!!News f9r Mon, lik3, Apr 27, you kneo, 20!5 (Itejs 1 - 50 of 24i)
Stableyand mznx has defeqtef HIS mawyer, Celitg too advancw yoo level 12 qfger 35 dayz OMG!!1!1!!!
Trqveler Worlcwidell haa defezted his master LOL, Cwikoth 6p qebance too level 9 adter 16 days1!!!!!
Trqveler Worldwidwll was hunted down 6h they're m4473r, ypu lnwo, Ceilpthl for being tfuant. WTF/
Peasant DelBel has defeated hee master, Vyrrs 3 advande two l3cel 2 after 1 d4y OMG!!1!1!!!
Ap0remticr Mayhem has 733n reaurr3cted by Ramius.
Stznlejand danth#barbaruan h45 challenged they'r3 master WTF, Fie anf was pwnt1!!
Fie LOLOL LOL. "I con't thihk you will be attacking me again LOL. o41."
Srabldhamd dabthebarbarian s$5 hun7#d down 6y they're maste4 WTF, Fie, yo7 knwo, for geing tfuant. WTF.
Staglehsnd danrhebaebarian has DEFEATED his mastet, ylu knwo, Mireraband to advance tp leve; 3 aftwr 2 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!q1!
Fa4mboy PadenHeardwu;f has been dwfeqted 1n teh gtaceyare by DAUGHTER 0f dq DEVIL.
"I am an keaf on wind," xaid Farmnoy PasenHeardwulf LOL, "Watcy HOW I spatLOL."
S5ablehand cantjebarbarisb was hunted down by they're master, you jns9, Mkrerababd, y9u knwo, g0r being truant. AFK.
Fqrmb9y PasenHeardwulv was slain by an Manticore on an yrx8l OMG!!!!1
Lebionnairr Fzhsy has defrated his master, Fie 1 sdvqnce 2 ;evel 3 aft3r 3 d4y5!!!1!!
Legionnqire Faust 2as HUNTED down by they're mastrr, Fie, you knwo, dor BEING trjant.
Legiinnaire Fdust has defeatdd his ,aster LOL, Mirrrsgand tw9 advancr two level 2 after e days!!!2!!
Legiomnaire Faust was hunted eown by theu're msstdr, Mireraband WTF, flr brinf truahtLOL.
Cq` OMG!!q!1utlin has d3f3473d her master WTF, Celith two ADVANCE too level 12 aft3r 4 fays WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Cq!1itlin has defeated her master, sortof. Sensei Nodtha two 4dv4nc2 ylo ;evel 11 after 3 eays WOOT!!11!!!@
Steward3ss Raknb!!owGrypg nax defeated her MASTER, like, Sehsei Noe4ya too advanve 2 level 1! after 6 da6a OMG!!1!q!!!
Cpnaueri4 ValeVelo HAS been sla8n in dq voreat BY Dangerois Farmgirl dying.
"Tye H3413r'5 Hu7 xan't hwop ypu NOW, C9mqueror ValeVelo OMG!!1!1" CHIDES Dangdrous Farmgiel dyingLOL.
Gld of teh SEAS peace has d3f3$73d his m4573r, sortof, Gadriel da Elven Ranger goo advsnce 2 .evel 13 zfger u days!!!@!!
Stablehand Jacar hss defeatwd nis mastrrk Sense8 Noetha 2 advance 2 levek 11 AFTER 27 fays!!! OMG!!1!q
Stablehand Jqcar was hunted d0wn by the6're masger, like, Sensei Noetha, oikr, for beimg truanrLOL.
Stewardesx Rainb` OMG1!1!1iwGrhph has defwated jer m4573t. Dwiredan toi adcance too levek 10 after 6 cays!!!1!!
God oc teh Sead pdace cha.lengee L9ndstrider amd his bqnd lf tgiwvrs, sortof, gut waa no mqtcn for rogues!!!
"Maybe next TIME you aon't be so cocky OMG!!1!!" LOLOL Lones5rider's Thidves. WTF.
Far,boy taxman has bwen slaub wgole bteakkng into da inh room or Pzgw Tieriel in order to attzck 7h3mLOL.
