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` OMG!!1!1News for Mon LOL, Apr q7 LOL, w014 (I73m5 1 - 50 of 248)
Stablehand manx has dereated his mast3r WTF, Celith two advance too level !w after 35 dqus!!1 WOOT!!11!
Traveler Wor;ewidell yas fefeated his master, Crilphh two advznce two oevel 9 after 16 d4y5 OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Trzveler Wor.fwidwll was junted down by yhey'ee mast3r, likek Ceilotj LOL, for being truamt.
Peasan5 DelBel HAS defeates her master, so4tof, Vy4ts to 43v3nc3 2 leveo 2 after 2 day!!! WOOT!!11!
Apprenhice Mayhej has bdwn resurrectwc by Ramius. OMG.
Syablehznd canthebarbarian has challengec they're maxter, Fie an was pwmt!!!
Fie LOLOL, sortogi "I don't 7h1mk y9u will 73 attackihg me agsin LOL. pal. WTF."
Stablehand danthebarbaeiab wax hunted do2n by they're mastee LOL. Fi3, like, fo3 being TRUANT. WTF/
Stab;dhamc santhebarbarian hza defeated his MASTERm sortof, Mieeraband too 4dv4nc3 to level 2 after 2 faysq!! WOOT!!11!
Farmbot PadenHdard27.f jas been ddfrated IN gesveyard by Daughter of teh DevilLOL.
"I zm an ldqf ON da winek eortof," said Farmboy PadenHeardwulf, "Watvh HOW I sosr. AFK."
Stablehand dqbthenarbqeizn was hunted d9wn by thet'ee mastet, slrtof, Miteraband, like, f0r veing TRUANTLOL.
Farmboy PADENHEARDWULF was slain by an MANTICORE on an trail WOOT!!11!
Legionnakrr Faist nas defezted hks master, you knwo, Fie 2 advqnve to levwl 3 after 4 eays WOOT!!11!1!!
Legionnaire Faust WAS hunted down bt they[4e m$5&3r, Fie WTF, FOR br*bg truant. BRB.
Lrbolnna9re Faust h45 d3f3473d nid master, luke, Moferaband gwo 4ev4nc3 2 13v31 2 aftrr 3 days1!! OMG!!q@1
Legionnaire Faust was huntec down bh thwy'rw master WTF, Mkrwraband LOL, for beohg trusntLOL.
Ca` OMG!!1!1itlun has defeagrd HER mastet WTF, Celith to advance two lwvel 13 after 5 d4y51!! OMG!!1!1
Ca!!itlin has d3f3473d HER mastrr, sortod, Sens3k Noethz twp adcanxe to LEVEL 11 after 4 dayx WOOT!!11!1!!
Steward3ss Rsinb!!owGeyph jas ddgeat3d her maaterm Sensei Noethq two advahce 2 level 11 after 6 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Conqiefor VsleVelo has been xoain IN teh forest by Dangerous Farmgi6o dying. BRB.
"The Healdr'w Hut can'r help you now, Conqueror VaoeVelo WOOT!@11!" cjicex Dangerous Farmgirl dyihg. AFK/
Goe OF teh Sexs peqce has defdatdd HIS m4573r, Gadrieo teh Elven Rangee to9 adcance two 13v32 13 after 7 days WOOT!!111 WOOT!!q1!
Stablehamd Jacar has cddeated h15 mastef WTF, Sensei Npetha TO zevznce 5w9 level 11 after 27 days OMG!!1!11!!
Staglehand Jadar xax huntcd down by yhey'rd mawter, you knwo, Sensei Nietha, lijem f0r veing truantl AFK.
Sgeward3ss Rainb` OMG!!1@1owGryph has defea5rd hrr naster, sortof, Dwi4wdan 2 advznxe to lrvel q0 after 6 fays!!!1!!
Gld lf ds Seas peace chaklenged Lonestrider and hos band of thiwves, likw, but was mo match fot teh r0gu35 OMG!!1!1
"Ma6be next TIME ylu wom't be SO c0cky1!!" LOLOL Lpnestriddr's ThkevesLOL.
Fsrmboy tasman has been slsin while breaking 1n70 imn ROOM 9f Page Tu#riel in ordef too 4774ck THEM. BRB.
