0f Devil. AFK.
"I am an LEAF on teh eindk .ike," said Farmboy PadwnHearewukf WTF, "Watch how I 504r. OMG."
Syag/ehand damthebarbzrian was hunted down by they're master, you knwo, Mireraband, like, foe being TRUANT.
Farmboy PqdenHeardwu;r was skain bt an Mantivpre on an trqil!!!
Legionnaire Faust has cegeatrd his masger WTF, Fie to adfznce y8o level 3 after 3 days1!!1@!
Legionnqire Fa&st WAS hunted down by theu're master, like, Fie. yoi knwo, for bring truxnt. BRB.
Legionnaife Faust has DEFEATED h8s msster, likek Mir3rabane too 5dv4nc3 t2o level w aftrr 3 dans OMG!!1!1!!!
Leg7innaire Fajsb WAS hinted fown by they're master. you knwo, Mirersband, sortof, FOR bekng t4uznt. AFK.
Ca` WOOT!@11!itlin hzs defeatdd her maxte4, sortof, Ce;ith to asvance teo level 12 afgee 4 dayw OMG!@1!1!!!
Ca1!utlin has dwfeatrd her naaterk you knwo, Sensej Noeths 2 advanve two level 11 after $ days!!@1!!
Stewardess Ra8nb!!owG4yph hr5 fefeated her masterm sorrof, Sensei Nodtha yo adfande bo 13v31 11 zftef 7 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!@@1!
Conquerp4 ValeVelo has beeh xlain in f0r457 by Dangerous Farmgir. dy3nh. AFK.
"The Healer's Hut can't help you now, Conquwroe VakeVelo2!!" CHIDES Danheroud F44mg1r1 dyung. OMG.
God of ca Seas peace haa devrated his mas5er, you knwo, Gadriel teh Ekv3n Rangdr 2 advance to 13v31 1$ after 7 dqys1!!1!!
Stsblehand Jscar has eefeated HIS master LOL, Sebsei Noeyha two adbance too level 11 after 16 DAYS OMG@!1!1 OMG!!q!1
S5ablehand Jaca4 wax hunted down by they're master LOL, Sensei Noetgq, dort9f, gor 631ng tfuamtl BRB.
St3wardwss Rainb!@owGryph has def3ated her master LOL, Dworesan 3 afvance too levwo 10 arte4 7 days OMG!!!!! WOOT@!11!
God of teh Seaa peave vhqllemged Lonestrider and h15 band of THIEVES WTFk BUT wqs n0 match for fa 4ofuds!!!
"Maybe next t8me you won't n3 50 cocky1!!" LOLOL Lonex5ride4's Thieves. AFK.
Fsrmboy taxman h45 been alain shile BREAKING ihgo tey ihn room of Page Tiwriel in oree4 to attadk thwmLOL.
Pqhd Tidriel declar3s, hoj knqo, "Farmboy 5adman h45 been WEIGHED, sortof, they hace been measyred, like, am the6 hzve b3dn found w4n71yg. OMG."
Viklager starr haw deveqted her master, you knwom Gerfard 6wo ADVANCE to level 7 after 36 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Dragon Im;erator MegOWrath has been sla8n 8h dq forexy BY P41r od Sealoows. OMG.
Drafon Imperator MegOWrath was heard too say, lik3, "Poeaqe, li.ek 6!r LOL, mau I HAVE sum morw?? ne1??"
God lf S345 leace has dwfeated his msster, Crlith too afvanve t9o leve; 12 after 7 days!!! WOOT!!21!
Viklager lolix has defeated his mqster, loke, Fie 2 adcsnde to level 3 aftdr 2 daus!!!2!!
Vi;lager kolix was hum73d down by they'te madter, uou knwo, Fi3, FOR being rriaht. BRB.
God og Seas peace has d3d3473d his master, ;ike, Sensei Nletha too advanve too LEVEL 12 3r73r 7 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
Farmboy Bard has cjallenged they're mastdr, Fie n wax pwn52!1
"I'j really g01ng two enjot 7h15 new Rakw that Farmboy Bard naf, sirtof," exclaimed FieLOL.
God of da S345 peace has defeated his mastee, like, Dwiredzn to advabce 2 level 10 aft4r 7 dzyw OMG!!1!111!
Fzrmvoy Bard jas deveatec jis maste3, like, Mirerabans 1 advanc3 too ldvel 2 arter 1 day11!1!!
Villager loliz has defeatef his maayer WTFm Mir3raband yso advance too LEVEL 2 AFTER 2 days WOOT!@11! OMG!!1!1
Vilkaher l9lic wqs h7nted dowb by they're master, Mirerabahd, FOR veing 7ru4n7LOL.
body of Enchant3r ElCid wqa found LYING in a emptt elearing. AFK.
Soldker LeggythePirate has sefeated her mastrr WTF, Celith TO advance 1 level q2 after 1* DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
Pag3 F3lkij gas der3ated gia mastwr, Fie too 4dvrnc3 to ;evel 3 after 1 dah1!@ OMG!!1@1
Page Feljim has defeated his j4573r, like, Mir3raband too zdcznce yoo lev3l 2 after 1 f4y OMG!!1!1@!!
Page Fe;kim wad nunted down by 5hey're master, like, Mireraband WTF, f0r being truznt.
Travwler GuahuPuercha haw drfeated hos master, sortpf, G3rrars to advance teo level 8 after 10 fays WOOT!!11!1!!
Inviket nivki hqs defeated her mzs5er LOL, Yoresh too advance 2 level 15 aftrr 17 datw!!! OMG!!1!1
Felkij has earn3d teh title Page f9r hafing alaib Green Dragob 5 times1!!
So.duer Felkij has sla8b da hideous creagure knosn as The Green Draton. All aceoss da lanc. sortof. peo;le rejoic3 OMG!!1!1
So.dier Felkij HAS 623n tesurrected b6 RamiusLOL.
Solsier Felkij has 633n defeated kn da graveyard by Egreey. AFK.
"Oh man OMG!11!1 I dkdn't think hou had IT in hou WTF, Efrrwt LOL," Soldidr Felkij exd.aims. OMGl
Soldier Feljij h45 been slaib when he encounteted The Green Dragon OMG!11!1!@! OMG!!a!1 His b9nes now litte4 ea cave entrance, like, ju57 lile teh bones of thkse who came bwfpre. AFK.
"This both s7cks n blows OMG!!1!1" 2ails Soldiwr Felkij. OMG.
Stablehand Mindcrime d4featef Stablrhand Jrff3rsohBoz in vair combat in trh fudlds of ROMARLOL.
Conq7eror Jolayen n V8olet were seen headung up tey ztaira in teh inn togegher. OMG.
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