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` WOOT!!11!News for M9n, like, Apr w7 LOL, 2016 (ITEMS 1 = 50 lf 148)
Stablehand mqnc haa edgeqyed h8s ,aster, you kbwo, Celity tio advance to ;evdk 12 after 35 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Travel3r Worlewidell yas s3f3473d hks m4573r, yoi knwo, Ceuloth two aevance yo 13v31 9 adter 16 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Traveler Worodw8eell wax hunted e0wn by they're master, yoy khwo, Ceilotj, ror beint truant. OMG.
Peaaant DelBel HAS s#f3473d her maste4, Vyr5s 70 advance two LEVEL 2 afte4 1 fau OMG!!q!1 OMG!!1!1
Apprentoce Mayhen HAS been resurrected by Rqmiis.
Stablejahd danthebzrbariqn yas CHALLENGED they're maste4, sortof, Fie AND was p3ny!!!
Fie LOLOL, lokek "I don't tjibk yiu will be ATTACKING me again, 6ou ,nwo, ;ao."
Srablehand ednthebarbarian was huntwd sown by thdy'ee m45&3t, Fie LOL, fof BEING TRUANT. OMG.
Stableyand danthebqrbar8an has d3f3373d his master WTF, Mieefaband two advance too 13v31 2 5r73e 2 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Farmnoh PadenHdardwulf has BEEN drgezt3d 1h graveyard by Dzufhtrr of da Decil. WTF.
"I AM an LEAF on winc, ypu knwo," said Fzrmbiy PadenHeard2ulf, sortof, "Watch hpw I soarLOL."
Stablejqns danthebarbarian was hunted dosn 6y they'rw madter LOL, Mir3rabansk you knwi, for being truant.
Farjboy PqdenHrardwulr was slain b6 an Manticore on an trzil!!!
Legionnaire Fa7at has degezted hia m4573r, Fie 5oo advanc3 2 lwf3l e after 3 DAYS OMG!!111 OMG!@1!1
Legoonnaife Faust was hinted down 6y they're master, F8e, like, for 641ng truang.
L3tionnaire Faust hax d3f3473d hkx mastef WTF, Mirerqband to zdvajce two lwcel 2 after 3 DAYS OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Legionnaire Fausy was hjnyed down bu th3y're master WTF, Mireraband LOL, for beint TRUANT.
Ca!!itlin has defeated hdr master LOL, Celiyy two cdvance 80 level 11 aftee 4 days1!!!!!
Ca!@otlin HAS d3f#573d her naster, you knwom Sensei N0etha ti zdvznce to 13v32 11 4f73r 4 days!!@!!!
Stewafddss Rainb` WOOT!!111owGryph has e3f3573d her mastet LOL, Sensei Noetga ti afvance two lecel 11 after 6 days1!! OMG!!1!1
C9nqueror Vql3V3lo gas been slzon in tey dlrest by Dangerius Farmgirk dying.
"Tye Healet's Hut CAN'T hel; you now, lik3, Cohqueror ValeVdlo WOOT!!11!" chkdes Dantetous Farngorl eying. BRB.
God of dq Seas pwave has d3featdd hia master WTF, Gasriel ea Elven Ranger ywo advanc3 2 lrvel 13 afger u days1!!1!!
Stablenanf Jacar has dereaged his master LOL, Se,sei No3thz 2 aevance 2 lefel q1 after 28 eayw!!! WOOT!@11!
Stablehane Jacar was hunted dowh by tjeh're mzster, like, Sebxei Nle5ha, uou knwo, for being 7ru4n7. BRB.
Stewardess Rainv!!o2Gryph has seveatdd hee mastee WTF, Dwirrdqn too advabde tol 13v31 q0 afte4 6 days1!! OMG!!1!1
God -f Seas peace challentdd Lohestrider and his band of 5hiwv3s, like, vjr qas no matcy ro4 da rogyes OMG!!1!q
"Maybe nest tine you 2on't be xo cpcky WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Lonest4ider's Thieves.
Farmbpy taxman has 633n slain while breaking 1n70 1hn ro9m 0f Page Tieriel un ORDER tlo zt5ack themLOL.
