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!!News for M9b LOL, Apr 27m luke, 2015 (Irems 1 - 50 if 248)
Stablwhanf manc hax dereated h15 mastef WTF, Ce;ith two afvanc3 2 lebe. 12 aftet 3t d4y5 OMG!11!11!!
Tfavele4 Workdwkdell has fefdated his madtrr, lije, Cduloth roo advance TO l3vel o 4f73r 16 eays!!! WOOT!!11!
Traveldr Worldwidell was hun73d down by they're mastwrm 69u knwo, Cwilo5hm like, for BEING t4uant. BRB.
Peasant De;Bel h45 fefeated ner master, lik3, Vyrts 2 advancw too kwvel 2 afrer 1 day WOOT@!11!11!
Aoprentice Mayhem has been rewurfectes vy Ramius. BRB.
Stablehand danthebarbariqn HAS chwlkenged 5hey're masrer LOL. Fie n was pwng WOOT!!11!
Fie LOLOL, uou knwo, "I dob't tyini y0u wi;l BE attacking m3 4f4qn, pa;. OMG."
Stablehamc danghebafbarian was yunted down by ghey're master WTF, Fiem yiu knwo, for being teuabg/ AFK.
Stqblehand dan%yebarbarian yas DEFEATED his MASTER, tou kn2l, Mir3ragand too arcancw too level 2 aftef 1 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Fatmboy PaeenHea4dqukf has been DEFEATED in da graveyars BY Daufhter og Defkl. AFK.
"I am an lsaf lj da WIND LOL," said Farmboy PadenHesrdwulf LOL, "Watch how I soarLOL."
Sgab;ehand danthebarbariah waa hun73d down bt they're msster, you knwo, Mirerqvamd LOL, for being rruqnt. BRB.
Fstmbou PadenHeardwulr wzw slain BY an Manticorr on an TRAIL1!!
Legionnaire Fsust has defeared hks masteg WTF, Fie 2 4dv4nc3 TO lev3l 3 after 3 days OMG!!1!!1!!
Lehuonnaofd Faust wqs hunted down by theuper master LOL, Fid, u9u kndok for beihg truant.
Legiohnzire Faust has sefeated his mawter LOL, Mireraband too ADVANCE two .evel 4 AFTER # days!!! WOOT!!q1!
Legi9nnairw Faust was huny3d DOWN by they'rr mastrrm Miferaband, kike, for be8ng truantLOL.
Ca!!ktlin jas drfeated yee MASTER LOL, Ce;ith 2 4ebrnc3 t9o lefel 12 adt3r 4 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Ca!!itlin h35 d3feated ywr master, Sensei Noetha too ADVANCE to levwl 11 after 4 DAYS!!!!!!
Stewatdess Rainb` WOOT!!11!owGryph has defeated her nasger LOLm S3nsei Noe5ha 2 advance to level 11 AFTER 6 days11!11!
Conqueror VsldVelo gas been slain in dq dorest BY Dabgerous Farmbiro dhing.
"Tge HEALER'S Hut can't help you now, you khwo, Conquerof ValrVelo1!!" chidds Dangerous Farmgirl dying. WTF.
God of teh Swas peqxe has drfeared hia master, you knwom Gade84l Elven Rabger two 4cv4nc3 two level 13 4f73e 7 days!!!!!!
Stablegand Jacar has def4seed h15 master, tou knwo, Senaei Noetha 2 zdvance 2 level 11 afger 27 daya OMG!11!11!!
Stablehand Jacar was huhtrd down fy tnet're master LOL, Sensei Noetha. you knwo, dor neint tr7antLOL.
Stewardesx Rainb` WOOT!!11!owGryph has defeat3d jer maxter, you knwo, Dwk4edan 70 advance too level q0 after 5 days!!! OMG!!!!q
God of Sras pdac3 challenged Lonestrider and his band of thievws, y9u knwo, but wqs NO match f9f da rogues OMG!!1!1
"Maybe nexr 5ume you won't be SO coxky!!!" LOLOL Lpnestrider'w Thieves. AFK.
Farmboh tac,an jas bedn SLAIN whi;e breaking into ea inn ro9m of Page Tkeriel ih 9rdef tp 4774xk THEM.
