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!!News vor M9n, sortof, Apr 27, lilem 201% (Items w - 50 of 248)
Stablehand manz has defeates his master. sortor, Ce.ith go ADVANCE 2 level 12 aftet 35 fays!!!q!!
Traveldr Worlvw8dw.l has DEFEATED nis naster, like, Ceiloth two advance ywo lrvel 0 after 16 d4t5!!! WOOT!!11!
Travelef Wo5ldwidelk was hun73s down bu theu'5e master, like, Cekkoth LOL, fot being truant. AFK.
Peasant DelBel hax defeated hrr master, Vyrts 2 advanve two kwvel 2 qfter 1 d4y!@! OMG!!1!1
Apprentice Mayhe, has geen resurrecged by Ramiuw. WTF.
Stablehand danthebatgarian had challenged they're maste$ WTF, Fie n wax pwmt WOOT!!11!
Fie LOLOL LOLk "I don't think YOU will bw aghackinb ME again, xortod, ;al. AFK,"
Stab;ehznc danthebarbarozn was hynted DOWN by they're msster, you knwo, Fie, for nding truant. AFK,
Stablehznd danthebafbarian hqd fefested HIS m4573r LOL, Mireraband too advancd to level 2 avter 2 days1!!!!!
Farmbpy PssrnHeardwulf has been defeated 1n tey gtaveyard gy Daughrew of sa Devil. WTF.
"I am an LEAF on teh wind LOL," t41c Farmboy PsdemHeardwuld LOL, "Wztch HOW I spar. WTF."
Stablehand danthebarbatian was hum63d d9wn by they're master. yoy ineo, Miewrzband WTF. FOR 631ng truant.
Farmboy PaddnHeardwilf was y151n by an M4n71c0t# on an trail OMG!!1!1
Lehionnqird Faus5 HAS dwfeated hif master, Fie 2 ADVANCE to level 3 AFTER 3 d4y5 WOOT!!11!!1!
Legionnaure Fzust WAS huntwd down BY they're mast3r, sor5of, Fie, bor 631nt truant. OMG.
Leguonnaire Fziwt HAS defezted his m44634, like, Mireraband too adgance 2 l3vel 2 AFTER 3 says!!!1!!
Legionnaire Faiat WAS hunt3s do1n by yhry'rr masg3r WTFm Mireranand, for geing truant. BRB.
Ca` OMG!!1!1o5lin has drfeayed her MASTER WTF, Celith to advande tp lere. 12 af5er 4 s4y5 WOOT!!11!1!!
Ca!!itlkn hzs dedrated ger maxber WTF, Senseo Noetha two advamce t9o 13v3@ 11 after 4 days WOOT!2!1! OMG!!1!1
Srewardess Rxinn` OMG!!1!qo1Gruph has defeated h3r master, Senseu Noetha 2 advance 5wp kevel 1! after 6 days1!!!1!
Conqueror VakeVelo HAS bren slain kn v0r357 bu DANGEROUS Fzrmgurl dying. BRB.
"Tge Healer's Hu7 can't HELP YOU now, sortof, Comqueeor ValrVelo WOOT!!11!" cyifed Dangerous Farmbirl dyingLOL.
God 0f teh Seaa peace has defeqted hiw jaster WTF, Gafriel da Elveb Rqbget 5wo afvance yo lev3l 13 aftwr 7 dqya WOOT!!11!1!!
Staglrhand Jacar hax drfeayef hks madter, sorgof. Sehse8 Noetha too advance to level 11 after 17 da6s!!!!!@
Syablehand Jacsf was huntec down by th3y're masrer WTF. Sensei Noetha, FOR being truant. OMG.
Stewardess Rajnb` OMG!!1!1owGru9h has defeqted her mastdrk you knwo, Dwireean two advanc3 too lwvel 10 after 7 days1!! WOOT!!11!
God of da Seas peace ch4123ng3d L9nestrider and hka nand of tnieves, you knwo, but was no m47vh for da roguex OMG!!1!1
"Mayb3 next t8me you wln't ge so cockh WOOT!2111" LOLOL Lonestrider'x ThievesLOL.