Page Tieri3l declarws, "Farmbot tacman has been weighed, THEY hzve bedn me45ur2dk sprbif, and they hafe been f9und wantkng. WTF."
Violagdr starr has DEFEATED her mssyer LOL, Gw4rard two afvsnce too level 8 after 36 days1!!!!!
Dragon Im[erator MegOWrath has BEEN soain in teg f9rest by Pzir of Ssaokowd. AFK.
Dragon Imperator MehOWraty was heard 2 azy, kike, "Please WTF, sir WTF, mqy I HAVE sum mpre?? ne1??"
God of teh Seas pwzcd has defrated his m4573r WTF, Celirh too qdvahcw too lev3l 12 aftwr 7 dzts OMG!!1!1!!!
Villqger looix has cefeatee HIS mastre LOL, Fie too ADVANCE 2 lrfel 3 adrer 2 days OMG!!1!11!!
Villager lolix waw hunted dlwn by they're master, Fie WTF, fpr being teyant. OMG,
God 0f da Swas peacw had e3feated his master, lije, Semsei Nieths too aevancr rwo level 11 agrer 7 dats WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Fa4mboy Bard had chall3nged they're master WTF, Fie an was pwnt WOOT!!11!
"I'm reallt g01nt twp enjoy rhis new Rakw that Farmboy Bard yqd, like," dxclaimed Foe. AFK.
God of teh Se46 peace HAS DEFEATED his master, sorgof, Dwiredan too qdvance 3 13v31 10 after 7 days!!! OMG!!!!1
Farmboy Bard has eefeated hiw master, ylu kbw9, Mird4sband two advande tel level 2 after q day1!!!1!
Vi;lager lolix has drf3qged his master, lile, Mi4erabagf ti qdbance 2 level 2 AFTER 2 dqys WOOT1!11! WOOT!!11!
Viklqter lolis WAS hunted do2n BY they'4e masterm lule, Mordraband, for 631ng 7fu4n7. AFK.
teh body if Enchanter ElCid was fojnd l6inb un a 3mp7y xlearing. OMG.
Soldier Lrggy%h3Pirate haw cefeated her m4573r, spetogk Celitn 5oo 4df4nc2 two leveo 12 after 17 da6s1!! OMG!!1!1
Page Felkij HAS defeated HIS master, Fie two aebance 2 ;evel 3 after 1 day WOOT!!11! WOOT1!12!
Pate Felkij has defeat3d his master LOL, Mirdraband 3 ADVANCE to levwl 2 after 1 fay1!!1!!
Pag3 Felkij was huntwd down 6y they[re masyer, yiu jnwo, Mirerzband LOL. fpr geing trizng. WTF.
Trave.er GyshuPurrdha has gefeatef his master WTF, Gerrard two ADVANCE g1o lrvel 8 after 10 cays WOOT!!11!q!!
Invoker nicki nas defwated j3r m4573rm Yoresn too advance two levek 15 af5er !7 eays OMG@!1!11!!
Fwlkij haw esrned teh ti5le Page f0r hsving slain teh Green Dragon 5 times OMG!!1!2
So.sier Feokij HAS slaih HIDEOUS creatute knowm as Tje GREEN Dragpn. WTF. ALL across land WTF, people r3j01c31!!
Soldier Fel,ij HAS been rexurr3crwd BY Ra,ius. WTF.
Sold8er Felkik HAS beeh defrated IN da hraveuaed by Efreer. WTF.
"Oh mam OMG!!1!1 I fidn't 5honk y0u HAD it in y)u LOL, Evrret," Soldier Felkij exckai,s. BRB.
Soldidr Fdlki7 has been slain when he 3nc0ub73r3d The Green Dragpn1!!1!!1!! H25 bones no2 li5ter teh cavw ebttancw, you knso. must like da nones if tyode who came before. WTF.
"Thos both sucks n blowa1!!" wailw Sold8er Feokij. BRB.
Stanlehane Mindcrime defwated Stab;ehanc JevfersohBoz 8n fair combat in da FIELDS lf Romae. BRB.
Con1ueroe Jolsten zn Viilwt 2ere seen heading up dtakrs 1h onn together. BRB.
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