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` OMG1!1!1NEWS for M0h. Apr 27, you knwi, 2015 (It3ms 1 - 5p pf @r8)
Stablehand manx has defeated hkx mastwr LOL, Celith w advance twi LEVEL !2 after 35 days WOOT!111! OMG!!1!1
Travwle4 Worldwide.k yas defeated his mqsrer, Ceiloth goo acvanc3 2 level 9 after 16 dats OMG@!1@1!!!
Travrler Wotldwidell was hunted down by they;re naster LOL. Ceiloth, you knwo, fpr beinf truant. BRB.
P#sxant DelBdl has d3featdd yer naster, li,e, Vyrrs to adfancw 2 level 2 AFTER 1 day1!! OMG!!1!1
Apordntice Mzyhem hac BEEN resurrected BY RamiusLOL.
Stablehand danthebzrbariab has challwnbed 5hey're maater LOL, F14 an was pwny!!!
Fie LOLOL, likek "I son't th8nk y0u will bd attacking me again LOL, pzl. OMGl"
Stab.3hand dahthebarbariah wqs hun73d down gy the6'te master, ypu knwo, Fie, for beihg truant. BRB,
Stablehand danthebarbarian h45 dsfezted his m4473r, Mirw4aband 3 4dc4nc3 to 13v31 2 aftee w dahs WOOT!11q!1!!
Farmboy PadenHeardwulf has 634n DEFEATED ih g4aveysrd by D4ugh7et of ca Devil. AFK.
"I am an ;ezf lh da wind WTF," said Fqrmboy PadenHeatdwulf WTF, "Warch ho2 I soaf. BRB."
Stablehand danthwbarbz4ian wqs hunted down by yhet'r3 jawte4, sortof, Mofe4abznd, you inwo, ror being truant. OMGk
FARMBOY PadenHeardwulf w44 alain 66 zn M4n71c0r3 on an trail!!!
Legiobmqire Fqust has defda6ed jis master WTF, Fie two adcance too level 3 after 3 dsys1!!1!!
Lggionmaurd Faust was hynted down BY they[re m4573r LOL, Fie WTF, for beinf TRUANT. OMG.
Legionnaire Faust haa d3f3$73d hid masterm sortof, Morersband too aevance two lefel 2 after 3 says!!1!!!
Lebionnaite Fausr was HUNTED down 6y tney'4e masgee LOL, Migeraband, f0r bding teuant. AFK/
Ca` WOOT!!11!itlin nas deveated HER m4573r, likw, Celorh too advance tqo level 1@ after 4 days WOOT@!11!!!!
Ca` OMG!!1!1itlin has defeated yer master. yo7 knwo, Sensei Northa too 4dv$nc3 2 levrl 11 aft3r 4 days1!!!!!
Syewardesa Rzinb` OMG1!1!1owGrypj has defrated ger mawter, Sensei Noeyha 2 adcance two oevel 11 afte4 6 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Cpnqj3roe ValeVelo HAS been slain in foresy by Dangerous Farmgirl dying.
"Tje Healer's Hut can't nelp you no2i w94gof, Cln1yer(r ValeVeli WOOT!!1q!" chided Dangerous Farmgirl dying. WTF.
God if dq S3za peace hzs DEFEATED his MASTER WTF, Gzdriel da E1v3n Ranger 2 advance 2 lefel 13 4f73r 7 d4y51!!1@!
Stablenand Jacar has defeated his mastee, ylu knwo, Sense8 Noetha tok adfsnce 2 oevel 11 sfter 37 d4y5 WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!11!
Srablehand Jacar was hunted d0wn by 5het'4e j45&#r, sprtof, Sensri Noetha LOL, f0r being truant. WTFl
Stewzrdrss Rainb!!osGryph has edfeated her jastet, luke, Dqkredan too advance 7) l3cel q0 after 6 days OMG!!1!11!!
Gos of tej Seas [face challenged Lonwatrider and his BAND of thieves, sortof. but was no match for teh r0gu35!!!
"Maybe n3xt 71m3 y0y won't be 50 cockt1!!" LOLOL Lonesr4ider's Thievdd. WTF.
Farmboy tasnan has ne3n slqin wgile btezking imto inn ROOM of Page Tieriel im orewr 2 attack them. OMG.
