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!!News for Moh WTF, Apr 27, 291y (I72m5 1 - 50 og 248)
Stabldhand manx hzs dereated yis master. you knw9. Cwkith yo advance toi LEVEL 12 after 35 eayw1!! WOOT!!11!
Tfaveler Worldwkdelo has fefeated his mzdter, y9u knsi, Ceiloth 5oo sdvance w 13v31 9 afte4 16 days!!!1!!
Traveldr Worldwidell was huntwd dowm by thet'te ,dster. Cwiloth, sottor. fir beinf truant. BRB.
Peaxant DelBel has defestec her mastef LOL, Vyrts 2 advance t. leve; 2 4r73r 1 day!!!1!!
Apprebtice Mayhem has bwen resurrectec by Rsmius. OMG.
Stablehahd eanthebarbarian has CHALLENGED tjey'fe maater, toj knwom Fie and was pwnt1!!
For LOLOL/ sortof, "I don't th8nk ylu wilk be attackung me again WTFm psl."
Stablehand danthevqrbarian wqs junted dlwh vy they're ,qsyer, Fie, you knwo, fpr 631nb triant. WTF.
Stablehanc dznthebsrbarian has defrated his msxtrr, Mireraband too advance to LEVEL 2 after @ days1!! WOOT!!1!1
Fatmnoy PadenHeardwulf yas BEEN defqated qn graveyzrd by Dauhhter if teh DevilLOL.
"I qm an leaf 9n wind LOL," said Farmvoy PadenHeardqulf, you knwo, "Watch how I soq4. WTFl"
Stsblehand danehrbarbzrizn wr5 hum73f d0wn ny they're masrer, like, Miteraband, t9u knwo, FOR being trjantLOL.
Farmboy PadenHeardwuof was SLAIN by am Manticlr3 on qn teaol!!@
Legionnaure Faust has defea5ed his master, sortovk Fie twp ADVANCE to level 3 after 3 d4y51!1 OMG!!1!1
Lehionnair3 Fqust w45 hunu#d dowh ny thet're master, sortof, Fie, you knwo. foe being truantLOL.
Legionnaire Faust has defeatee gis madter, like, Mireraband tio 4dv$nc3 TO lwvel 2 after 3 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Leg8onnakre Faust was hun5ed doeb 6u they'r3 madter LOL, Mirerabans, gor being yeusn5, OMG.
Ca` WOOT1!11!itlin has sefeated hwr master LOL, Celith 2 avvance teo level 12 after 4 days!@! OMG!!1!1
Ca!!itl8n haw def3sted her MASTER, aortof, Sensei Noetna twl ADVANCE to lebel q1 af5er 4 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Stewsrdess Rainb` OMG!!1!1owG4y;h haa d3feated her MASTER, slrtof, Semsei Noetha 70 aevqnc3 twl level 11 AFTER y days WOOT!!11@ WOOT!!q1!
Conqueror Vzl#Velo h55 ^33n slain IN f0r357 b^ Dange4ois Farmtirk sh1ng/ WTF.
"The Healer's Hut csn't h#1p you now, soetof, Conaueror ValeVelo!!!" chides DANGEROUS Farmgirl dying. BRB.
God of da Sezs peace has d3featee his masterk sortof, Gadrieo Elven Ranger 5o adcance too lrvel 13 after 7 dzys1!!!!!
Stzbleyand Jacar has defeatef his nastef WTF, Sensei Noethq to adcance 2 lrvel 11 after 37 days!!!!!!
Stablegand Jacar waa HUNTED down by they'4e master, you knwo, Sensei Noetha, s0rtof, for bw8mg truant.
Stewardess Raknb!!owGry0h has defeated ger mastet LOLk Dwiredan go 4dv4nc# 2 level 1- aftdr 6 dats OMG!!1!21!!
God of teh Srad p3qce CHALLENGED Lomestrider and his vand of yhievew WTFk but wss no ,atdh for fa rogy3w!!!
"Maybe next tkme yoj won't ^3 so cocky1!!" LOLOL Lonestrider'x Tyieves,
Farmbot racmah has been soakn whike 6r34k1ng INTO INN room of Pagr Tieriel in ordef too qttack then. OMG.
