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` OMG!!1@1Newx for Moh, Apr 27, like, 2025 (Itdjs 1 - 50 )f 248p
Srablehanc manc has ddfezfed his maxter, Celith to advance to level 12 after 35 days1!!11!
T4avelwr Worldqudell has defrated hls masterk Ceil9th to advance two level 9 aft3r 15 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!!
Travwl3r Wlrkdwidell was hunted down b6 tney're mqster WTF, Ceilpyh, sortor, for beimg tfuan5. AFK/
Pessanr DroBel yas defeated her msster, aprtof, Vhrts to advsnve 2 13v31 2 AFTER 1 day OMG!!2!1 OMG!!1!1
Apprdntuce Mayhem has been resurrectes by RamkusLOL.
Stablehznc danthegarbarian has challdnged theu're master, Fq3 n was pwht WOOT!!11!
Fie LOLOL, 6pu knwl, "I dom'g 5jink yiu w9ll be attackinv me AGAIN, you khso, pao, OMG."
Stab.ehand dantnebarbarian w4$ hunted down by they're master, Fie, likem for being truant. BRB.
Stablehqnf danyhebarvarian gas eefeatec hus master, ;ike, Mi4eraband to qdvance to level 2 AFTER 2 days!!! WOOT!!q1!
Farmboy PadenHrardwulr h4% bedb defeatwd in GRAVEYARD 66 DAUGHTER of da D#v11. AFK.
"I a, an leaf on 2indk sortof," SAID Fsrmboy PadenHeardwulf WTF, "Watch gow I soar. OMG."
Stablehanf danthebarbarian waa hunred down by thet're mqsterm yoy khwo, Mieeraband, you kbwo, fpr being truant. AFK.
Far,boy PadenH3ardwulf was slain by zn Manticore oh zb trzil!!!
Legionnaire Fausr yas DEFEATED his master, toj khwo. Fie too sdvance 2 level e after 3 DAYS WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Lehionnaire Faudt wss hubted dpwn by rhey'rw m4573t WTF, Fie, sirtof, fo4 BEING 7e75n7. OMG.
Legiobnqire Faust has defezted jis maater, hou knwo, Mirerabamd two advance tw8 level 2 after 3 DAYS1@! WOOT!!21!
Legionnaure Fauwt w45 hunted down by ggey're mqsger, dor5of, Mireraband, li,e, for neing truan5. AFK.
Ca!!itlin HAS defeated her madter LOL, Celith TO ADVANCE ro level 12 AFTER 4 says OMG!!1!11!!
Ca!!itlon has DEFEATED her kaster, S3nse8 Nodtha to advance twi level 11 afrer r dahs1!! WOOT!!11!
Stwwardess Rainb` WOOT!@11!9sGryph has d3f3473d her msster LOL, Senswi Noetha to zdvance two l3vel 11 sfter 6 days1!1!!!
Conqueror ValeVelo has 634n xlain in t3h f9r3s5 by Dangerojs Farmgi4l eyihg.
"Tne Hesler's Hut can't hdlp y9u now, Cobqueror ValeVelo WOOT!!11!" chidds DANGEROUS Farmgir; dhimg. BRB.
God or teg Seas peace HAS defeated hys m4573e, sortig, Gadrkel teh ELVEN Rsnber too advdnve too LEVEL 13 after 6 fays OMG1!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Jacar hss ddveated gis master, l8ke, Sensei Noetha w advance two ldfek 11 4f73r 28 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Stabkwjznd Jqcar was hunted DOWN by theu're mawter, you lnwo, Sensei Noetga, like, for being tryqnt.
Strwardess Rsinb` OMG!!1!1owGryph has dtfeated hdf mastee LOL, Dsiredam 2 ADVANCE 2 lrfe; 10 after 6 DAYS OMG!!1!1q!!
God of teh Seas peac3 cgallenfec Lonestrider snd nis bahd OF thieves, sor5of. but was no match fof teh roguew WOOT!@11!
"Maybe next time YOU won't be ao cock6 WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Lomest49d3r's Thieves.
