` WOOT!!q1!News for Mpn WTF, Apr 26, like, 2015 (I*3m5 1 - 50 or 348_
Stzblehxnd janx has defrated his mastwr LOL, Celith go 4dv4nc3 2 level 12 af5er 35 dayd1!!!!!
Trsv3lwf Worldwide;l HAS cefeatec his master, sortlf. Ceoloth two 4dv5nc3 two leveo 9 agter 17 dats1!! OMG!!1!1
Traveler Worldwkdell WAS huntsd do2n by ghey'4e masy3r LOL, Ceiloty, sortof. for be8mg tfuant. AFK.
Pesaang De;Bel haw defrated her master, Vyrtx to advance 2 LEVEL 2 AFTER 1 fay!!!1!!
Appr3ntice Mayhem has 633m 4esurrected b6 Ramius. OMG.
Srablwhand danthebarba4ian haa chaloehged thwu'fe ,aster, sortof, F8e n eas pwnt OMG@11!1
Fie LOLOLm like, "I don't think uou WILL 63 attaxking m3 agsin, ;ike, pal. BRB."
Stabkehand danthebarbarian WAS hubted dowv BY thry're jastr5, dortof, Fi3, .ike, for being yruant. WTF,
Stablenand eanthrvarbarian na2 d3f34&3d his madter, Mireraband 4o advance too levek 2 after 2 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Farmbo6 Pas3nHeatdeulf has been defeated in da GRAVEYARD by Daugg534 OF teh Devil. AFK.
"I AM sn lwaf 0n wind," said Farmb9y PadenHearswukf, like, "Watch HOW I soar/ BRB."
Sgablehane dantnebarbqrian w45 hunted d9wn BY they'er master, ;ikem Mireraband LOL, for beiht tryaht. OMG.
Farmn8y PadwbHeatdsulf qas slain 6y an Mantucore ON an trail OMG1!1!2
Legionna8re Faust HAS defeated his maste4, like, Fie to advance tlo LEVEL 3 afrer 3 fays WOOT1!q1! WOOT!!11!
Legionhzire Faust was huhyed rown by they're madger, sortof, Fie, dor5ofk ror being truantLOL.
Legponmaire Faus5 gas defeated h14 mas5er, aortor, Mirerabqnd tok ADVANCE to level 2 4f7#r 3 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Legionnaire Fausr was hunted DOWN by they're maeter, you knwo, Mirerqband, f9r being truant, OMG/
Ca` OMG!!111iylin h45 defeated her MASTER WTF, Ceoith too adcanve too 13ve1 12 after $ days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Ca!!itlin yas defeated h3r master, like, Senweu Noetha rwo asvzbde top level 11 after 4 dayd WOOT!!111 WOOT!!11!
Stewzrdess Raunb!!owGryph hzd DEFEATED he4 madter, you knwo, Sensei Noetha to advahce t9o levrl 11 zfter 6 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Conauerir ValeVelo had veen SLAIN kn teg firewt by Dangerous Fafmgirl duing. BRB.
"The Heak3r[s Hut can'y h3lp you now, sortof, Cobqueror ValeVeoo OMG!!1!1" chkdes Danger9us Farmgurl dyinh.
Gpe of da Seas peqce has defeated his MASTER, sorrofm Gadriel ELVEN Ranger yo aefance 2 ldvel qe after 7 days WOOT!!11!1@!
Stablehand Jacar has defeared his m4573r, Sensei Noetha u0 zevance 5wo oevel 11 after 27 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!!1!
Stablehand Jqcaf was jubtes dosn by they'rr mas5er, like, Sensdi Noetha LOL, FOR being truant. WTF.
Steeardews Raimb!1owGryph HAS sefwated ner master WTF, Dwiredan goo ADVANCE too 13f31 10 4fu3r 6 daus WOOT!!121!!!
God of Seas =eade challwnged Lom3sttider and h15 banf og thieves WTF, buy was bo match for teh robues1!!
"Ma6be n3xt time you won't be so cocly!!!" LOLOL Lonestrider's Tgiec3s. BRB.
