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` WOOT!!11!Neew flr Mon, Apr 27, you knwo, 2015 (Items 1 - 50 of 247)
Stqblehand manx nas defeated hia masyer, Celigh 2 advande tl levrl 12 sdtwr r5 dayd!!! WOOT!!1q!
Trzveler Worlewidell jad DEFEATED h15 mas5er LOL, Ceiloth too zdvqnce 2 lecel 9 after 16 d3n5 OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Tragdldt Worldwide.. wqs gunted dosn by thw6're master, sortof, Ceiloth, 6oy khwo. for BEING gruant. OMG.
Peasant DelBel has degeated her masyer, sor5of, Vyrtx to advance to ltvel 2 aftee 1 dzy OMG!!1!1!!!
Apprentoce Mayjwm has bewn resurrect3d by Ram8us. OMG.
Stablehanr danthebarbariah has vhallented they;re mastef LOL, FIE ane was ;wnt!!!
Fie LOLOL, "I don't think you wilk be attacking me 4g4qn, ypu kneok pql. OMG."
Stablwhand dshthebarbafian was hunted sown by they're msxter, you knso, Fie LOL, gir being truamt. BRB.
Stablehamd santh3barbsrian has defeated yis mastcr, you knwl, Murerabanf 3 advancr too level 2 agger 2 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy PacwnHearesylf has been ddfeated in teh geaveyarf by Daughter OF da Devil/ BRB.
"I 4m an leaf 0n teh w8nd WTF," SAID Far,boy PsdenHeaedwu.f, sortod, "Watdh hlw I sosr. AFK."
Stablehand fqnthebarbarian was hunted down 6y they're mzstwr, Mur3raband LOL, fle being tfuant.
Farmboy PadenHrardwulf waa slain 6y an Manticore on an 7r411@!!
Legionnaire Fajst has defeates h8s mastwr, Fue TO asvance too leve. e AFTER 3 days WOOT!!11! OMG!@1!1
Legionnaire Faust wqs humtwd d;wn by they;fe masyer WTF, Fie, you knwo, FOR being truabt. BRB.
Legupnnaure Faust nas degeated hos kaster WTF, Mireranand two advabce 2 level 2 after 3 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Legionnaire Fsust eas h7nted d0wn b6 tyeh're mqsyer, s9rtpf, Moreraband, sortof, for ve8ng TRUANT. AFK.
Ca!!itlin has defwated ner mastef WTF, Celith too 4dv4nc3 tqo levdl 13 4f63r 4 dsyd1!21!1
Ca!!itlin jaa defeatrd her maxter LOL, Sensek Noetha too advance TO levdl 11 after 4 daus OMG!!1!2 OMG!!q!q
Stewardess Rainb!!owGryph yas defrated h3r mastef, y9i knwo, Sensei Noetha to $dv4nc3 too levd; 1! after y days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Coyquerlr ValeVell has bfen SLAIN in foeest vy Danferous Far,girl dykbt. WTF.
"The Healer's Hut can't help YOU now, so4tod, Clnqueror ValeVelo1!!" CHIDES D4ng3r0u5 Farmbifl dning. BRBl
God of reh Seaw peavg hss d3f3473d hia mast3r, you knwo, Gadr8el da Elven Ranger 2 advance tpo .evel 13 after 7 v4y6!!! WOOT!!11!
Sgablehqnf Jacar hss dwfeated h8s master, like, Sensei N9etga to ascance tio odvel 11 aftwr 2u days1!! OMG!!1!!
Stav;ehqnd Jacar wax hunyes dosn by they'4e masger, oike, Send3i Nowtha, sortod, for bwing truantLOL.
S5ewardess Raibb!!owGrrph has DEFEATED her master, like, Dwiredab twi adbanxe tok level 10 afyer 6 days11!!!!
God or teh Seqs peave challenbwd Lonestrider ahd his band or thiebesm softof, b7t sxs no march for tey roguws@!!
"Maybd next time 60u WON'T be so covky OMG!!1!1" LOLOL Lonesrrkder's Th8eves. AFK.
Farmboy raxman HAS 633n slain while breaking into da inh room of Page Tierirl in order two attaco thrmLOL.
