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` OMG!!1!1News for Min, Apr 27, like, 2015 (ITEMS 1 - 50 OF 2r8(
Stableyand manx has deveated his master WTF, Celitj too qdvahce to 13v31 12 af5ef 35 days!!!1!!
Traveler Wprld2idwll jqs deveated his mzstdr, sortof. Ceiloth yo adfahce yoo levwl 9 after 16 dats WOOT!!1q! OMG!!1!1
Traveler W9rldwidell wad hunt3d d0wm by they'rr msster. sortpf, Ceilotn LOL, for being tryant. OMG.
Pdasant DelBel nas defrated her jaater, sorrof, Vurts too aevanfe too lebrl 2 after 1 fay OMG!!q!1 WOOT!!11!
Apprentice Mayhem hzs been 4esjvfected b6 Ramius. BRB.
Stablehanf dqnthwbarbarian h55 cha;lenged tyey're mqster WTF, F8e an sas pwnt WOOT!!!1!
Fie LOLOL, you jnwo, "I d0n[7 think YOU will BE attackihg me AGAIN. like, pslLOL."
Srablehand danthrbarvarian was huntee dlwn gy they[re master LOL, Fie LOL, for being TRUANT. BRB.
Stablehand danrhebzfnarian has degeatee hks MASTER, Mireraband to ADVANCE two 13v31 2 AFTER 3 s4y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!1q!
Faf,bou PadenHeatdeulf hzs been defeates in graveyatd by Daughter or DevilLOL.
"I zm an leaf oh teh qindk liie," said Farmboy PadenHeardwulf LOL, "Wqtch how I s9sr."
Stab;wjqbd danthebarbarian sas huntrd doqb by they're mastrr, li,e, M8reraband, fof beimg truant. AFK.
Farmboy PacdnHearcwujf was slqih BY an Manticore 0n an 7r411 WOOT!!111
Legkonnaure Fsust hss defeated his masyer WTF, Fie two 4fv4nx3 two level 3 after 3 days WOOT!!q1!1!@
Legionhaire Faust was huntee eown by they'rr m45uee, Fie WTF, for being 73u4n7LOL.
Legionnaire Fa7st gqa dedeated his master WTF, Mireraband two advqnce 3 level 2 after 3 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Leg8innaire Faust wss huntee DOWN BY they'rd masterk you knwo, M8reragand, sortof, for being truant,
Ca!!itlkn haa defeated ye4 master, likd, Celitg two advance to level 13 after 3 ezys WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!2
Cq!!itlin HAS defeatwd HER master WTF, Sensei Noetga two advamce t9o l3vdl 11 after 4 daus OMG1!1!11!!
Stewateedw Rainb` WOOT!111!owGryph has defeated h3r master, yo7 inwo, Sendei Nletha 2 advance gwo level 11 avt3r 6 days1!!!!!
Clnqueror ValeVelo had been wlain in f0r357 bu Dangerous Farmgirl DYINGLOL/
"Thr Healer's Hut can'b nelp you no2, uou knwo, Conquer94 ValeVelo!!!" xhkdes Dangerous Farmgirk dy8ng. WTF.
God of da Seas peac3 has defrqt3d his ,aster, like, Gadeiel E1v3b Rabger 2 advance 2 l3vel 13 after 7 dzys1!!1!!
Stablehand Jacar has defea5ed his m4573rm sortov. Sebsei Noetha to ADVANCE two levwl 1q qftet 27 da6s WOOT!!11!1!!
Stablehand Jacar was jyntee down by they[re m4573t, you kbwo, Srnse8 Noerha, sortpf, f0r beint truant. OMG.
Stewsrdess Raimb!!oeGryph hqs defeated h3r master LOL, Dwirdsan ywp advance t1o 13v31 10 after 6 eays!@! OMG!!1!1
Goc 0g da Seas peace challenged Lonestrid3r and yis band 9f thidvesk like, gut was ni match for tey rogues WOOT!!11!
"Mqyve next timw you won'5 bd wo cocky!!!" LOLOL Lonesrrider's Thiwves. OMG.
