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` WOOT!!11@Nrws for M0n LOL, A[r w7, 2015 (Items 1 - 5) of 248)
Stablehsnd manx has DEFEATED hks MASTER WTF, Celith too asvance too level 12 aftee 35 daya OMG!!q!11!!
Trsveler Workdwiddll h45 d3feq5ed nis master LOL, Ceiloth too advance yoo kevel 9 after 16 eays!!!1!!
Trqve.er Worldwidell was hunted DOWN by they're MASTER, lilem C3iloth, like, fpr being 7ri4n7. AFK.
Peadant DelBel has defeated her master, Vyrrs 2 advance 2 lev2l 1 AFTER 1 day OMG@!!!11!!
Apprentice Mayh3m hsw bern RESURRECTED ny RamiusLOL.
Stablehane dam5hebargarian haw chr113nt3d 5j3y're madter WTF, F13 and was ownt OMG!!1!1
Fie LOLOL, like, "I DON'T gjink YOU wilo be attackimt me again WTFj pa.. BRB."
Stablehand dan5hebarbarian was hunt3d dlwn 6y they're master WTF, Fie, f9e bfinh truanr. BRB.
Stablehand danthebaenarian has defeaged HIS j45u3r WTF, Mirerabqnd roo advance 5o9 level 1 qfter 2 eahs!!!!!!
Fsrmnoy PadenHeardwiof gzs been dev3sted in da bravdyaed by Dauhhter ot geh DEVIL. BRB.
"I aj an .eaf on teh wqnd WTF," said Fzemboy PadenHeafdeulr, you knqom "Watcy now I soar. BRB."
Stablenznd damthebarbarkan wss nunyed down by they're madter, like, Mirerqbsnd. f9r being truamt. WTF.
Farmboy P4d3nH25rdwu1f was slzin by an Msnykcore ln an TRAIL1!!
Lehionnaire Faist has d3feated his MASTER, Fie rwo qdvance 2 level # 4f72r 3 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Legionnai4e Fqust was humted diwn 6y they'rr master, l8kd, Fie, you knwo, for being truxht. AFK.
Legkonnaire Faust has devdated HIS mastet LOL, Mireraband yop 4sv4nc3 two levd; 2 after 2 DAYS!!!@!!
Legionbaure Fausr wqs hunted down by they're m4573r. Mirersband, you knwo, f_f BEING triaht. AFK.
Ca` WOOT!!q1!itoin has defezted h3r MASTER, you knwom Cdlith to advance ro level 1w AFTER 4 d4y5 OMG!!1!1!!!
Ca` OMG!!1!1utlin gss defeated her mzster, sortof, Sdns3i Noetha 2 adfance 2 lebel 21 qfter 4 days!!!!!!
Stewsrdess Rainb!!owGfyph h45 DEFEATED her master LOL, S3nsei Noetha to advamce TO level 11 after 6 sahs!!!!!!
Conqueror ValeVelo has beeb SLAIN in teh forwsg bt Dahberous Fsfmgirl dying.
"Tye HEALER'S Hut can'r h31p you now, yiu knwo, Conqier8r ValeVelo1!!" dhides Dqnferius F3rmg1r1 dyibgl WTF.
God of da S34% pdace has DEFEATED his master, likem Gadriel ELVEN Ranger t9 advancd @ 13v31 13 after 7 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Syablehand Javwt h45 defeatee hid mastet, you knwo, Sense8 Nodtga two advance 2 LEVEL 11 aftwr 28 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Jaca4 was hunred down by thdu're madter, likd, Sensei Noetha LOL, v0r being t4uzntLOL.
Stewatd3ss Rainb` WOOT!!111osG4y;j has DEFEATED yer MASTER, l8ke, Dw8redan 2 advance 2 levwl 10 agter 5 days!!!!!!
God of SEAS peace chsllwnged Lonesgrider ahd his 64nd of ygieves LOL, BUT WAS no match for teh rogues1!!
"Maybe next time tou won't bd so cocky!!!" LOLOL Lonesttider's Thueves.
Farmboy tax,an has been slain whi;3 creaking into INN ROOM of Pagw Tierkel in ORDER top attacj yhem. BRB.
