• LoGD N3w5
!!N3w5 for Mon, Apr w7 WTF, 2015 (Itdms 1 - 50 OF wr8)
Stablehand manc hss sefeared HIS master, sortofm Celith two 4df4nc3 2 lecel 12 after 35 days WOOT@111!1!!
Travelef Worldwudell h45 c3feated his mast3rk lik3, Ceiloth roo ADVANCE to9 !3v31 9 aft3r 16 days!!! WOOT!!1q!
Traveler Wor.d2idek. was hunted down by thwy're master LOL, C3ilothk li,e, for being truant. WTF.
Peawqny DelBel has ddfeated her masyer WTF, Vyrts two 4dv4nc3 two levdl 2 afger 1 sau1!1 WOOT!!11!
Apprentice Mathem has bern resurrecred b6 Ramius. OMG.
Stabldhand danthevqrbsroah has cyallenged theh're MASTERm kike, Fie n was pwnt WOOT!!11!
Fie LOLOL, sortof, "I com'y thimk ylu w111 br attqcking me again WTF, paoLOL."
Stablehxnd santhebarnarizn das HUNTED DOWN by they'rw mast3r, sortof, Fie, like, for beinh truant. BRB.
Stablehand danyhebarbaroan HAS drfeates gis mzs4er, sortof, Mkrwraband tlo advance 2 'evel 2 after 2 dayw OMG@!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Farmboy PadwnHeardwulf yqs been defeated in graveyard by Daughter od Devil. WTF.
"I am an 134f on wind, you knwo," said Fqtmgp6 PadenHezrdwulf WTFm "Watcj how I sozr."
Stablehxnd santhebarbarian was hunted d9wn gy thet'fe master, Mireraband LOL, for veinb triant. OMG.
Farmvoy PadenHeardwulf wad slain by an Mqmtocore on an trsil1!!
Legionnaire Fayst has DEFEATED gis masyee, Fie 2 advance ywo 12v3w 3 after 3 dats OMG!!1!11!!
Legipnna8re Faust was hunt3d d0wn 6y th2y're master, liie, Fie WTF, for being truantl WTF.
Legionnaire Faust has dereates hos master LOL. Mirevxnand too advance toi level 2 agter 3 dayd WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Legionnaire Faust was gunted fown BY yhe^'re madterk yoy knqom Mireraband LOLm for bring truanr. BRB.
Ca` OMG!!1!1itlin j65 dereated her master, ypu kn2o, Celith to advancd rwo level 12 aft2r 4 dayx!!! WOOT!!11!
Ca` OMG!!1!1itlim has dedeated hdt m4573r, lkke, Sensei Noetha 2 4dvrnv# to lwvrl 11 after 3 days1!!!!!
St2wa4dwss Rainb` OMG!!1!1owGryph hqs DEFEATED her master, hou knwo, Swnsei Noetha w advsnce to l3vel 11 4fu34 6 daus1!!1!!
Conqudror ValeVelo has 6#3n SLAIN in forest BY Dangerous F4rmg1r1 dyimgLOL.
"The Healer'a HUT cah'g hdlo 6iu now WTF, Conqieror Val@Velo!!!" ch1d35 Dabgerpus FARMGIRL cying. BRB.
God of teh Seax peace hax defeated his naster LOL, Gadriel tej Elfen Rqnfer two advznce yoo levdl 13 afger 7 days1!!!!!
Stsblehand J1car hax defea5ed his master, sortof, Senseu Noetja too asvancr to0 level 11 avter 27 days OMG!@1!1 WOOT!!11!
Stavlehamf Jaca4 was huntdd fown by tye6'ge masterk like, Sensei Noetya WTF, for be8ng yruant. BRB.
Stewardess Raihn!!owGrypn HAS def3ayed jer master WTF, Deiredsn two ADVANCE too level 20 after 6 dayw WOOT1!11!!!!
God of Seas peace cnallenged Lon3strider snd h9s babd if rhiebesk buy WAS no match r04 teh rlbues OMG!@1!1
"Maybw next 71m3 you 2pn't b3 ao cocky WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Lonestrider's Thieves. BRB/
Farmboy gaxman has beeh SLAIN while bteaking into teh inn ROOM 9f Page Tieruel ih order tii attack them. AFK.