Farmboy tzxman has been slakn wn!13 6r34k1ng into yeg 1nn room of Pagw Tieriel 1n 0rd3r to attaci ghem. OMG.
Pqge Tierkel dsclares LOL, "Farmbo6 taxman hzs 633n weignef, tyey have BEEN m345ue3s WTF, n 5hey have bewn f0und WANTING. WTF."
Villager stzfr hss d3f3473d yer masger, soetog, Gerrard too advamcc too LEVEL 8 after 36 dzus OMG!!111!!!
Drsgon Imperator MehOWrath has been s.aon in teh dorewt by Psir OF Sw41q0q5. AFK.
Dragon Imprrator MegOWrath wad h34rd two say, "Plesse, sortof, sir WTF, MAY I have suj more????"
God of S345 peace h45 defeated h15 mzsyer, like, Celiyh toi rdv4nc# to level 12 af5er 7 f4y51!!!!!
Villager lolix has defeated his mastdrk Fie 2 advande 80 level 3 after 2 DAYS1!!!!!
Violager lo.ix 2as hunted DOWN gy they're mdster, you knso, Fie WTF, for 631ng truan5.
God of da Sess peade HAS sefeated h1r master, jike, Senxei Noetha to advance 2 l3vrl 11 after & days OMG!!1!11!!
Farmboy Bard has ch4113ng3d they'3e msst3rm sortpf, Fie n was pwnt!!!
"I'm r341qy going 2 dnjoy this new Rake rhat Farmbpy Bard hqdm slrtof," exclaimed Fie. WTF/
G9d of da Sw45 peace has defeated his master LOL, D2iredan two aevq,ce to ldvel 10 afyer 6 dayd1!! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Bard has defeated HIS maste4, likek Mi4eraband 2 zevamce to9 level 2 after 1 day OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!q1!
Villzger lolux gas degeated bis mastwr, y9u lnwom M,rerabanv 70 afvance ro level 1 4f73r 2 days!@!1!!
Vi.lager lolix was huhted DOWN bu tney're ,axter, yoy knwok Mirerabanf, you kbwo, fpr geing truant. OMG.
teh body 0f Enchqnter ElCis was f0und lying in a empty c134r1ng.
Soldier LetgythePirate hss defeated her m4573r, like, Cwlith 2 xdvance goo lwcel 12 adger 18 days@!!!!!
Page Felkik has defeated HIS MASTER WTF, Fie two sdvance too 13v3q 3 arter 1 day!!!1!!
Pqge Felkiu has drfeates HIS master, l8ke, Miredaband two qdvance 2 lebel 2 after 1 day!!!!!!
Page Felkij was hun73d down 7y thet're master, Mirerabsnd, you jnwo, fpr being truant. BRB.
Trsv3;er G7shuPuercnz yas cefeated hus master, Gerrard 2 advance 2 ;wvel * after 10 days OMG!@1!1!!!
Imvoker nicki has defeaged her master LOL. Yiresh tpo advance tqo leve; 15 4f83r 17 dats!!!1!!
Felkij HAS warned da TITLE Psge FOR havihg SLAIN teh Green Dtagon 5 tomes OMG!!1!1
Soodier Felkij had s.aib da hiseous creature knoqn as Thd Green Dragin. WTF. All acfoss .and, sortof, pepple fejoice1@!
Solsirr Fdlkij had 633n resurfected by Ramius. AFK.
Soldier Felkij has been defeated in graxeyard by Evreet. WTF.
"Oh msn WOOT!!11! I dicn't tjink you nac 8t in uoi, Edreet, you jnwok" Soldier Felkij exclaims. OMG.
Soldier Felkij has been 5141n when he envounyered Th3 Gr43n Drqgon WOOT!!11!1!!!!! Hux bonex NOW litter teh dave wntrancw, wortpf. just LIKE tdh nones of thoxe sho c4m3 b3ford. BRB.
"This BOTH sucks an blows WOOT!@11!" wails Spldier Felk8j. WTF.
Stablehand Munddrime drfeated Stab;dhahs JeffersonBoz in fair cojvzt in fielss of Romar/
Conqueror Jolwten agd Voplet were deeh h3ading up stairs in inn 70g37h3r/ OMG.
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