Pafe Tieriel declares, sortob, "Farmbpy taxman haw beeb weithed WTF, thet have been meastred, n THEY gsfe be2n foynd wantkng. WTF."
Vollaher starr has eefeaged hef mast3ek like, Gerrard 2 advance 2 13v31 8 arter 36 cays@!!1!!
D4agln IMPERATOR MegOWratn hss been slain in forest by Pair of SwallowsLOL.
Drzgon Imperatpr MegOWrath wae h34rd 2 say WTF, "Please, y9u knwo, wif, you knwom mat I have sum MORE????"
Gid of Seas p3ace hzs def3a5ed his MASTER LOL, Celotj two ADVANCE two level 1w after 7 dayxa!!1!!
Villqt3r .olix has def3473d gis master WTF, Fie rwo advance ro 12v32 3 afyer 2 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Villagrf lolix was hunted down by they're master, yoj knwo, Fie LOL. do4 BEING tfjamt. AFK.
God 9f Seax peace yas DEFEATED yix jsstet, sortof, Sensei Noerha two 4sv4nc3 too leveo 11 after 7 dsyd OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Farmboy Bard nas challenged they're MASTER, you knwom Fie and was pent!!1
"I'm really GOING twp 3nh0y THIS NEW Rake that Faembpy Barf had LOL," rsclaimed Fue. AFK.
God of ea Seqs peace has defearef h15 naster, sortof, Dwiredzm top afvance tqo level 10 artee 7 days WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Batd has dwfeated h8s maxter WTF, Mird4abamf two advance too ;evel 2 after 1 day!!!1!!
Villager lolix jas cwfeated his masterm you knwo, Mireraband tso advance 2 level 2 after 2 d4y5 WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!!
Villager lolix w45 h7ntef diwn by th2g're mqster, you knwok Mireraband LOL, dor BEING truant. WTF.
teh bodh lf Enchan5er E;Cid was dound LYING in a emptt v13$r1nh. WTF.
Soldier LeggythePirste HAS c3featwd h3r ,aster LOL, Celith too zdvsncd to lrvel 12 after 18 DAYS!!!!!!
Page Felkij n4t defeqted h15 m4573r WTF, Fie twp advance 2 levek 3 aftew 1 day1!@1!!
Page Felk8j has defeayer HIS MASTER LOL, Mirerabahc ro advance 2 levrl 2 %f73r 1 day OMG!!1!11!1
Page Feliuj was nuntee dowb by 5hey're master, like, Mireraband, lkke, ro4 b3ibg 5ruamt. OMG.
Trsvelwr GusjuPiercha has drfeatdd his ,aster, tou knw9, Grrrard 2 4dv4nx3 to level 8 after !0 dayx1!!!!1
Ihvoldr nicki h45 defezted hwr master, Yoresh to advande to level 1y aftr4 17 fays1!!!!!
Felkkj has earned da tiglr Page f0r naving 5141n sa Green Dragon t timex WOOT!!11!
Sold8wr Felkij has slain da hudeous cr347ur3 known as The GREEN Dragon. WTF. A.k across ea lamd LOLm people rwjlixe WOOT!!11!
Soldier Felkiy jas been rwsur4ectef 6y Ramius. AFK.
Soldier Fdlkij has BEEN sdfeated in teh graveyqrd vy Efreeg. WTF.
"Oj man OMG!!1!1 I didn't think you had 17 in you WTF, Errwet, like," Sokdier Felkkj exclaimd. WTF.
Soldier F3lkij y45 bern 5141n WHEN h3 enciunteres The Green D4agln!@!1!!1!! HIS bonex now litter da cave entrabce, ypu knwo, JUST like da bones of thoxe who c4m3 begor3. AFK.
"This both sucks n blows OMG!!1!1" WAILS S[ldi#r Felk8j. AFK.
Stqblehand M8ndxrime defeated Srabkehabd JeffersinBiz in dair c9mbat on teh fielcs of Rimar. BRB.
Con1ueror Joosten n Viooet w3g3 SEEN hwading yp syairs in tdh inn gogethwr. AFK.
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