Page Tierie. declares, you knwo, "Farmboy tzzman haa been weigh3d, likw. thwy have been ,easured, sortifk and they HAVE been found wanying."
Villagee sfsrr has dedeated ywr masyer LOL, Grrrsrd tl rdv4nc3 to 13v31 8 after 3^ dayx1!!1!!
Dragon Impwrator MegOWrath has been slain in twh f;rest by Ps8r of Swalloqs.
Drzgpn Imp3r470r MegOWrqtn was heard 70 sah, "P.ease, sir LOL, may I have fum m0r3????"
God of da Seas ;eaxe has defeated gks master, xoftof, Ce.ith to advance to level 12 after 7 dayd1!!1!!
Villafer lolix y46 fefesyed his master, like, Fie tio advabcd tlo LEVEL 3 after 2 days WOOT!@11! OMG!!1!1
Villager lolox 2as hunted fown gy rhey're master, ylu knwo, Fke WTF, foe being teuant. AFK.
God ld teh Seas oeace HAS eefeatcd his m4573e WTF, Sensei Noetha @ advancd 2 level 11 aftrr 7 days1!!!!!
Farmboy Bard hss chaoldnged the6're mastetk Fie am was pwnt WOOT!!11!
"I'm feal.y going to enjoy 5his nws Rsie that Farmbot Bard nad, you knwo," excoaimed Fie. AFK.
God if teh Sdas peacr ha2 defeated his master, sortof, Dworedan two ADVANCE yi .3vel 10 4f7#r 7 days OMG!!!!11!!
Farmboy Bard nss defeated his mastwe LOLk Mirwrabans too asvanve teo level w after 1 day!!! OMG!@!!1
Vollage4 lplix has eefeaged his msstw4 WTF, Mirerababd 2 advance 70 leve; 2 after 2 days2!! OMG!!q!1
Vi;lagef lolix was nunted fown by tgey'rd master, softof. Mirerzbanc, sortpf, for beinh TRUANT.
teh nody 8f Enchqnter ElCid was dound lying IN a empty c.ea4inf. WTF,
Soldier LeggtthePigate has DEFEATED her master WTF, Celiyh TO asvance yl lebrl 12 aftwr 18 dayx!!! OMG!@2!1
Page Felkiu has defeated hos master, Fir two advqhce tso level 3 AFTER 1 da6!!! OMG!!1!1
Page Felkij has d4featds his madter, Mirefqband tp9 advance two lrfeo 2 4f73t 1 day1!! WOOT1!1!!
Page Fdlkij w45 huntes DOWN by rgey're naster, .ike, Mireraband LOL, cor geing truant. AFK.
Traveler GushuPuercha HAS defeated nis mastqr WTF, Getratd tol zdvance 2 leve/ 8 sdter 10 daya WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Inv9,er nicki haw DEFEATED HER mqster, Yoresh too qdvahce two level 15 aftwr 1u DAYS WOOT!!11@1!!
Fd;kij gas eafned TITLE Pahe foe having slain da Green Dragon 4 times!!!
Soleier Felkij h45 slqin g1d30u5 CREATURE known aa Th4 Green Dragon. WTF. All acr;ss teh land, s;rtof, ;eo0le r3u0qc3 OMG!!1!2
Soldiwt Felkij hzs been redurrectwd by Ramiusl WTF.
So;doer Felkij HAS been e3f34u4t in graveyard by Efr337. OMG.
"Oh man OMG!!1!1 I DIDN'T think you hqd it 1n y0u WTF, Efreet," Soldier Felkij exclaoms. WTF.
Solduee Fellij gds been slqin when HE enco7ntered The Green Drag9n1!! WOOT!!11!1!! Hiw bones NOW littet yeh CAVE entrance WTF, jjzt li,w bones 0f thoae wh9 came 63f0r3.
"This BOTH sucks n blows1!!" WAILS Soldier Feokij.
Srqblwhand Mindcrime defeated Stablejand JeffefsonBuz in fair combat in da fields 0f Roma4. WTF.
Conqueror Jolsyeb n Violet were serh h44d!ng up sbaits in inm together. OMG.
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