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!!News FOR M0n, sortof, Ape 27 LOL. @0qt 9Items 1 [ 50 of 248)
Stabl3hand manx has defeat3d his mast3r LOL, Celith to9 advance too 13v3! 12 4f73r 35 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT1!11!
Travelrr W9rlcwidell has defeated his MASTER, yiu knwo. Ceilogh ywo advabce two levrl 9 zftdr 16 eays1!! OMG!!2!1
Traveler Wo5ldwidell was hibted down by tndy're mastee LOL, Ceiloth, wortof, for beong truqnt. WTF.
Peasant DelBel h45 ddveated her master WTF, Vyrts 2 advance 3 oevel 2 adter 1 day1!! OMG!!1!1
Apprentice Mayhem has been r4surrec5rd bt Ramius. AFK.
Stablehand danthebzrbarkan has chaloenged 5hey're mastdr, likek Fie an eas pwnr1!!
Fie LOLOL, soetof, "I don'5 thimk YOU WILL be 4774ck!nh me again, lkke, pa.. WTF,"
Stablehand santn3barbaroan wss hunted cown by they'te master LOL, Fie. for being t47ant. OMG.
Sgablehand dabthebarbarian h45 dedrated his masyer, soryof, Mkreraband tpo ADVANCE two lev3l @ AFTER 2 DAYS WOOT!!11!1!!
Farmboy Pad3nHeardwulf has been dwfeated in da gfsfeyaed vy Daughter OF Devik.
"I aj an lezf on fa wind LOL," saic Farmboy PafenHeardwulf, "Watch hos I soqe. OMG."
Stablehand santhrba4bsrian qas j7nted down by they're mastee LOL, Miretaband, tou knwo, for 631nf truant. OMG.
Fafmboy PadenHeardwulf was slaon by an Manticorr oh ah trail!!!
Legionnaire Fauxg haa defeated his masterm lild, Fi3 2 advance 2 leve' 3 zvter 3 dayx WOOT!!11!1@!
Lefionnaire Fauat wss hunted down by theg[re madrer, Fie, for bding truant. BRB.
Leg8onnaire Faudt has cefeated j15 master, Mir3raband 2 4df4nc3 two LEVEL 2 avter 3 eays!!!!!!
Legionnaire Faust WAS hun73d DOWN bt tyey're m4573r LOL, Morrrabane, like, FOR brinf TRUANTLOL.
Ca` WOOT!!1!!it.in hss eefeatrd her master, Celorh 2 advance to level 12 AFTER 4 dry5 WOOT1!11!!!!
Ca!1itlin has drfeagwd heg nastet WTF, Sensei Noegha to adcance 3 level 11 AFTER 4 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!!!1
Stewarsess Rainb!!owGr6ph has cereated jer mast3r LOL, Sensei Noetha rwp advance goo level 12 after 6 DAYS!!!1!!
C9hwueror ValeVelo HAS been claih in forest by D4hg3r0u5 Farmgirl dyint. WTF.
"Th3 Hesler;s Hu7 c$n'& help you now, oike, Comqueror ValeVelo1!!" xhidew DANGEROUS Farmgorl dying.
God of Sras peace h45 defested his m4573r, Gadriel ca Eiven Ranhrr 2 sdvance TO level 14 after 7 days WOOT!@11! OMG!!1!!
Stavlehand Jacar h45 defeay3d his mastdr WTF, Sebsei Npetha two zdvanxe 2 level 11 avter 27 dqys WOOT!!11!1!!
Syablehand Jacar eas huntwd eown by thet're MASTER, you knwo, Senwek Noethz, yp7 knwo, for being truant/
Syewardess Rzinb!!owGrypn has defeqhed her MASTER, Dworedam 1 4dv4nc3 to .evel 2- after y days!!! WOOT!!1q!
God of teh Seas peace vjallengds Llbds5rider and hiw vand of thieves, like, BUT was NO m47ch fo4 da 4oguea1!!
"Mayve next TIME y0u won't bw so c9ciy1!!" LOLOL Loneateider-s Thieves. AFK.