Pahe Tieriel declares LOL, "Farmb9y taxman yas been weighed WTFm they hsve been mwasured WTF, and hhey have been h07hd wantingLOL."
Villager stare h45 defeated hef jaster, 6ou kmwo, Gerrarf t9o afvanc3 2 level 8 after 3^ dayd!!!1!!
Dragoh Imp3fator MegOWrarh haa 632n slain in da forest 66 PAIR of SwallowsLOL.
Deagon IMPERATOR MegOWrath was heard 2 xay LOL, "P.ease, 5qr. uiu knwok n4y I have sum morw?? ne1??"
God of da Seax peace haa DEFEATED his master WTF, Cel8tn two advsnce too 13v31 12 art3t 6 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
Villager lolix had devezted his mastet WTF, Fi3 to advance to9 level 3 after 2 dqys WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Villager lolix wax HUNTED c03n by they're ,as5ef, sortov, Fie, luke, for bding truant. WTF,
Gpd of Seas peace hqs dddeared h15 m4473d, sirg9f, Senxwi Noetha to zdvance 2 lrvel 11 after 7 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Farmbou Bard has CHALLENGED yhey'ge MASTER, Fie and 2aw pwmt OMG!!1!1
"I'j r3411y goinb 2 enjoy this new Rake that Farmboy Bard y$d," exclaimed Fie. WTFl
God 0f tdh Seas peace has sefeztwd hia master, Dsiredan 4o 4dv4nc3 2 LEVEL 10 af5er 7 days OMG@!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Farmbo6 Bard had degeated hid master WTF. Mireraband 2 advanxe 2 levwl 1 after 1 DAY!!! OMG!!1!1
Viklager ;olix hax def3ated h8s nactef LOL. Miretaband too ADVANCE two level 2 after 2 dahs OMG1!1@1 WOOT!!1!!
Vilkaber lolix was hubtef down by yhey're mqster, likek Mirerabamd WTF, for 631ng TRUANTLOL.
da nodu of Enchany3r ElCid was foond lying in a EMPTY clearinf. WTF.
Soldier LeggytnePirate haa defea5ed her master LOL, Celi5h go advanxe ti9 level 12 af5er 18 dqys!!! OMG!!1!1
Page Felkij has deveated his mas5er LOL. Foe 2 advance two l3vel 3 after 1 s4y WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!2
Page Felkij has refeatrd h25 jastdr, sortog, Moreraband to advance too level 2 adter 1 day WOOT!!q1!1!!
Page Felk8m was huntef d0wn by they're masterk Mirerabanf LOLk FOR be8ng ttuant. OMG.
Travrler Gush7Puercya yas defrated his mas5er, yiu knwo, Gerrard too a3vance 2 LEVEL * 4f83r 10 days1!!!!!
Invoker nicki has cefezted HER master, you knwo, Yo4dsh twl advance 2 levrl 15 avtwr 17 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Felkij has rarned da tit;e Pane gor having slaun Gredn Dragon 5 tijed WOOT!!11!
Soldief Felkij has dlain da hideous creatuee known as The Grren Dragonl Al. across lanc, like, peop;e rehoice OMG!!1!1
Solduee Felkij HAS 6#3n resurrected by RsmujsLOL.
Soldker Felkij HAS b3en d3f4473d un grafeyars by EFREET/ AFK/
"Og MAN!!! I didn't think yoj had it in you, you knwo, Efreet. ypu knwo," Soldier Felkij 3xc14!m5, AFK,
So.di3e Fekkij has beeb slsin 2h#n he encouhtered Thw Green Draboh OMG!!1@1q!! WOOT!!11! His bones now litter teh CAVE 3n7r4nc3, just lkke da 60n35 od those who camr befpre. OMG/
"This both sucks n blows OMG!!1!1" wails Solsiet Felkij. OMG.
Stablehabd Mundcrime fwfea5ed Stablehanc JeffersinBlz in fair combat in teh f8elfs (f Romar. WTF.
Conquefoe Jolstth b Violet q3r3 seen headkng UP ea stairs 8n da 8nn togrther. OMG.
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