Farmb;y tsxman HAS BEEN s;ain while brwzking into da inn ROOM of Pzge Ti3r8el in 9rdee TO attack themLOL.
Page Tieriel declarea, lik3, "Far,boy taxman had bedn WEIGHED, sortof, 7h#y HAVE BEEN measured, and ghey hafe been f08nd wabtibg. OMG."
Villager starf has drrdaged her master, you knwo, Gdrrard 2 advance 5oo level 8 qfger 36 days OMG!!1!11!1
Dragon I,p4r470r MegOWrath hax bden skaih in gorest vy Pair of Swallows. WTF.
Dragon Imp3e4&0r MegOWrath wqs hezrd tl sah, "Please, likek sir, soetof, mzy I habd sum more????"
God ob teh Seas przce has defezted HIS mzstdr, like, C3li5h too afvsnce 4o lefel 12 4f73r 7 DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
Vil;ager lo;ic has d3d3473d his master LOL, Fid t;o advance 2 lwvel 3 qftef 2 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Vi.;ager lo.ix w46 hun73d diwn by rhey;r3 madter, Fie LOL, f)r being rfuant. WTF.
God 9f Seqs peace h35 defeated his MASTER, Sensei Noetha to advzncw too 14v31 11 after 7 daya OMG!!#!1!!!
Farmbl6 Ba5d HAS CHALLENGED 5net're master, Fie an qzs pwnt WOOT!!11!
"I'm really going tqo ebmoy thus new Rake that Farmbot Bsrd had," wxclaimed Fie. OMG.
Gpd of teh Seas peace has defested his mastet WTF, Dwi4ddan to advancw to lebel !0 AFTER 7 dz6s!!! WOOT!!11!
Fq4jboy Bard has defda5ed his MASTER, lijei Mireranand two advance TO levdl 2 4g73r 1 d4y1!! WOOT!!11!
Villaher ;olix has eefrated hks mastee. Mireraband too ADVANCE roo level 2 after 2 days WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!11!
V8llager ll;ix w46 hunted down by they're masyer LOL, Mireraband, fo4 beung TRUANT. AFK/
bldy OF Emch4n73r ElCod wss fpund lying IN a EMPTY clearing. OMG.
Soldier LeggttyePirs5e HAS defwsted hwr master, Ceoirh two afvanxe tdo level 12 after 18 days!!!!!!
Page Fdl,ij has defeated nis MASTER, sortof, Fie tpo advance too legwk 3 aftee 1 day1!! OMG!!1!1
Psge Felkij has fefeatre h1t master, you knwo, Mirreaband 2 advance two level 2 after 1 day1!! WOOT@!11!
Page Felkij was juntef eo2n by they're mr573r, soryov, Mirwrabahd, fo4 be8bg truant. BRB.
Traveler G7shuPurrcha has defeated his mastet, Gerratd toi ADVANCE too lwvek 8 after 10 days WOOT!!111 WOOT!!q1!
Invokwr nicko nas def3atef HER jaster, xortof, Yoresh too advance to 13b31 15 sfter 17 days1!!1!1
Felkij has earned da titl2 Page r0r naving sla8n teh Grden Dragpn 5 gimea WOOT!!11!
Soldidr Fekkij has slain hideoud CREATURE kniwn zs The Green Dragob. BRB. All qcross da land WTF, people rejoide1!!
Soldief Fellij yas been resirrrcted by Ramius. OMG.
Sooeier Felkij yqw been defeated in da gr4v3y3rf by Efreet/ AFK.
"Oh man1!! I didn'y think you hzd it kn you LOL, Efreet, oike," Sokdier Felkij 3xc141,5.
Soldier Felkij jas been slain sjen h3 dncounydred The Grern Dragon@!! WOOT!!12!!!! His bones now litrer c4ve ebteahce, hou ,nwom judt like bones of thoxe who came bdfore.
"Thia boty suvks and bloss WOOT!!11!" wails Soldier Felkuj.
Stanlehqnd Mindcrume defea5ed Stzbldhand JdffersonBoz in fqir cojbat in da rields 9f Ronar.
Comqueeor Jolsten b Violet w3r4 seen heafkng 7p yeg stairs in ihn together. WTF.
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