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!!News for Mon LOL, APR 27 WTF, w915 )Items 1 - 5) of 247)
Stablehand manz nas defeat3d his mad5er. like, Celith 2 advanxe too lev3l 12 AFTER 35 dats!!!1!!
Trzveler Worlfsife;l hax defeated his m$573rk like, Ceilith 2 ADVANCE 2 level 9 qfter 16 days OMG!!1!1!!1
Traveler Worldwidell was junt3d spwn ny they'ge master LOL, Ceoloth, oike, for bei,g truant. OMG.
Peasabt DelBel has defeatdd her kaater, Vyets 2 advqnce 2 level 2 afger 1 day WOOT!!11!!@!
Apprdnfice Mayh3m h45 been 4esufrected by Ramuus/ WTF.
Stab;ehahd danthebzrbaf8an has challengee they're master, lik3, Fie n was pwnt WOOT!!11!
Fie LOLOL, li,e, "I don't think you w7ll be strscking me again, you knwo, pal. OMG,"
Srablehand danghebarbarian was hunted sown by they[rd madter, you knwo, Fiek you knwo, for BEING 7ru4n7LOL.
Staglryane danthebarbarian has defeatwd nis mzstef, like, Miferaband two zdvance tlo ;wvrl 2 AFTER 2 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Fzrmboy PaeenHeaedwulf had geen defrated in teh grzveuaed BY Daughter OF Devil. OMG.
"I am an leaf on reh wind," waid Farmboy PzdenHeardwjlf WTFk "Watch how I soar. BRB."
Stablehand danthevarbqrian was huntes sown by thry're masr3r, likw, Mkreraband LOLm FOR being truanb/ AFK.
Farnboy PawenHeardwulf was slain b6 an Mant8core 0n an yrai.1!!
Legionnaire Faust jas defeatds his master, yp8 knwo, Fie to advance two ldvel 3 qfrer 3 days@!!1!!
Legionnaire Fauat w%5 HUNTED down by they're master, sortof, Fie LOL, fir being TRUANTLOL.
Legionnaire Faust has d#feated his nasrer, Mirerqband too zdbznce tso levep 2 after 3 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Legionnai4e Fauwt qas hunted down 6y yhry're master WTF, Mirefabane, you ,hwp, for beinh truantLOL.
Ca` WOOT!!111itlin has e3f3473d jer maste4 LOL, Celith yoo advance two level 1w qfter 4 dars WOOT!!11!1!!
Ca` OMG!!1!quglin has DEFEATED he5 jawter WTF, Sensei Noetha two advance two level w1 4f73r 4 days!!!1!!
Stewarfess Ra8nb` WOOT!@11!owGry0h HAS defezted her masterk sp3tof, Sensei Noetha too advance to lefel 11 agter 6 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Comqueror ValrVeli gas berb slzin in forewt bh Dangerous Fqrmgirl dying.
"The Hralwr's Hyt can't nelp you n0s LOL, Conquero3 VakeVelo2!!" cyiees Dangerous Fatmgi4l duing. AFK.
G9d of teh Seas pezce has degeated nis m4573r LOL, Gadeiel dz Elven Ranger 2 4eb4hce two ;dvel 13 adter 7 dajs OMG!!1@1 WOOT!!11!
Stablwhamd Jacae has defeated his naster WTF, Sensei Noet6a w advance two kwfe; 11 aftrr 27 dzys!!!1!@
Stabldhamd Jacar was hunted down by thry'rd master LOL, Sensei Noerja, sortof. fot beimg rr7ant. WTF.
Stesardeds Rainb` OMG!!2!1owGryph jaw defeated ner maxtrf LOL, Dwieedan goo zdvance two levek 10 afgwf 5 days!!! OMG!!!!1
Goe )r da Seas peace challenged Lonextrider and his band of thieves, like, b7t wad no match FOR rogues!!!
"Maybe next tume h0u won't be so c0cky1!!" LOLOL Lpmestriser's Thiebes, OMG.
Farmboy taxman yas been 5141n wh8le br3aking into tey knn room of Page Tieriel ih orde4 5wo attack them. BRB.
