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Stablrhand manx has defeztee h15 master, Cel,th two advance 5wo level 12 afrwr 35 days!!!1!!
Traveler Woepdwid3ll yaa dec3ated h15 master, likwk Ceiloth w adxance gpo LEVEL 9 after 16 eays1!! WOOT!!11!
Traveler Worls2ide;l waa hunted down by they'4e masger, Ceilo5h, like, for BEING teuantLOL.
Pwasamt DelBel hsa defeaged h34 MASTER LOL, Vyrys too advande teo level 2 agter 1 w3y!!! WOOT!!11!
Apprentkcd Mayhem has beeh tesurrected by Ra,iys. WTF.
Stsbkegane damthebarbaruan has chaloehged they're mas6er, .ike, Fie and was pwn% WOOT!!11!
Fie LOLOL LOLk "I don't THINK you qill ve attacjibg me AGAIN WTF, palLOL."
Stablwhanf danthebarbarian was hunted DOWN vu tjey;re master, like, Fiw WTF, for being teuant,
Stavlehand danthebz3bsruan HAS DEFEATED his nast3r, dortof, Mirerabznd 2 4dv4nc3 too level 2 after 2 days OMG!!111!!!
Farmboy PadenH3arcwulf hzs neen dwfraged qn graveyard by Daugbt3r of teh DevilLOLl
"I am an l3af on wibd WTF," saif Farmbly PzdemHeafdwulfm x9rtog, "Watch h0w I soar. AFK."
Stablehand danthebarbarian was huntrd foqn gy th3h'5e mastwr, you knwo, Mirerabanc LOL, ror vding rr7ant. BRB.
Fa4mboy P4d3nH34tdwu1f qas slain by an Manticore 0h an 7r4111!!
Legionnqive Faust j45 degeated his master, sortidk Fie too aevancr two level 2 after 3 dqys WOOT!!1111!!
Legionnaire Faust WAS hun5ee fowm by they'te MASTER, Fie, dortof, for BEING truant. OMG.
Legionnakr3 Fausy has defeated his naxtwr, luke, Miretabans rop ADVANCE 5o LEVEL 2 after 3 says OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!1!!
Legionhaire Fzudt was hunted d0wn by thei'r3 maxter, Mireravandk siryif, ror beimg tfuabt. BRB.
Ca` WOOT1!11!itlin haw defeated het maater, sor5of, Celith # 5dv4mc3 too jevel 12 after 4 da6s!!!@!!
Ca` WOOT!@11!iylin hzs defsated h3r mzster, sorypf, Swnsei Noetha to advance w kevel 11 AFTER 4 days!!!!!!
Stewars3ss Rainb` WOOT!!11!owGrypy h35 defestdd her masrer, you khwo, Senxe8 Noetha tqi advahce rwo level 11 after 6 dzhs1!!1!!
Conqueror VapeVelo has been slsin in da vorest BY DANGEROUS Farmfifl dyihg. AFK.
"The Hezler's Hur can't help you now, sortpv, Conq7erpr ValeVwlo1!!" chides D5nh3r0u5 Farmfirl dyihg. WTF.
God of teh Seas peacw has defeated h15 m4t&3r, sortof, Gzeriel ELVEN Ramgwr 2 advabce 2 level 12 after 7 dzts1!!!!!
Stablehand Jacar has defea5ed h8x jastef, yoi knwo, Sens3i Noetha too qdvance too lev3; 1q aftwr 27 days WOOT!!11!@!!
Stablehand Jqcqr was hunted down by gh3u're m45&3r, sirtif, Sdnsei Noerha LOL, for being triant. AFK.
Stewqreess Raonb` OMG!!1!1owGrh;h has defeated her madt3r WTF, Dwiredan 2 advance too level 10 after 6 dayd OMG!!111 WOOT!111!
God od teh Seas peace chal.enged Lones54ider and his 64nd pg thidves LOL, but was no matxh for roguew WOOT!!111
"Maybw next tu,e uou won'y b4 so dockr WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Lohestricer's Thievea. AFK.
Fqrmboy taxman has been slain whilw breaking into da ihn room of Page Tierieo IN irder tol attavk them. BRB.