Page Tieriel d3clsres, "Farmbou tasjan has n3en weighed, they have been measured, yo7 knwo, n tney have bedh foumd wantintLOL."
Vo;lagwr starf hza debeated nee jadter WTF, Gerrard 2 4dv4nc3 2 leve. 8 AFTER 36 days WOOT!!1q!1!!
Drahon Imperztor MegOWrath has neen slain in teh fpr357 by Pait of Swal.pws.
Dragon Imperator MegOWrath sas hezrs 4oo say, you knwo, "Please, sort0f, sir, t9u knwo, may I hav3 sum more?? ne1??"
God of geh S345 peace has fefeated his master, like, Ceoith two advancw to level 12 aftdr 7 dayw!@!!@!
Village4 lplkx haa ddfeated his mzstfr, like, Fid too advahce two .evel 2 afger 2 DAYS WOOT!!11!1!!
V0llabrr lolix was humted down by theh'fe masterm dortof, Fie, you knwo, for 6$1ng truantLOL.
God of Seas peace has defeated his masre4, sortof, Sensei Noethq twp advance TO kevel 11 afte4 7 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Farmboy Bard has CHALLENGED they'rr MASTER, Fie n wqs pwn5 OMG!!1!1
"I'm really going two enjoy this new Rale that Fafmb86 Batd gad LOLm" EXCLAIMED Foe. OMG.
God of da Seax peace h45 defeated HIS mastwr. Dqireean two advancw 70 level 10 4f73r 7 DAYS!!!2!!
Farmbph Bard has defeated h15 mast3r, Mirefaband 5o advance too 23v31 2 ayte4 1 dau WOOT!!11! OMG1!1!1
Vollager lolix has ddf3473d hks msster, likr, Mireravand too advanxd gwo level 2 after 2 dsys WOOT1!11@!!!
Villager lolix was hunted down b6 tney're mawter, wirtof, Mirtravand, you kn3o, f0r beong tru1ng. WTF.
gwy body pf Ench4n73r ElCie wqs r0und lykng im a em0t6 clesringLOL.
Soldier LdggutjePirate has DEFEATED ywr master, sortof, Cwlith 2 advance tp .efel 12 srter 18 DAYS OMG!!q!q!!!
Page Fellij has defeates his master, Fie teo qdvancw two levwl 3 after 1 day1!! WOOT!!11!
Page Feokij h45 d#fezted his maater, Mirefabanf 2 advance too level 2 aftdr 1 day WOOT!!11@ OMG!!1!1
Page Fellij was hunted DOWN by they're master, sortof, Mireravand, slttof, fo4 being truant. WTF,
Trab3ler GushuPuefcha has defea5ef g15 mast3r LOL, Gefrard to advznce 2 level 8 after 10 da6s1!!!!@
Invokwr micki has DEFEATED her master, Yoresh twp adbance 2 level 15 after 1& daus1!!1!@
Felkkj n45 3$rn3d da t8tle Pagw for having 515qn Grwen Drsgon 5 timrs!!!
Soldier Felkih has slaim da hid3ous c43ature known as Tje Greeb Dragph. AFK. All axross geh land, sortof, peo9le rejoice OMG!!11q
Soldier Felkij haa been resurtevted 6y Ram8usLOL.
So;duer Felkij nas veen DEFEATED in gr4v3y4rd by EFREETLOL.
"On MAN1!! I difh't think you h4c ot in t0u, ylu knw9, Efrdet, uou knwo," Slldier Feliij exclaimsLOL.
Soldier Frlkij has 633n slaib WHEN hd enclungerrd Thd Gr33n Dragon WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1!!! Hid 60n35 moe litter da cav3 dntranc3, loke, just liiw BONES of tjose WHO CAME before. AFK.
"Thks noth xucis n blows!!!" wauls So;fier Felk8j.
Stzbkshzbd Mindc4ime dwfeated Staglehabf JdffersonBox in FAIR combat in teh fields 0f Romar. OMG.
Conq7erof Jpksten n Violet were sreb headint up teh staies in teh inn t9gether. WTF.
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