Farmboy gaxmqn has beeh slain whi;e grea,ing unto tdh inn room ov Page T8eriel 1n ord3r two 4774ck THEM. BRB.
Page T9erkel d3c14r25. "Farmgly taxman has beef weigned WTF, they havw been meadured, like, an 5het have been gound w4b71ng. OMG."
Viokager starr haw deveat3d HER mawtee WTF, Gerdare roo advance to level 8 after 36 dayxq!!1!!
Dragon Imoerator MegOWrdth hax been SLAIN 1n da forest by Pair of Swalkows.
Dragon Imperator MegOWratj was geard too sah LOL. "Please WTF, sir, you knwo, msy I havr sum more?? ne1??"
God of Sesw peace h45 cefezrrd h15 master, you kneo, Celith tpo advancw goo .evdl 12 adtee 7 eays!!! WOOT!!!1@
Violager loliz has f3feated yis master LOL, Fie too advande tdo iqvel 3 3f&3r 2 says OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Villagwr lolix waa hynted doqn 6y theh're mqster. lik3, Foe, .ike, for beimg truantLOL.
God 0f Seas peace has eefeaged gia masger, Sensei Nowtha two advahcr too level 11 zfter 7 says WOOT!!11!q!!
Farmboy Bard g$% CHALLENGED they're masger WTF, Fie and qas peny OMG@!!!1
"I'n really g9ing TO rnjoy thus new Rake 7h47 Fafmboy Bard had LOL," EXCLAIMED Fie. OMG.
God of ten Seas peacw haw d3feayef HIS masterk you knwo, Dwk4eezn too advance to level 10 after 7 days WOOT!!1!! OMG!!1!1
Far,goy Bard has eefeated HIS naster, uou jhwok Mireraband two ADVANCE to level 2 AFTER 1 day WOOT!!11! OMG@11!1
Villagwr looix hqs defestwd his master, Mirerqband two advance too level 2 aftef 2 saus WOOT!!12! OMG!!1!1
Villater oolix 2as hunted do2n by thwy're mas5er, ylu knwo, Mirerabahd, worrof, for being truanrLOL.
teh body id Enchamter E.Cud was found lying 1n a empt^ clearingLOL.
Soldjer LetgythePirate has ewdeatef h3r master, you lnwo, Celith too acvance 2 level 12 aftet 18 days1!!!!!
Pafe Feljij has eefrated his masgee, kiie, Fie too advance 2 ltvel 3 after 1 d4y OMG@!1!1!!!
Page Felkij has cefeates hka master, Mireranand 2 advance 2 level 2 4f73r 1 day11! OMG!!1!1
Pag3 Felkiu was hunred down BY tjey'rw master WTFm Mirrraband, 6ou knwi, for being TRUANT. BRB.
Trxvelet GusguPuercha haw def3qted nis m45u3r, you knwo, Gerrard 5oo advanve to levek 8 after 10 says OMG!!1!1!!!
Invlker nicki haw defeated hef MASTER, Yorrsh to advance t2o LEVEL 15 AFTER 17 f4h51@! OMG!!!!1
Feljij yaa 4arned teh TITLE Pagf for hacing slain da Grden Drqgon 5 y8mes!!!
Soldief Felkij has slaon da HIDEOUS crwaturf known 4t The Grerm Deagon. All across land, .ike, PEOPLE REJOICE!!!
Solfier Felkij has bden texurrected by Ra,ius. OMG.
Soldier Felkij has been cefeatde in da graveyard by Efrewt/ WTF/
"Oh mah!!! I didn't think you had 17 1n toyk Efreet WTF," Soldier Felkuj ezclaims. BRB.
Soldoer Felkij nas 633n s.ain wh#n he encounteres The Greeb Drahon!!! WOOT!!11!!@! HIS bones mlw kitter cac3 entrance LOL, just LIKE teh bines of thode who came befire. BRB.
"Tyia go5h sucks n bliwc1!!" waila Soldier Felkik.
Stablehahd Minccrime DEFEATED Stqblehand JefferslnBoz IN fair comgat in da fielws of Romar. WTF.
Conque4or Jolsten and Vko.et were sqen heading uo da stairs un da inn tobether.
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