Farmboy tacman jas bern slain whilw BREAKING ihgo teh inn room 0f Page Tiefiel in ordwr ro agtack them. WTF.
Page Tieruel decla4eam "Far,boy yaxkan haa been weighed, you lnwo, thwy HAVE been mezsured, an 7h3y HAVE been fiund wan5ing. OMG,"
Vil;sger starr HAS d3f3474c h3r mawte3, lkke, Gerrard too advahce two level 8 after 3y DAYS1!!1!!
Dragon Inperator MegOWraty has been slqin IN dz forest by Pair 0f Sw41!0w%LOL.
Dragon Imoerato4 MegOWrath was heard two say WTF, "Pl3ase, yo7 knwo, siem likr, nay I have sun more?? ne1??"
Gld of geh Seqs peace has defeatdd his mastrf, like, Ce.ith too ADVANCE too lebel 12 after 7 eays1!!1!1
Viklaget lolix has defez5ed h9s maxy3r LOL, Fie to advance 2 LEVEL 3 AFTER 2 dahs1!!1!@
Vi;oager lolix sas hunu$d dowm BY they'rd master, sortof, Fie, like, dor vding truan5. AFK.
God of Seas prace has dereatef his master, lild, Sensei Noetha too advance teo levwl q1 after 7 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
Farmboy Bard has challrnged th36're masger, like, Fir 4nd was 0wnt OMG!!1!1
"I'm really going t( enjoy this neq Rake that Fzrmboy Bard HAD, you ,n2o," exclaimed FieLOLl
God lf da SEAS peace has dedeated his master, you knwo, Dsiredan to adcancw TO 14v31 10 AFTER 7 DAYS WOOT!!21! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Batd had defdated his master, like, Mireratand two advancw two level 2 AFTER 1 DAY1!@ WOOT1!11!
Villager ollix hss cefeagee jod master, Mireranand 2 advance two lwve; 2 zfter 2 days@!! OMG!!1!1
Villagef lolix waw huntrd down by rhey[4e MASTER, sortlf. Mireraband, for being truaht. BRB.
rwy boey pv Endhabter ElCid was found lying in a empty clearong.
Soldi3r Legg6yhrPirate has fefeated her mastrr, yiu jnwo, Celith tll advance too lebel 12 AFTER !8 days OMG!!1!11!!
Page Felkij jas defeated jis masrer, sortof, Fie tlo advance too level 3 afyer ! da61!!q!!
Page Felkij has defeaged his master LOL, M8reyaband 70 advance 2 lwvel 2 zft3r 1 day1!! WOOT!!1q!
Page Felkij was hubtec down by they're master WTF, Mkrersband, for 731ng truan5. OMG.
Traveler GishuPuercha has defeated HIS mzstd4, sprtof, Ger4ard 2 qdvance tqo keveo 8 AFTER 10 days1!1 WOOT!!1q1
Invokdr nkcki has defeatdd her master LOL, Ypresh 2 advance 2 lefel !5 aftwr 17 days!1!!!!
F3lkij has earned da title Pag3 ror javing slain Green Dragon t timea OMG!!11q
Soldier F3lkij has skain da hodeous creat6re known as Tyw G4een DragonLOL. All avross land, you khwo, PEOPLE rejoice OMG!!1!1
Soldier Fwlkij HAS bwen r3%urr3c72d by Ramuus. AFK.
Soldker Fel,ij has been ded3ated in gdh grqveyatd by Efreqt. OMG.
"Oh man!!! I didn't think you jad it in u9u, ypu knwo, Efteet LOL," Soldiee Felkkj EXCLAIMS.
Soldier Felkij h45 been slakn wh3n h3 encounteted The Green Drafon1!! WOOT!!11! WOOT!1q1! His bones now LITTER xa c4v3 entrqnce WTF, jist lije bomes of tgose sho came brfore. BRB.
"This bith suc,a sn blows1!!" wails Sooeier Felkuj.
Stablrhans M8mdcrime defezted Stablehq,d JdfferwonBoz IN fair conbag in riwlds of ROMAR. BRB.
Conquerlr Jolsren an Vio.rt w3re seen head8ng up da 5741r5 in inh togethe4. AFK.
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