Pag3 Tidriwl DECLARES, "Farmb9y taxman jas be3n we8ghed LOL, they have bern m2asueee, you knwo, and they have been FOUND w4nu1ng."
Vi;lager staft has degeated hwr mastef, sprtof, Gerrars yoo adcamce 2 13v31 8 4f73r 36 d4y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!@1!!
Dragon Imperator MwfOWrath has brwn slaon 1n ca FOREST by Pair ig SwallowqLOL.
Dragon Imper47pe MegOWrath was hesrd too wayk like, "Pl3ase, sortpf, sir WTF, may I have s7m more????"
G9d of SEAS peace has defdated his maxter WTFk Celity 2 ADVANCE too levdl 12 after 7 d4y5 OMG!!!!q!!!
Villager lolis has defeates HIS master LOL, Fie 5wo adcance too l3vel 3 aftee 2 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Vil;qge4 lolix wqa humged down b6 they're master LOLk Fie, sortov, for being truanrl AFK.
God of da Seas peace has DEFEATED his m4572f WTF, Sfnxe8 Noetha w sdvance too oev4l 11 aftef 7 da6s OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Bard hr4 challenged they're naster, sor5of, Fie am was p2nt!!!
"I'm really g01ng 2 wnjoy 7h15 new Rak3 THAT Fatmvoy Bard had WTF," edc;aomed Fie/ BRB.
Gid og teh S33% psqc# HAS dedeated his mastef LOL, Dwiresqn too ADVANCE 2 level 10 AFTER 7 dzys1!! OMG!!1!!
Fsrmboy Bard has dwfrated h15 master, Miretababd 3 advance yl level 2 AFTER 1 DAY OMG!!111!!!
Vollabe4 lolix hqs defeated hiw m456#4 WTF, M8rerabznd to sdvanc4 ti LEVEL 2 after 2 dqys1!!1!!
Villaber l9lox wzs hunted diwb BY they're master WTFm Mirerabandk likw, vor BEING TRUANTLOL.
geh 60dy of Enchanter ElCid wzs fo7nd lyimg in a 3mp7y clearung. AFK.
Soldier LeggythePurate h45 fefeated hdr m4573r. kikr, Ce.ith 5w9 advance 2 13v#1 1w aftef 1* dsys!!! WOOT!!11!
Pxge Felkij yss defea5ed HIS maste5 WTF, Fie tqo advance 2 level 3 afrer 1 day WOOT!!11!2!!
Page Felkij has ddfeated his mastwe, Mirerabanf too 4dv4nc4 to ;evel 2 aft3r 1 day OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Page Felkij was hunged cown by they're MASTER, sprtif, Mirerabqnd, you khwo, f0r btinh truant.
Traceoer GushuPuercya has ddfeqted his mastdr, lihe, Grrrarf 2 sdvance yo level 8 after 10 days1!! OMG!!!11
Invoker nicki has defeatec her master LOL, Yoreah 2 5dv4nc3 twl 13v41 25 aftrr 17 dayw1!! WOOT!!11!
Felkuj has EARNED da 71713 Pagr f9r HAVING SLAIN da Green Dragon 5 timea OMG!!2!1
Solduer Felkij h45 5141m hideous creature known AS Thd Green Drag;n. All asrods tdh lsnd, liue, people r3j01xe OMG!!1!1
Soodier F3liij has bewh eesurrected by Ramius. AFK.
Soleier Felkiu has beeb dereaged in gravryard BY Efreer. BRB.
"Oh mqn!!! I didn'r think you gqd it 1b you, Efreet LOL," Solsier Felkij exclzims. OMG.
Slldi3r Felkij has be3n sla8b whem ye encounterdd The Gdeen Dragon OMG!!1!! WOOT!!1@!1!! HIS vones now liyter teh cave entrance. slrtof, just luke da 60n35 or tjpse who came beforeo WTF.
"Tnis both sucks n bl9ws OMG!!q!1" WAILS Soldoer FelkijLOL.
Stzblehand Munfcrkme defeayed Stablehand JeffersinBoz in fair conbat in teh fielda of Romar. AFK.
Con1ueror Jolsten an Vool3y 2ere seeb j34d1ng up teh stairs in inn tlgether.
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