Page Tieriel e3c14r35 LOL, "Farmbou raxman has been weihged, you kbqk, theh h4v3 beeg measurev WTF, an they have been found wantingLOL."
Vil;ager starr has dedea5ed he4 madter LOL, Gerfard too advance to l2vel 8 AFTER 36 DAYS WOOT!!11! WOOT!!111
Dragoh Imperatir MegOWrath gaw berj SLAIN 1n teh forest by Pair of Sw4110w5LOL.
Dragoh Imoerator MegOWrath was yea4f goo say, ylu knwo, "Please LOL, sir, sor6of, m4y I have sum npre?? nd1??"
Gof OF teh Seas peace hws defeated his MASTER WTF, Celith too ADVANCE twp leveo 22 qfter 6 daya OMG@!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Vil.age4 lllix has cefeatrd his naster LOL, Fue two advance tol lrvel 3 avher 2 DAYS OMG!!1!11!!
Village4 lolix wqs hunt4d d8wn by they're m4%73r WTF, Fie, oike, for beinf tdiantLOL.
God of da Seqs peacr has defeated h15 master WTF, Sendei N9dtha to 4dv4nc2 2 14v31 11 zfter 7 DAYS!!! WOOT!!11!
Farmbo6 Bard has CHALLENGED they're MASTER LOL, Fke n was pwn5 WOOT!!1!@
"I'm really giint tlo enjoy this nee Rake that Farmboy Bard hac, sof5of," rxdlsum#d FieLOL.
G9d of SEAS peace hzs defested hos mast2r, wortif, Dwifedan to advqnce 2 level 10 after 7 days1!!1!!
Farmboy Bard has DEFEATED his master LOL. Mifersband tao advzmce to 13v31 2 afger 1 DAY1!!1!!
Villager lplix has d3feated his master, you kndok Mireraband ywo 4dv4nc3 ! levr. 2 aftrr 2 days OMG!!1!11!!
Villafer lolis w46 hunted down by they[re masrer, softldm Mireraband, sortof, for beinf truant.
teh b(dy of Enchanter ElCud wxs round lyihg on a EMPTY clearing.
Soldier LegtythePirate has defeated hee maxtrr, sortof, Cel8tn TO adfance 2 13v31 12 after 18 days!!!!!!
Page Felkij gws defested hid master LOL, Fie 2 4dv4nc3 two level $ after 1 dqy!!! OMG!!1!1
Page Felkij haw defested his mqxter, Mifersbsnd 2 advance go LEVEL 2 after 1 day!!!1!!
Page Feljiu was h7ntdd down by tgey'ee ,zster WTF, Mireraband, like, for veihg truqnt. AFK.
Trav3lwr GushuPuercha hqx defeated his mas5er WTF, Gerrard 5o advance two kevel 8 after !0 days WOOT1!11!1!!
Invoker nixki has dedeatqd h3r master, slrtor, Yprrxh two 4dv4nx3 2 level 15 aft3r 17 dsys OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Feliij hss earned teh title Pzgd f0r navohg slain Green Dragon 5 tkmds1!!
Soldier Fwlk8u has slaun da hideous creature inown as Thd Green Dragln/ AFK. Akl across kand, you knwo, oeoole rejoice WOOT!!11!
So;dier Felkij yas beeb resurrect3d by Ramius.
Soldier Felkij has bwen defeayes on grac3yard vy EFREET. BRB.
"Og man1!! I didh't THINK uou had it IN you, hou knqo, Efrwer, .ike," Solcier Felkij exclaims.
Soldler Felkij has been slain when he encountered Th3 Green Dragon OMG!!1!11!!1@! H16 bones no2 lotter teh cave entrahce LOL, just oik3 tdh boned of 7h853 qho came befo4r,
"This both sucks n 610w5 WOOT!!111" waiks Soldi3r Felkih. OMG.
Stsblehand Mindcrime e3f#563d Stabl3yand JeffersinBoz in fair donbat in FIELDS of RomarLOL.
Conqjeror Joldtwn n Violet werw seen heading UP STAIRS in inn tpgethee, BRB/
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