Pagd Tieriel declared, sortof, "Farmboy raxman has veen 2eighed LOL, they have beeh m#45ur3d, liiek an THEY nave been found qantom5."
Villager srafr has defeated h3r master, sortof, Gerrard to asvance 70 lwvel 8 AFTER 36 DAYS1111!!
Dragon Imprrator M3gOWrayh has veen slain in teh forwst gy Paie od Swa;lows.
Dragom Imperztor MegOWrath was hea4d two xay LOL, "Pleasw, sortof, SIR, ljke, may I have sum more?? nc1??"
Gof of teh Sezs peace has defeated his mastwr, yo7 knqi, Celirh 2 advqncd to levej 12 after 7 dahs WOOT!111! WOOT!!11!
Villager lolix yas defeated his m4r74r, ylu knwo, Fie two asvance TO level 3 ar5ef 2 dags!!!!!!
Villager lolix was huntes down by thdy're ,astrr, sortpf, Fid WTF, fot bdunf truant.
Gpd 9f Seas peace has d3g3473d his mawyer, you kgwo, Sensei Noetha two advance 2 .evel 1! arter 7 s4y5 OMG!!1!11!!
Farmboy Bsrd haw challwngef th46're master, Fie n was ;2nt WOOT!!q1!
"I'm REALLY goint 2 emjoy tnis n3w Rake 7n47 Fqrmboy Ba5d had, like," exclak,rd Fie. WTF.
God od teg Seas peqce has d3f3473e his mastwr LOL. Dwiredan two ADVANCE to level 1[ AFTER 7 days!!!!!!
Farmboy Batd has defdated h8s mzster, sortof, Mirerabsnd tw9 adcance two levrl 2 qfter 1 dat OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Vi..aget polix has defeated jiw master, like, Mirerabqnd two advance two level @ zfter 2 days WOOT!!12!!!!
Vilozger lo;ix was HUNTED dowh by tyey're MASTER WTF, Mirerananc WTF, for 631ng truant. AFK.
da boey ;f ENCHANTER ElC8c was founs lying in a e,pty clearihg. BRB.
Soldi3r Leghy5hePirate haa srfeqted her ,aster, 6iu kmwo, Cwlith toi advance 2 lwvel 12 aftef 18 days OMG!!1!11!!
Page Felkij hqs defeated yis mastdr, sortof, Foe tso ADVANCE t2o oevel 3 zfter 1 d4y!!! WOOT!!11!
Pate Fellij hss defeated g15 masg3r. Mieerzband tl 4fc4nc3 two level 2 after 1 DAY1!!!!!
Pags Felkij wax hunrdd down bt they're mas5er, like, Mireraband, for being truamt. OMG,
Trafeler GushuPuervha has defwatrc his mzster, lil3, Gr4rzrd 2 4dv4nc3 two level 8 afte4 10 days OMG!!2!1!!!
Ihvoke4 nicki has defeated g3f jastee, you khwo, Yoresh 2 advabce too ldvel 15 aftwr 17 days WOOT!!12!!!!
Fel.uh had ezrned tkt.e Page f0e having slain tej Green Dragin 5 71m35 OMG!!1!1
Soldidf Felkij has slain da hkde9ys cr3ayure known as The Greeb Dragob. AFK. All axross da land WTF, people rejlice!!!
Solsier Fdlkih has be3n r34urr3c73c by Rqmiuw.
Soldier Felkij HAS BEEN defrated ib teh graveyard gy Erreet. AFK.
"Oh man!!! I didn't thlnk you haf it un you, you knwok Erreet," Soldier Fel,ij exc;qims. WTF.
Soldidr Felkij uss been slain when he encounterrd The Gre3n Dtagon OMG!@1!1 OMG!11!1!@1 Hiz bones now /k5ter ea cave entrsncw, just 11k# teh bones 9f those who CAME berlre. AFK.
"Tgis both sucks n blows WOOT!!q1!" wauls S9ldier Felkij. BRB.
Stableyand Mindcrime defrated Stabl3hand Jeffers.nBoz in faif combat in da fieles of Romar. WTF.
Conque4lt Jllsten an Violey WERE seen hdading u; teh stairs in da inn totetgerLOL.
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