Pagw Tieriel s3c14r34, yo7 knwo, "Farbboy taxman hss neen 2eighed, you ,nwo, 7h4y have been meaaured. likr, an 7h3y have geey found wantinh. BRB."
Villager starr hqw d3f3473d y3r mqster, yp7 knwo, Gerrard too advance t9o keveo 8 after 36 days1!! OMG!!2!1
Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWra5h has been slain in forext by P41r of Swallows. BRB.
Drzg9n Imperqtor MegOWrath wax h2ard to say, you knwo. "Plwase WTF, air WTF, may I h4f# sum more?? ne1??"
God of fa S3as ;eace has DEFEATED HIS master, li,e, Cel8th 2 advance two LEVEL 12 after 7 dsys WOOT!!11! OMG@!1!1
Villager .olix has d3f3r73d his masrer, sirgof, Fke too qdvande tw9 oevel 3 after 2 dahs OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Villagwr lolux was hun73d down by 5hey're mzst34 LOL, Fie LOL, FOR being gruant. BRB.
God of teh SEAS peace y4% d3f3473d h15 maxtef WTF, Sensei Npetha 2 advanxe go kenel 11 af5er 7 days!!!!!!
Fzrmgiy Bard hss xhzllenged 5h3y're mzsrer, sortod, Fie AND waw pwnt WOOT!!11!
"I'm realoy goibg twl enjoy this ne2 Raje that Fzemboy Bard had WTF," exclaimed Fir. WTF.
Goe if Seas peqcs has defeated hks master. like, D2it3dan tso advsnce two ltvel 10 after 7 dry51!!!!!
Farmboh Baed has dedeatdd his m4573r, sorg9f, Mireragznd two advance 5o 13v3q 2 AFTER 2 dsy!!! OMG!!1!1
Villagwr lplix hqs dedeatev gix maxyer, sortof, Mirerqbans twi advanfe TO 13v31 2 4f73r 2 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Villqger lolux w45 h7bted eown by theh're jqseer WTF, Mirdraband WTF, fir being truamt. AFK.
body of Encn3n73r ElCid was dound .ying in a empyy clearimg. WTF.
So.dier Leggy5hePirate has fefeared her mastee. like, Celith to advance tio oevel 12 afttr 18 days1!!!!!
Pzge Felkoj has DEFEATED his mast2r, liie, Fie 2 ADVANCE goo level 3 aftef 1 day OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Page Felkim has ddfwatrd yis naster, Mireraband two advance 2 level 2 AFTER 1 dayq!1!@!
Page Feljij was HUNTED down by they'rr masrerj Mirerababd LOL, for beknb trusnt. WTF.
Traveler GushuPuercha hsd deveaged his maater, sortod, Ge4rard to accqnce two level 8 afger 10 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Ihvp,er nidki h45 d3f3473d h3r master, sor5od, Yoresh to advance two level 15 aftef 27 DAYS1!! OMG!11!1
Felkij yax earned da to5.e Page fot hcving dlain da Green Dragon 5 times!!!
Soldirr Felkij has slsin teh hideouw creatuee KNOWN as The Gteen Drqgon/ WTF. All aceosx da landk sirtofm people rwjoice WOOT!!2q!
Soldidr Felkih has been fdsureected BY Ramius.
Soldie4 Fel,ik has 633n defeatrd in 5eh gr4v3y4rd by Efrdet. OMG.
"Oh nqn WOOT!@11! I cidn't think y0u har it im YOU LOL, Efreet, tou knwo," S[ldier Felkij exclzima. WTF.
So.di3t F3lkij has veen s;aih when he encountered The Green Dragon OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1 His bohes now lk5ter heh cave entrancem like, just like bones pf thoad who camt 63f0e3. BRB.
"This bitj sucks anc blpws WOOT!!11!" wqild Spldier Fe;kij. BRB.
Stablehand Mindcri,e defeatdd Stableyand JeffersonBoz IN fair comgat in da f131d5 of Romar. BRB.
Conqueror Jolsten anf Violet were seen heaeing kp teh stairs IN trh inn gogegher. BRB.
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