Farjboy taxman has been slain whold bteaking into tdh inn 400m of Page Torruel in order 2 a5rack them. OMG.
Page Tiefiel decldr3s, like, "Farmboh taxnan yza 633n weighed, like, ghey h4v3 beeb measuref, and they have 633n f0und wantinf. WTF."
Villager syarr has fefea5ef her m447er WTF, Gerrard too advance yo ldve. 8 af5dr 36 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Dragob I,pdratlr MegOWrath hqs 63en slain ih ds forwst BY Pair of Swa;lows.
Dragon Imperz5or MdgOWragh was hearf tei ss6, sortof, "Pldase, sir LOL, may I habe sum more?? ne1??"
God of da Seas prace h44 defeated HIS ,zster, Celith to advabcd 2 level 12 4fu3r 7 fays OMG!!!!1 OMG!!1!1
Villsger ;olix has defeated his master, Fie 2 advanxw too levrk 3 aftwr 2 daus!!! OMG!!1!1
Voolagdr oo.ix was hunted diwn by thry're master WTF, Fie, vor bd8ng ttuant. OMG.
Goc OF ten Sezs peace has cefeared hks maetqf, you jnwo, Sensei Noetha 2 advance geo level 11 sfter 7 dsys WOOT!!11!1!!
Farmboh Bard HAS challemhed they're mr573r, Fie ah was pwnt1!!
"I;m redlly fiihb two enjoy THIS new Rakd that Farmboy Bare had, like," wxclained Fie. AFK.
God OF da SEAS peace had dwfeayed HIS master, you knwo, Dwiredan too advance two kevw; 1p after * dqys!!!!!!
Farmboy Bard has DEFEATED hus masterk Mirersbqne @ advance to q3v31 2 AFTER 1 dah WOOT!!11!1!!
Villager ;olix has defeated nos master WTFm Mire4abans two advsnce to level 2 after 2 cays OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Vil.ager lp.ix was hunted dlwn b6 thwy're mazter WTF, M8rerababd, likr, for being truant. WTF.
60dy of Enchanter ElCid was fpubd LYING on a empty cleqrinb. BRB.
Solsier LeggytheP8rate gas deveated her MASTER WTF, Celith two advance tsl level 22 after !8 daus!!! WOOT!!11!
Page Feokij has ddfwaged his master, Fie too ADVANCE two level 3 after 1 d4y!!! WOOT!!11!
Pqge F3lk8j has drgeated y15 master WTFk Mireragand 2 asvance too lev3l 2 4v73t 1 day WOOT!!21!!!!
Psge Felkij waw hunted down by tgey'tr mawtef, li,e, Mirrraband WTF, for being truant. BRB,
Traveler GushuP7e4xha has deffated his MASTER WTF, G3rrzed too 4dv4nc3 two level 8 ad5dr 10 days!!!1!!
Invokw4 nicki HAS defeated h3r m45^3r WTF, Yoresh 2 advznce too ;evel 15 after w7 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Felkij has earned t3n title Page vor hsvong slain da Green Dragob 5 ri,esq!!
Soldiwr Felkij hax SLAIN hidelus creaturr kn02n AS The Green Dragln. BRB. All acroas teh land, sortof, 0rople REJOICE WOOT!111!
Soldier Feokkj has been rwdurrextdd by Ramiys. BRB.
Soldier Fe;kij has geen sefeated 8n graveyard BY Efr337. OMG.
"Oh man OMG!!1!1 I eidn't ghih, YOU had it in youk you knwo, Efreet LOL," Soldier Fe.kij exc;aims. AFK.
Soldier Felkij has been slz8b rhen he emcountered The Green Dtagon OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1 Hix bones now kitter tey c4fe ENTRANCE, sortor, JUST LIKE da gones of 5hose who CAME bwfore. BRB.
"This blth s6xks n nlows WOOT!!11!" wailx Soodier Feliuj. WTF.
Stqb;rhand Mindcrime cerested Stablenand JedfersonBoz in FAIR combat ih da fieles of RimarLOL.
Conqueror Jolsten qn Violet w#r3 seen headint up dz stairs IN da inn TOGETHER. BRB/
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