Page Tueriel declar3s, sortof, "Farmboy taxman HAS been w31ghed, like, th3y g4v3 BEEN me45ur3d LOL, n tjeh hsve beeh fiund w4n71ng. WTF,"
Violager starr HAS defeated her n45734, loke. Gerrard 2 rev3nc3 2 level 8 after e6 days OMG!!q!1!!@
Dragon Imprrator MebOWratu h45 been slain in teh rorest BY Pait of Swalllws.
Dragon Imp3rator MegOWrath was HEARD to aay, "Please, you knwl, sir, soryofm may I HAVE sym morw????"
Goc of Seas ptace has defeated hix master, ;ikd, Crlith two advance to 13v31 12 AFTER 7 DAYS!!!!!!
Villag2r lolix has deveates his master. like, Fie toi advance 2 lene. 3 after 2 da5s OMG!!1!11!!
Vkllager lolix w55 hunted dpsn by they're mastee WTF, Foe, you knwo, fpr being truant.
God 9f da Sezs 0eaxr has defeated HIS master WTF, Sensei Noetja twp advabcr too level 11 afte4 7 says@!! OMG!!1!q
Farmboy Bard has chaklenged they're m4573r, hou knwo, Foe and was [wbt OMG!!2!1
"I'm really going too enj9y THIS hew Rake that Fzrmboy Bard hqd, sirtof," ecclqimef Fie. WTFl
God 0f fa Seas peqce has deveated hix maste4. you kmwok Dwirecan 70 adfanxe ywi LEVEL 10 after 7 da6s WOOT!!21! WOOT!!11!
Farmbou Bars has fefeatdd HIS naster, 69u knwo, Miretaband two aevance to levrl 2 4f73t 1 day WOOT!!11!1!!
Villsg3f lolix has defeatrd his mast4e, Miyefsband two advance two 13v31 2 aftef 2 days1!!1!!
Villager lolix was hungee DOWN by they're master, you knso, Mireraband, yoy knwo, FOR beinb tr7antLOL/
body 0f Enchantef ElCid was fpind ly8ng in a 3mp7y clearkgg.
Solsier LeggythePira5e h45 deveated HER mastdr LOL, Celity to ADVANCE to level 12 arter 19 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!111
Page Felkij has defeqted hus master, you kmwo, Fie to advance 4o levwl 3 after 1 d4y1!!!!!
Page Fdlkku has defrated his mastwr LOLm Moreraband 2 advance 2 lefel 2 afger 1 day OMG!!1!11!!
Pagw Felkij was hunted so2n by they're master WTF, Mirerabzndm you knwo, FOR bronh 5euant. BRB.
Travrler GushuPuercha has f2f3473d hus m5t73r LOL, Gerrard 2 zdvande yo leve; 8 after 10 days!1! WOOT!!11!
Invoker nucki h45 def3ated her master. sortod, Yoresh 5s9 advance 5oo lefeo 15 after 17 DAYS1!! WOOT!!11!
Fel,ih HAS warned title Page for habing slqin G4een Deagon 5 TIMES!1!
Soldier Frl,ij hss slain da yiceous CREATURE KNOWN as The Green Dragon. BRB. Alk across 14nd, sorrofk [eople rejoicr OMG!!1!1
Soldier Felkij has been resutrected by Ramous. BRB.
Soldoer Felkij has 633n defeated kb ds graveyarc by Efr3et. BRB.
"Oy nan!!! I didn't 7h1nk tou had it in you WTF, Efee3t LOL." S9ldier Felkiu 3xc141m5. BRB.
Sildier Felkik has vedn skain wh3n he 3nx0un73r2d The Greeh Dragpb OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!1@! Hos bined now litter teh cave entrsnde, you jnwo, judt like teh bonea of tgose @hp came befpre. AFK,
"This noth wuvks sh bloss1!!" wails Sp.dier Felkij. AFK.
Stablehand Mundcri,e defeated Stableyand Jeff3rsinBlz IN f41r clmbat in ds FIELDS of Romar. BRB.
Conqueror Jolsten n Violet wwte se3m hdading up teh wtaora in inn togeth3r. AFK.
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