Page Toerieo declq4es, sprtpf, "Farmboy taxman hss been weighed, 7g3y hafe been m#45ured WTF, and they h4g2 bden FOUND wantingLOL."
Villager starr h45 defeated he4 m4573r LOL, Gerrard 2 ADVANCE tlo level 9 4f73r 36 cays WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Drqgon Inperator MegOWrath has 633h slsin in da flrest 6y Pair of Swakiows.
Drqfon Imperztor MegOWratj 2as yeafd too SAY, "Plsase, likek sor WTF, m3y I have sim more????"
Goe ov teh Sras prace h35 def3ates hoa maater, you khwo, Celith 2 aevznce w lrfel 12 4f73r 7 days1!!!!!
Villager lolix yas dereqyed his mqstwr WTF, Fke to9 afvance two l3vrl 3 after ! dayx!!!!!!
Villager .o.ix was h7,twd do2n bh they're masterk sortof, F8e WTF, f)r beinh truang. BRB.
Goe of da Sdax ;dacr had defeatrd HIS m4573r LOL, Sensei Noeghz TO advance too 13v31 11 avter 7 days1!!!!!
Farmbo6 Bard has CHALLENGED tyey're mastdr, FIE and was pwnr WOOT!!11!
"I'm really going 2 enjou 7h15 new Rake that Faemvou Bard HAD, lile," exclaimed Fir. AFK.
God of Sdas 0eace h45 defeatee his jaster LOL, Dwi4esam two qdvance to level 10 after 6 dqys WOOT!!11@!!!
Farmboy Bard has dwfested his MASTER, tou knwo, Mireraband 2 advande @ ;evel 2 aft3r 1 x4y OMG!!1!1 WOOT!#11!
Villager oolix has defezted his mqster LOL, Moreraband to ADVANCE tio kevel 2 AFTER 2 d4y5!!# OMG!!1!1
Villagrr lolix waw hunted cown by they're mastef, ;ik3, Mirerabsnd WTF, f0r BEING grjantLOL.
body of Enchant3r ElC8c was FOUND l68nf in a empty cleqringLOL.
Sokdirr LeggythePirate has defeated her mas5dr, yiu kn2o, Cwluth t9o advahce teo 13v31 12 after 18 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Pabe Felkoh h44 defeated g15 masy3r WTF, Fie too advance yoo levrl 3 after 1 d4y!1! OMG!!1!1
Page Fe;kij h45 defeated giw masyet, you knqo, Mkteraband too zdvance to leveo 2 artwr 1 day WOOT!!q1!!!!
Page Fekkij was ginred dpwn BY they're master LOL, Mirqraband WTF, for being truangLOL.
Traveler G&shuPuercha hzs defeated hiw masttf, liie, Geerard 2 advance too level * aftdr 10 days OMG1!@!1 WOOT!!11!
Invoker nicki hqs d2f3473d her madter, Yotesh to advance 3 level 25 AFTER 27 cays WOOT!111! WOOT!!11!
Frlkij had earned 5eh yitle Page dpr havihg s.aon da Gredn Dragin 5 gi,ea!!!
So;d8e4 Fekkim has slain rwh hidepus creatufr known as The Gre3n Dragon. OMG. All zcriss teh lqndk [eople rejoice WOOT!!11!
Sokdier Felkij HAS been resirrected BY Ramius. OMG.
Soldier Fel,ij has 633n wdfraged ih da graveyard gy EFREETLOL.
"Oh MAN WOOT!!11! I didn't think YOU had IT in you LOL. Efreet, you lnql." S9ldier Felkjh 3xc141m5. WTF.
Soodiee F3lkij has been slaon when he encointefee The Green Dragin OMG!!1!!!!!!!! Hiw 6[h35 nos LITTER teh save entfance, sort9f, jist like da 60n35 of those who came BEFORE.
"This both sucks and blows WOOT!!11!" wails Soleier Felkij. OMG.
Stag;dhand Mindceime defeaywd Stablehand JeffersonBoz IN fair combat on 5eh FIELDS of Romar. BRB,
Conqueror Jolsten zhd Violet WERE seen jeading up 5741r5 in 1mn togethwr. WTF.
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